Biology - Activity from Ecology NOTES

Summary Activity

Read the following article - marine (ocean) food web - and then create a marine food web of your own (on a separate sheet of paper) that contains the following organisms and factors: (use the links I provided to read-up)

  1. Sunlight and water, phytoplankton / algae, zooplankton (shrimp, copepods), small forage fish, larger fish (tuna and salmon), sea lions, and sharks.  Also add in bacteria, dungeness crabs and hagfish.  
  2. Be sure that your arrows are pointing in the right directions.  
  3. Label each organism by its name and trophic type (primary producer, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore / scavenger, and decomposer).  
  4. Draw on the back an energy pyramid where you place each organism from the diagram into the correct trophic level.  Label each trophic level correctly.  
  5. Write a paragraph on the back that explains what the “ultimate” source of energy is for the sharks and how it makes its way up to them.