Emerging Artist: Someone who’s in the early stage of their career, someone who hasn’t yet established a solid reputation as an artist amongst art critics, art buyers and art galleries.

North West Resident: From Smithton to Ulverstone, Cradle Coast and surrounds.

ENTRY per person: one 1x1 metre visual artwork, any medium, no theme.

 $26 entry fee* includes membership to ArtsCape’s Friends of the Gallery

Artwork Drop Off: Sunday: 29th: Sept: 11am-1pm

Opening Night and Winners Announcement: Friday: 11th: Oct: 6pm

For full terms and conditions, please visit www.artscapewynyard.com

or contact Jeremy Cleverly on: 64454422

An exciting art prize that aims to showcase the incredible talent from our beautiful and remote North West Region.


$800 – sponsored by RURAL HEALTH TASMANIA (acquisition)

$600 – sponsored by WARATAH WYNYARD COUNCIL (acquisition)

$200 - sponsored by WARATAH WYNYARD COUNCIL (non acquisition)

______________________________________________________________________ENTRY FORM

Bring with you on the drop off day or return to ArtsCape, 45 Jackson Street Wynyard.

Cheques can be made out to Artscape: Undercurrent



Contact number: _____________________________________________________

Name of Artwork:______________________________________________________


Price (*optional – please include 15% commission): _______________________________________________



I accept the conditions of entry and sale:   YES           NO               Signed: _________________________________