General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Provost Price and Vice Provost Winkelstein
  2. PVP Office
  3. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. DPS Open House
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Upcoming Steering
  2. UA-NEC Flex Seat Ad-Hoc Committee
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  2. Welcoming New Student Reps
  3. Retreat Agenda
  4. PSG Steering
  5. Associate Membership Applications
  6. Communications Team
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Budget Committee
  1. Philomathean Society Annual Oration 2016-2017 Contingency Request
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  2. T.V. Remotes in Houston Hall
  3. Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) Update
  4. Space for Men’s Club Basketball Team
  1. Social Justice
  1. Completion Reports
  1. FGLI Program
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Financial Services Advisory Board
  2. Fanfest Update
  3. 360 Degree View of Room
  4. Division of Public Safety Photo Campaign
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Provost Price and Vice Provost Beth Winkelstein
  1. Cabinet met with the Provost and Vice Provost for Education on Friday. We discussed creating a CIS 001 class, adding more half-credit courses (both academic and non-academic), revitalizing Penn Course Review, creating Wharton and College interdisciplinary minor programs, increasing school spirit related to Athletics, and class cost-minimizing strategies. We also told the Provost’s office that the majority of UA members want to detach registration hold and mandatory TAP completion for this semester, but that people see the value in the information contained within TAP. They were very open to this feedback and want to continue to work with the UA, SCUE, and other student groups this year to improve TAP’s content and user experience.
  1. Penn Violence Prevention Office
  1. Travis and I met with the three administrators in the PVP Office to give them an overview of how the UA works and what type of initiatives we want to facilitate this year. We also discussed issues with interpersonal violence at Penn, and particularly how PVP, the UA, and other Penn groups can support survivors of assault who are studying abroad. We also talked about how the UA can facilitate conversations with students from all across campus, including groups like ASAP and members of un-recognized Greek Life, about these issues. Travis and I are considering holding a closed forum on the issue of “ratios” (which is when groups holding parties enforce a ratio of men to women in groups when determining who can attend) in particular. The event would be open to anyone from the student body but would be off-the-record to the DP, so that people wouldn’t feel inhibited from sharing their thoughts.
  1. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. We have two administrator meetings left before Fall Break:
  1. 9/28: President Gutmann
  2. 9/30: Student Registration and Financial Services
  1. DPS Open House
  1. The Division of Public Safety is having an open house event on Thursday, October 13 from 1:00-4:00pm at their headquarters on 4040 Chestnut Street. They’ll have raffles, giveaways, refreshments and food. Come out to meet members of public safety, MERT, and learn more about the services DPS offers.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Next Steering
  1. Our next Steering will be Tuesday, September 27th at JMHH 350 at 7pm-8pm. Please note the time change. The special guests will be Craig Carnaroli (Executive Vice President), Tony Sorrentino (Executive Director to EVP), and Karu Kozuma (Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs). Please submit questions to me if you cannot make Steering but would like to have some points raised.
  1. UA-NEC Working Group
  1. We have finalized the members for UA-NEC Flex Seat Ad-Hoc Committee. It will consist of me, Michael Krone, Eric Tepper and the two chairs of Nominations (Caleb Carter and Sam Rahmin) and Carly Ragozzino. We are scheduling our first meeting.

UA Report

  1. Member of the Week. 
  1. This week’s member of the week is…
  1. Welcoming New Student Reps
  1. Let us welcome our New Student Representatives: Jason Kim, Elena Hoffman, Brian Goldstein, Natasha Menon, Hong Nguyen, Jordan Andrews, and William Kwok. Because there was a tie between candidates for the eighth new student representative position, we will be joined by a new member later this week.
  1. Retreat Agenda
  1. An agenda for the retreat will be sent out early this week. We will be meeting at 12:00 PM for the education portion and will be leaving campus at around 4:00-4:30 to go to Chamounix Mansion. We are excited to be joined by our new student representatives!
  1. PSG Steering
  1. Kat and I met with the rest of PSG Steering earlier this evening. In case you did not know this happened, the UA President and UA Speaker join other leaders from PSG in a closed meeting to talk about issues pertaining to all of our branches every other week. This meeting is chaired by the Vice-Chair for Education from the NEC.
  1. Associate Membership Applications
  1. We talked about this last week, but applications for AM membership will now be due on Thursday, 09/29 and interviews will be held on Friday, 09/30. I would like to integrate them into the body as soon as our committee meetings in the first week of October.
  1. Communications Team
  1. It is that time of year: Communications Team applications will be made available after this GBM. Our Communications Director, Michael Krone, will be releasing the application and conducting interviews this week. We highly encourage New Student Representatives to talk to Michael about getting involved with this committee. That being said, all members of the body are eligible to apply.

