This is your one-stop-shop guide for getting involved in the #MakeFurHistory grassroots campaign to ban fur in California. We set out our strategy and key objectives, resources available to you as a volunteer, and structures for communication.

The #1 Thing You Can Do

Every California resident should call or email their Assemblymember and State Senator and tell them: “I support AB44”. To find their contact info, text “numbers state” to 50409. This service will prompt you to enter your address in one line (for example: “2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, 94110”), then in response it’ll send you the phone numbers of your state officials. Tap on each state official’s number to start a call.

If you’re not a California resident, tweet at any member of the Judiciary committee hearing the fur ban or use Facebook to create posts and tag those members.

Strategy and Objectives

Our primary objective is quite simple: convince a majority of lawmakers in the California legislature (41 out of 80 in the Assembly, 21 out of 40 in the Senate) to support the fur ban.[1] Our strategy is to empower grassroots activists to lead teams of activists to use social media, letters/phone calls, and in-person visits to contact the lawmakers and create an overwhelming groundswell of public support. While CA residents are especially important, anyone can play a key role in this campaign on social media. Key results we hope to achieve:

  1. Inspire 100,000+ unique commitments to support the fur ban (by taking any step in the ladder of engagement)  including at least 10,000 from voters in California, in a 6 month period.
  2. Inspire 1000 unique in person visits to legislators or staff by constituents, focusing on key leadership and committee members, in 6 month period.
  3. Recruit 100 volunteer leaders/teams nationwide, each focused on inspiring above commitments (average 10 in person visits, 1000 commitments per team, over 6 month period).

A campaign website will be created that gives everyone supporting the campaign a real-time update on how much progress we’ve made on these objectives.

Your Role

Grassroots organizers have a crucial role to play in executing, innovating, and recruiting others to support the end of the fur history. We are actively looking for volunteer teams across the globe to commit to meeting on a weekly basis to support various asks, pursuant to the campaign ladder of engagement. While joining or starting a team is the best way to get involved, individual contributors will also be crucial. The central activity of each team is the same: Get commitments to support the fur ban (on social media, by email/phone, or by in-person visit) the fur ban using this form.[2]

Team Tactics

Your team can employ these suggested tactics to influence the legislators in your area:

Fur Ban Teams

We hope to create a map of teams across California, and even across the globe, who are using creative methods to get more commitments to support the fur ban. While we support all grassroots activists supporting the fur ban, teams that are formally a part of the campaign will need to meet a few requirements.

Teams that meet these requirements will get a unique link to the commitment form that will allow them to track their results, in getting new commitments to support the fur ban. They will also be invited to a weekly video conference among all teams where we’ll be giving weekly updates on how things are going on the campaign - what legislators have told us, what media has responded, etc.

Key Resources

[1] See here for more details on the CA legislative process.

[2] We focus on commitments to support, rather than actual specific outreach efforts, because (a) it’s very hard to measure what people have actually done and (b) the needs of the campaign may change -- targeting specific legislators, -- over time. The key is getting lots of people involved!