Venus Independent School District

Request for Proposal

2017-2018 Additional Internet Bandwidth

PLEASE make sure you read ALL of this RFP BEFORE submitting your proposal AND before submitting any questions.



1.     Organization Information

1.1 Organization Overview

1.2 Technology Environment


2. Statement of Work

2.1 Project Purpose

2.2 Project Ambitions

2.3 Terms and Conditions


3. Scope of Work & Business Requirements

 3.1 Business and Technical Requirement

 3.2 Reliability

 3.3 Security

 3.4 Equipment

 3.5 Liability/Responsibility


4. Proposal Submission Procedures

        4.1 Proposal Submission Schedule

        4.2 Good Faith Statement

    4.3 Communication & Proposal Submission Rules

        4.4 Weighted Criteria



5. ISP Information

6. Estimated Budget & Resources Required

7.  Additional Requirements



1.Organization Information

1.1        -Organization Overview

Located in Venus, TX, Venus Independent School District is a non- profit public school district. The district has a Primary Campus, an Elementary Campus, a Middle School Campus, and a High School Campus.  All campuses are connected via fiber.  The district has approximately 2,200 students and 325 employees.


1.2        -Technology Environment

Venus Independent School District’s students use a mixture of Windows, Apple, and Chrome platforms. The district currently has approximately 1200 pc’s, 1200+ Chromebooks, and 150 iPads.


2.Statement of Work

2.1-Project Purpose

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit bids for additional internet bandwidth to help the district attain the suggested FCC bandwidth requirements of 1 Mbps per user from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Venus Independent School District (VISD) is accepting bids for turnkey pricing to provide this district with additional internet bandwidth.  Please quote pricing for 2 Gbps to 10 Gbps in 1 Gbps increments including the installation, configuration, and any possible one-time costs.  Please note that those one-time costs MUST be ERate Eligible!

2.2-Project Ambitions

This internet connection must be able to support data, voice and various protocols throughout our network.


2.3-Terms & Conditions

Venus Independent School District retains the right to disqualify a Vendor/ISP if there is a failure to meet all requirement and or does not display a clear understanding of the RFP. The right to disqualify a vendor extends beyond the award date afore mentioned and Venus Independent School District will not be at fault, cost or liability.  Vendors must provide all requisite information under this RFP and clearly and concisely respond to all points set out in this RFP.  Vendors must also adhere strictly to all requirements of this RFP.  No changes, substitutions or other alterations to the specifications of requirement stipulated in this RFP document will be accepted.  VISD reserves the right to reject any and all bids associated with this RFP.


3.Scope of Work & Business Requirements

3.1  Business and Technical Requirements

VISD will entertain bids for a fiber Internet connection ONLY; NO wireless or microwave solutions, please.  The connection speed must meet or exceed the contractual speed.


3.2  Reliability

A 99.95% or greater uptime is required with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place as part of the contract.


3.3  Security

Adequate security policies and measures that secure the district’s traffic from unauthorized individuals are in place and will be taken care of by district technology staff in the form of an adequate firewall.


3.4  Equipment

Network equipment should be compatible with Cisco routers and switches, as well as Smoothwall or PfSense firewalls. If additional equipment is required, the price of this equipment must be included in the bid if VISD will be charged for said equipment.


3.5   Liability/Responsibility

The ISP will maintain, repair and or replace their equipment as needed at no cost to the district. All fiber connected to ISP’s equipment inside and outside is solely the responsibility of the ISP.


4.     Proposal Submission Procedures

4.1 Proposal Submission Schedule


        RFP Close Date:

         February 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM


ISPs Proposal Submission Evaluation Period:

February 13-15, 2018

Award Date: After next board meeting

(Dates are subject to change without notice)

4.2 Good Faith Statement


The information in its entirety, that is contained in the RFP, provided by Venus Independent School District, is offered in good faith, all items are subject to change at any time based on internal and external circumstances. Venus Independent School District does not offer any guarantees that the information provided is without errors. Venus Independent School District will not be held responsible or liable for any use of this information or any claims asserted therefrom.


4.3 Communication & Proposal Submission Rules


Only written communications from VISD’s Technology Director that is directly responsible for and or governs the RFP process is considered valid. Verbal communication will not supersede written communication in any case.

By responding to this RFP, the Vendor/ISP agrees to have a full understanding of the requirements, along with all other details of this RFP, it is the Vendor/ISP’s responsibility to ask question in order to gain a full understanding of this RFP.


Venus Independent School District retains the right to disqualify a Vendor/ISP if there is a failure to meet all requirement and or does not display a clear understanding of the RFP. The right to disqualify a vendor extends beyond the award date afore mentioned and Venus Independent School District will not be at fault, cost or liability.

4.4 Weighted Criteria


All proposals will be weighted by a matrix using a points system.  The rating factors will be as followed:

1.     Local or in-state vendor – 10 points

2.     Flexible invoicing: FCC Form 472 or FCC Form 474 – 15 points

3.     Prices for ineligible services, products, and fees – 25 points

4.     References – 10 points

5.     Prior experience with the vendor – 10 points

6.     Price of the eligible products and services – 30 points


5.     ISP Information

ISP MUST submit: Legal Name, Address, year of incorporation, E-Rate SPIN, and at least 3 customer service references. If any of the above items are not submitted, the proposal will be disqualified.


6.     Budget Estimate and Resource Requirement

VISD requires all ISPs to submit a budget with the estimated monthly cost and a breakdown of all connection and maintenance cost.


7.      Additional Requirements

Non-Boycott of Israel

Your company will certify that it does not and will not boycott Israel during the Term of the Agreement.


Non-Engagement with Terrorist Countries

Your company certifies that all of its business relationships are within the United States of America and has not nor will ever engage in business with Iran, Sudan, or a foreign terrorist organization as identified by the Office of the Texas Comptroller.  



Please EMAIL all Proposals and/or questions to  Emails MUST contain the EXACT subject line “ERate-VISD 2017-2018 Additional Internet Bandwidth”.  If your email does NOT contain this subject line, it may NOT be acknowledged.