How to Use Pet Check

  1. Visit the Pet Check website via mobile browser or desktop web to complete your profile. 

(right click and open link in new tab or copy and paste)

Username: email address // Password: bd.yourdogsname (all lowercase)

petcheck login.png

  1. Click Your Account in the upper right corner. Update your info in the following tabs: profile, pets, and payment info. FYI: PetCheck is aware of the 404 error that follows after submitting your credit card information. Rest assured, your information was saved.

your account2.png

Please leave the scheduling section blank. We’ll take care of that for you.

Petcheck will:

If you wish to opt out of these updates, you may manage your email settings via your online dashboard by going to “Your Account “ > “Alerts” > Uncheck boxes

Sending Notes to your Walkers

If you would like to reach out to your walker or have any questions about their notes, you can reach out to them directly in the app. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit via mobile browser or desktop web to login.

Your username: email address // password: bd.yourdogsname

  1. Click “Scheduler” then the appointment time you want to add a note to.
  2. Click “customer comments” to add a comment. Then click save to submit.