Holiday Gift Stop with Oranges and Pecans from Georgia Peach Truck

Georgia Peach Truck returns for a holiday gift stop, offering the fall harvest of sweet mandarin oranges and shelled pecans from Georgia.

Mandarin oranges are the snack-sized stocking stuffers like Halos and Cuties, but mandarins from Georgia arrive fresher than store-bought mandarins from California.

Georgia Peach Truck offers satsuma mandarins and kishu mandarins, which are juicier and easier to peel than common clementine mandarins, and bite-sized kishus are sweeter than clementines, too!

Satsuma Mandarins – 1 Box, Approximately 20 Pounds, $48 Kishu Mandarins – 1 Box, Approximately 10 Pounds, $48

Georgia Peach Truck also offers fancy halves of jumbo caddo pecans that are freshly shelled for holiday baking season and keep for a year in frozen storage!

Shelled Pecans – 1 Bag, Approximately 1 Pound, $17

Free mesh bags are available for portioning holiday gifts of oranges and pecans to friends, family, and neighbors.


Do I have to buy a whole box of mandarin oranges?

Georgia Peach Truck offers whole boxes of mandarin oranges that customers are welcome to divide among themselves. The simplest way to enjoy a whole box of mandarin oranges is to share this seasonal experience with friends, family, and neighbors!

Do I have to order or purchase in advance?

No advance order or purchase is necessary.

Are the mandarin oranges and shelled pecans organic?

Oranges from Georgia Peach Truck are regular (conventional) oranges that are non-GMO.

Pecans from Georgia Peach Truck are regular (conventional) pecans that are non-GMO.

Where can I get more information?

Email questions to