DHMN Organizational Meeting

August 26, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Mike P., Bob T-Son, Jake K., Mark F., Steve P., Paul K., Kristin M.

Late arrivals:

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve:  Jake K.

Seconded:  Paul K.


Treasurer's Report

Checking Balance: $1275.11

Paypal Balance:     $  705.73

Cash Balance:        $    63.05

Total balance: 2043.89

Debits: $550 - rent, $100 - facilities equipment, $161.95 - lock equipment

Credits: $615 (1@$55  10@$50  4@$15)

Paying Membership status: down 2 full-fee members (1 moved, 1 on

monetary hiatus)

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Jake K.


Old Business

Grand Opening

September 28 (Oktoberfest). We will be coordinating with Avenue HQ.


Saturday August 31, start at 1:00 (avoid Farmers Market parking).

Cleanup the facility on Friday 4 PM.

***Table: Rules and Policy committee report

New Business

Membership Drive

Paul proposes: Incentive block rates: $250 for six months. $500 for one year

Student rate: half of the monthly rate: $25/month.

Move to accept: Bob W

Seconded: Jake K


Barcamp Fond Du Lac

Tim B. asked if we want to sponsor.

Some of us are willing to contribute funds toward the $125 level.

Proposed: DHMN will match contributions up to $75

Move to accept: Paul K

Seconded: Mike P



Move to Adjourn: Paul K

Seconded: Mike P