Treasurer’s Report


New Business

Philomathean Society Annual Oration 2016-2017 Contingency Request

Amount requested: $4,000.00

Budget committee recommendation: $1,700.00

The Philomathean Society requested $4000 to help cover the remainder of Dr. Jane Goodall’s speaker honorarium. Dr. Goodall, a world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist, is giving the Philomathean Society’s 2016-2017 Annual Oration on September 29th in Harrison Auditorium at 7:00pm.

In addition to presenting a lecture, the Annual Oration involves a post-lecture Q & A, and a book signing. All portions of the event are free and open to the entire Penn undergraduate community.  The theme of the talk this year is “Gombe Beyond” and will focus on Dr. Goodall’s research and continued mission of global sustainability.

The Budget Committee has decided to recommend $1700.00.  We think it’s a good rule of thumb to not fund events like these more than SPEC Connaissance does.  SPEC Conn is built to fund lectures like this and UA Contingency cannot be sustained if we get numerous requests like this.  The audience will comprise of 85% of undergraduates so we then multiplied what SPEC Conn gave to honorarium by 85%.  The costs associated with the event are outlined below.

Annual Oration Costs:



Amount funded

Funding source




Philomathean Society $2860

SPEC Fully Planned $6000

SPEC Connaissance $2000

The Penn Museum $4000

Penn Medicine $640

SAC $1500

SSAP $500

GCP $500

Penn Sustainability Office and FRES $2000

Hotel accommodation



Penn Medicine $2060

Travel cost



SAC $500

The Philomathean Society $250

Local transportation



The Philomathean Society $100




Psychology Dept. $100

Biology Dept. $100

HSS Dept. $100




CAS $500

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Hey Day Access

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Last Monday afternoon I met with Licinia “Lulu” Barrueco Kaliher, Ed.D. (Director of First Year Houses & Paraprofessional Training for the Office of College Houses & Academic Services) to discuss allowing students into freshman residences on Hey Day, an important Penn tradition. Ms. Kaliher encouraged me to:

1) Demonstrate that returning to one’s freshman year dorm room on Hey Day actually is a Penn Tradition

2) Figure out why Penn students only want to return to their dorms immediately following Hey Day Activities (I.e. last year students were allowed to enter the Quad peacefully at 3:00pm and could have returned to their dorm rooms at any other time period)

3) Be constructive in determining a new form of this tradition that will be fun and exciting for everyone, in addition to not disrupting the freshmen who appreciate a safe space in their dorm room.

One idea that has been discussed collectively is a hall or house “mixer.” This would introduce freshmen to the Hey Day tradition and allow rising seniors to mingle with rising sophomores in their hall or house inside the Quad with some music and/or food after the conclusion of official Hey Day activities. Groups that would be interested in supporting this include Penn Alumni, Penn Traditions, and OSA.

On last Tuesday, I met with Makayla Reynolds, who will also be bringing this idea to Class Board.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

TV Remotes in Houston Hall

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Last Saturday at 9:30am I met with Mr. Tony Klaumenzer (VPUL Facilities) to talk about placing TV remotes in the Houston Hall cafeteria. I found out two things:

1) The TV’s in the back alcove were donated by MTV and are stuck on MTV programming &

2) The TV’s in the main cafeteria and Bistro can be changed currently with the buttons on the side of the televisions.

