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Parking Rules & Regulations

  1. The student parking permit form must be completed with parent and student signature and valid driver’s license in hand. In addition, ALL license plate numbers are required to obtain a parking permit.
  2. ALL students who park a motor vehicle on the school campus must display the current hanging tag permit. The tag must be hung from the inside rear view mirror, facing the front of the vehicle. Students who fail to display the tag will receive a referral (Written Warning). After the second warning, parking on school campus will be revoked for 2 weeks.
  3. The safe operation of vehicles is required. Vehicles must not travel in excess of 10 miles per hour. Seat belts are required for driver and all passengers.
  4. Supervision is provided for parking lots; however, the school system is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles. Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in their vehicles. Parked vehicles should be left with windows closed and doors locked.
  5. Student vehicles are subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband is present in the vehicle.
  6. Disabled vehicles may not be left on campus overnight. If necessary, towing should be arranged by the student.
  7. Only one tag will be issued per student. Students may register up to two of their family vehicles. The tag may be moved from one registered vehicle to another, but may NOT be sold or loaned to another student for his or her use. The penalty for so doing is revocation of parking privileges.
  8. Inform the office immediately of any changes in vehicle or license plate.
  9. A student’s first parking tag is free. Lost parking tags will be replaced for a $10.00 fee. Report losses to the office.
  10. Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Students should lock their cars and leave the parking lot immediately upon arriving to school. Students need written permission from an administrator or SRO to be in the student parking lots during school hours.
  11. Handicapped parking for students is available.
  12. Students will not be issued a parking permit if they have unmet obligations.
  13. Student parking is limited to the DBE parking lot that is accessible from Roller Street.
  14. Students are expected to park their cars according to the regulations outlined. State and City citations take precedence over DBE consequences. Examples of DBE consequences may include:
  1. Revocation of parking permit
  2. Towing at owner’s expense if an unauthorized car is in a prohibited parking area
  3. Towing at owner’s expense if the parked vehicle obstructs traffic or endangers property
  4. Use of stolen, forged, or altered parking passes will result in disciplinary action
  1. Parking a vehicle on school property is a privilege, not a right. Please review all parking regulations with your parents and contact the school if you have further questions.

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