Restoring Course Data: Troubleshooting

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In the process of restoring your course you many encounter some problems. There are some things you can do to to help your course restore cleanly.

For information regarding backing up and restoring course data, see Backing Up and Restoring Moodle ISU Course Data

This guide will help you to troubleshoot these problems:

Restore is Taking a Long Time

Generally, a course restore should not take longer than 10-15 minutes.  If your restore is taking longer, there are some things you can check.

  1. Internet Connection: Some faculty have found that their home internet connection is not sufficient in uploading and restoring a course backup file.  Trying the file from a campus location may work better.
  2. Wireless Connection: If you are trying to restore on a wireless connection you may want to try connecting your computer with an internet cable.
  3. Videos: Video files can make your course too big to restore. Video files should be uploaded to third party hosting server like Google Drive or YouTube and linked into the course.
  1. If you have video files that contribute to a large course backup size, look at the section ways to make your backup smaller in this document for ways to reduce the size of your course backup file.

Error Messages

When restoring a backup file, you may encounter different error messages similar to the one below.


Note: If you receive an error message, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email If possible, take a screenshot of the error message to aid in troubleshooting.

Your Course Backup is Too Big

Sometimes the reason the restore process can encounter problems is because the backup file you are trying to upload is too big.

Ways to make your backup smaller:

  1. Take the videos out of the backup file.
  1. You can backup the videos separately, or upload them to Google Drive or YouTube and include links to the videos in the course instead.
  1. Remove outdated or unneeded materials from the backup file.
  2. Backup your course in two sections - the first eight weeks and the last eight weeks.

For more detailed information, see Backup and Restore FAQ

For additional information, see Course restore

For assistance, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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