The TV’s will have posted channel guides with an explanation that the channels can be changed and a disclaimer explaining management has final control over the televisions in the upcoming weeks. Houston Hall will host a kickoff event to increase awareness about the televisions when the Channel Guides are posted (I suggested Sunday afternoon football and free wings) that we can help them advertise.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make the statements welcoming to students changing the television channels while still preventing conflicts from rising between students and the general public (particularly during lunchtime)?  

Separately, Houston Hall is having trouble advertising their open spaces. The Bistro is a space available for Student Groups to reserve. Furthermore, the lounge in Williams Hall (open 24/7) has been underutilized (pictured below). I was told Facilities would be happy to buy new couches and furniture for the space if we could increase student use (lack of which I attribute to a lack of student knowledge of the lounge). To combat this problem, Houston Hall management hired two new marketing assistants (and has many work-study positions open) to help advertise the space for this semester and was hoping we could pitch in.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make students aware of/utilize this space?

Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) Update

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

On Wednesday morning I went to the first RSAB meeting of the semester. After primarily discussing move-in and facilities services three ideas were selected for future work:

1) Elevator support during move-in

2) Improved communication about peak move-in times

& 3) Facilities and Real Estate Services tent service by the high-rises.

One of the big move-in upgrades implemented this year was new carts. For future work, Residential Services is curious about what group of student’s their social media should be targeted towards (ex. Prospective students, incoming freshmen, upperclassmen on campus, etc.) and is working on developing new study areas (“nooks”) in residential spaces.

The RSAB is also looking for freshmen to join and provide feedback during the upcoming year.

Space for Men’s Club Basketball

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Tuesday afternoon Kat and I met with Men’s Club Basketball leadership to try and figure out how they can obtain discounted practice space and get recognized by Sports Club Council (SCC). I followed up with Sarah Shouvlin (Assistant Director, Sport Clubs) and SCC leadership on Friday and will be reaching out to athletics to keep this project moving forward.

Social Justice

Completion Reports

FGLI Program

Authored by: Hannah Sweeney and Justin Hopkins

After a year of meetings, surveys, and partnerships, we have succeeded in the creation of the First-Generation Low-Income Program (FGLI). This program is a branch of VPUL that is housed out of the GIC and is the umbrella organization of the student group PennFirst. It incorporates a physical space for students, two full-time staff members, and a multitude of programming. The GIC is now offering free meals on a weekly basis, organizing a textbook recycling system, and advertising access to other resources, including VPUL’s emergency funds for highly aided students. Moreover, as part of this new push for programming, PennFirst held an NSO preceptorial to give incoming first-generation low-income students knowledge of the various resources and opportunities they have at Penn. The FGLI Program is the centralized location of all future first-generation low-income programming at Penn. We are happy to have helped create a center that will help Penn students for years to come.

Student Life

Project Updates

Student Financial Services Advisory Board

Authored by: Sam Shea

This past Wednesday, SFSAB had their first meeting of the year. We had board training, subcommittee updates, discussed a variety of topics and goals for the upcoming year, and lastly amended our bylaws, and added The Transfer Student Organization (TSO) and Penn First to the Board. The most important thing to come from this meeting was that the FAFSA will now be coming out on October 1st, instead of January 1st, subsequently moving all financial aid due dates forward. Cabinet will be meeting with SRFS soon, at this meeting I hope to have the exact language and dates needed for these changes. Also, I will encourage our exec to send out an email, once we have the approved language for SRFS, to the entire student body notifying them of these changes or important announcements. Lastly, I will be meeting with Karen Hamilton, The Communications Director, and the Director of Financial Aid, Elaine Varas to discuss specific financial aid issues. If you have an projects you would like to be brought up to SRFS please contact me, and we will either bring it up in the cabinet meeting or my personal meeting with SRFS. Lastly, if you have any groups in mind that you would think would be helpful to have on the SFSAB, please email me.

