Naming Policy

General Naming Policy

We encourage all players to use fantasy theme when naming their character, guild or item in ISTARIA: Chronicles of the Gifted. However, you are free to select a name of your choosing as long as it does not violate any of the following provisions:

  1. Names must not violate the ISTARIA Rules of Conduct or be deemed inappropriate by the ISTARIA Support Staff. This includes, but is not limited to, names that are harmful, defamatory, racist, ethically derogatory, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, of religious or historical significance, or profane or objectionable, whether in English or any other language;
  2. Names must not violate any applicable laws; this specifically pertains to copyright names and/or possible trademark infringements. Examples of prohibited copyright or trademark names are the names of well-known products, services or concepts (e.g. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Kleenex);
  3. You may not use the names of famous individuals, celebrities, sports figures or politicians (e.g. Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Britney Spears, Russell Crowe, George Bush);
  4. You may not use the names of any Virtrium employee or ISTARIA Customer Service Representative. Also, you may not choose a name to intentionally harm the reputation or impersonate a representative of Virtrium or another Customer;
  5. You may not use the proper names of any notable NPC’s or areas within the ISTARIA game world (e.g. Tazoon, Kion, Gregory Darkstaff);
  6. You may not use names containing titles or ranks (e.g. Sir, Lord, Lady, King, Queen, Master, Knight, etc.) unless such a title has been granted or earned through game play;
  7. You may not use names that refer to drugs or that are drug-related and/or slang (e.g. Ecstacy, Heroin, Bong);
  8. You may not use names where a combination of the first and last names violate any of these guidelines;
  9. You may not use misspellings, alternative spellings or homonyms of names that violate these provisions;
  10. You may not use names that are combinations of words that violate any of the above rules.

Role Playing Shard Naming Policy

In addition to Virtrium's general rules dealing with character names (set forth above), the Istaria roleplaying shards will have additional restrictions applied to them as specified in the Role Playing Shard Ruleset. Please refer to the Role Playing Shard Policy for further details.

Naming Policy Enforcement

Virtrium actively monitors for names that do not meet the guidelines mentioned above. If your player character is found to be in violation of the above rules, a Customer Support Representative will document the name and immediately change the character name to a unique number. You will need to contact Customer Service to have your character renamed. New names must not violate the Naming Policy.

A member of the ISTARIA Customer Service staff will notify you of any change in your character’s name by e-mail. Depending on the nature of the offensive name, your account also may be subject to disciplinary actions, including suspension or banning. Such disciplinary actions are taken at the sole discretion of the Customer Service Representative.

Conditions for Name Changes

You may request a name change for your character if your character name was appended with _<shard name> due to shard consolidation or shard transfer.

Name change tokens may be purchased from the account site and used to change a character's name, provided that the new name does not violate the Naming Policy. Requested name changes may be denied at the discretion of Customer Service, if it is determined that the player has a history of frequent name changes, a history of repeatedly violated naming policies, or if the player has committed other violations of the Rules of Conduct.

Conditions for Name Reservation

Characters on inactive accounts may have their name changed to a numbered name or <character name>_<shard_name> if someone requests the name. An account may be kept active by maintaining a Free Access or paid access.