Directions: Complete at least 5 activities before the lesson ends (or your required expectation and time frame). Watch the posted timer and use the suggested time guidelines in parenthesis to help you budget your time. Items with an asterisk* are required. Items in purple are for the teacher to alter or delete before assigning.


Find a partner or group of three. Watch the video posted in our Google Classroom.

Discuss with your partner(s):

  • Why did the dog share kindness?
  • Why wasn’t he kind at first?
  • Have you ever realized something that made you want to be more kind?
  • How might this change your perspective about sharing and being kind?

(7 min)


SHORT STORY: Write a short story about a time someone showed you kindness. How did their kindness impact you? How did it make you feel?

- OR -

QUOTE REFLECTION: Write a short reflection on what you think this quote means: “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” -J.M. Barrie

Share your writing with a classmate.

Have them initial here: _______________

(10 min)

🔲 *READ*

Read at least 10 ideas from the list of 50 Acts of Kindness for the Classroom posted in our Google Classroom (or Seesaw, or printed and attached to this checklist).

(5 min)


Commit to one way you will show kindness before the day ends today. Complete the  Google Form in our Google Classroom (or Seesaw, or write one post-it note and place on the board) to share your commitment.

(5 min)


Fold a piece of blank paper to create a card. Write a thank you note to an adult who has shown you kindness at this school. Place it in the designated area for your teacher to deliver for you. Be sure to include the name of the adult who it should be delivered to.

(5 min)


Take a post-it note with a classmate’s name off of the board.

Write something kind on the post-it to that person.

It could be a compliment or something you are thankful for about them.

Place it in their cubby (or turn it in, or hand it to them).

(5 min)


When your name is called, come to the small group table for instructions. Create a poster to help others remember to share kindness with your assigned small group using pencil and paper, Google slides, or ask me if you have a different tool you’d like to use. (15 min).