* Major items for the year

* ORNL agenda items.

  + pvDataJava array management (Marty)

  + pvManager use as a V4 gateway (Gabriele)

  + presumably development of pvDatabase will be of interest to ORNL?

* Plan for next release

+ What should it consist of?

  - pvaSrv with 3.15

  - dbGroup

  - multichannel normative types

  what else?

* Ralph’s recent upgrades to cloudbees

* The difference between ticket “issues" and “bugs”

* Response to Deeptarka


Present:  AJ, MS, MK, GW, RL, DH

Scribe: GW

Chair: AJ


To set up minutes:

(to be completed)

NEW TOPIC: Major Items for coming year

Next year plan. Charter 2015-16


 - beam synchronous data service


GW: DH, what did you want for areaDetector use-case functionality?

DH: Wants to add functionality to combine monitors.

Eg presently say I want 3 plugins, each monitor a single pv, so that takes bandwidth.

So say I have 3 virtual monitors, and 1 real one. Want only 1 update across the network.

RL: Suggests using existing “local” gateway as solution for that. But it would have to be

extended to enable one to specify which monitors are equivalent.

MK: From the use-case you describe, could you use a single portDriver fanning out to all 3 plugins.

DH Various options possible

RL: Port driver only allows use within a single process;

  a GW allows multiple processes to access the data.

AJ: Other major items for the year?

DH: Lots of documentation work needed still, based on feedback from Diamond users.

HTML files packaged in the module- [ie reference documentation] is particularly out of date.

DH: Published NT document is still the old one.

AI on GW: Finish and publish new NT document.

GW/DH: More work needed on GettingStarted document to add examples

NEW TOPIC: ORNL agenda items.

Group members haven’t got approved for site and don’t yet know where to go.

AI on AJ: Check with Kay on where to go, facilities available (Projector, white-board etc.).

Coming: AJ, MK, DH, RL

Not coming physically: MS, GW

Additional Agenda Items:

AJ: Sinisa on pvapy and C++ API

DH: Request from Mark Heron that we hold a V4 training day

GW: Was waiting for dbGroup to show new functionality.

MK: Should do training no matter where we’re at, so people can get hands-on experience.

AJ: Agree with MK.

GW: Next EPICS meeting at FRIB, East Lansing MI, May 19-21.

AJ: Shouldn’t plan assuming dbGroup is going to be there for the training, but if it’s there then great.

GW: If we can get multi-locks and dbGroup done in first part of the year to get people motivated to work on on pvRequest seriously. If all 3 projects are realistic for the next few months, then we should orient

the WG to concentrate on those, and get it done by May.

Then it would be great to do a training in which we include dbGroup.

Conclusion: Let’s clarify status of locksets. If imminent or done, let’s get dbGroup and pvRequets


New Topic: Next Release

MK: SNS need a bug-fix release

MK: Doing work on javadoc and doxygen docs, should go in too.

AJ: This is 4.4.1, within 1-2 weeks maybe, depending on SNS.

MS: Need to talk to SNS and fit into their schedule.

MK: They are pushing pvAccess hard and finding real bugs.

AJ: Agreed. Next major release though:

  - pvaSrv with 3.15

  - dbGroup

  - multichannel normative types

GW: Multicast done soon?

AJ: New functionality, 4.5 material.

MS: Agreed (it’s not a week or 2).

New Topic: Ralph’s recent upgrades to cloudbees

AJ: Manual build process, enter parameters for the build to use.

GW: Also wondered about snapshot builds, increase number of bundled releases.

New Topic: The difference between ticket “issues" and “bugs”

GW: Ralph has added an issue which looks like a bug. Code problems are bugs, the default type from the reporting system is an issue, not a bug. Have to explicitly change ticket type to bug.

DH: New feature requests are issues, not bugs.

GW: Yes.

New Topic: Response to Deeptarka

MK: Between RL and Mark Rivers’ response I think that’s all we need to say.

GW: DH and KK might also have something to say about intensive data processing.

Meeting ends 18:07 CET