Current organizations:  


Assembly of International Students

Dhruv Agarwal


Asian Pacific Student Coalition

Andy Miao


Graduate and Professional Students Association

Andrew Thum


Graduate and Professional Students Association


Lambda Alliance

LGBTQ umbrella organization

Cody Sherman

Latin@ Coalition

Latin@ umbrella organization

Rogelio Caro


Liberal and Professional Studies Students Association

Rebecca Batchelder

Penn First

First generation students organization

Lyndsi Burcham


Programs in Religion, Interfaith, and Spirituality Matters




Transfer Student Organization

Amrajan (AJ) Aujla


Undergraduate Assembly

Sam Shea


United Minorities Council

Temi Ransome-Kuti


African diaspora umbrella organization

Anye Wanki

Graduate Chair

Natalie Parker

Undergraduate Chair

Sam Murray

FanFest Update

Authored by: Sam Shea

To answer some questions from last time about FanFest I reached out to Josh Craggs, the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and New Media.

  1. Athletics is working on being able to do some free "sample" food, but everything else will be cash. Unfortunately, they will not be able to accept dining dollars, but they are working on being able to use Penn Cash (Note: this may not happen for the first fan fest, but they are aiming to have it ready for the other three.)
  2. The second Fan Fest is scheduled for Friday 11/11 at the football game vs Harvard. There will not be adult beverages. As per last week, one Football Fan Fest and one Basketball Fan Fest will have adult beverages for those of age and cash bar style.
  3. The First FanFest was not scheduled for Homecoming (this year) because Athletics were concerned that with starting promotion so late and scheduling, there were already a lot of of activities going on. With that being said, in the future Athletics wants to make this a success therefore other events should have to schedule around the Fan Fests.
  4. Rutgers Incident: Quick synopsis: there was an incident at the tailgate at Rutgers main campus, which brought a halt to future tailgate events.  They are already looking to reinstate tailgating events. There has been no change in the plans for Fan Fest, as per Athletics and Karu.

Lastly, Athletics and teams are looking forward to creating partnerships with on campus groups, such as Greek Life, DAC, PAC, PSG, etc. If you have any groups that you think would benefit from these partnerships please let me know.

360-Degree View of Rooms

Authored by: Michael Krone

Background: Over this past summer and the summer before last year, I found it difficult to figure out what types of furniture and room essentials that I would need for my dorm. Last year I was in Hill, and I currently reside in Sansom West. Last week, I researched the websites of all of the other Ivy League schools, as well as local schools in the Philadelphia area such as Temple University and Drexel University. I found that the Ivy League institutions similarly lacked sufficient communication about the room interiors, with the exception of a few photos presented by Dartmouth. This project was inspired by the Rochester Institute of Technology, whose Virtual Tours were very comprehensive and whose site was generally user-friendly to navigate.

Purpose: I plan to work with Residential Services to improve the communication to students as to what the interiors of rooms look like by providing at the very least a 360-degree view of the interior of each type of room model. A virtual tour would be the next step, similar to the program online that the Rochester Institute of Technology provides. Kyle O’Neil met with RSAB on September 22 and brought the idea up. They generally liked the idea, but the issue was that all of the college houses have their own websites that they control. Stouffer College House currently employs a Virtual Tour of its various room types, and the goal is to expand this technology to all College Houses to emulate the models from Temple and Drexel Universities.

If you have any recommendations or contacts, please let me know at  

Division of Public Safety Photo Campaign

Authored by: Michael Krone

Background: Last year, as an Associate Member, I worked on a project with College Representative Dorothy Newman to increase the awareness of Division of Public Safety (DPS) services such as Penn Walk, Penn Ride, and the Rave Guardian app. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the project and the rebranding of Penn Transit vehicles over the Spring and Summer, the project never took root. I am rebooting the project and am expediting the timeline this Fall.

Purpose: The goal of this project is to raise awareness of DPS programming, specifically in regard to Penn Walk and Penn Ride services. This will be accomplished through a photo campaign that will feature campus student groups posing with vehicles and Penn Walk officers to emphasize the positive aspects of arriving home safe. I met with DPS’s Stacy Ritchie (Associate Director of Operations and External Affairs) and Kathleen Anderson (Director of Operations and External Affairs) on September 22, and will be reaching out to groups beginning at UA Steering this week.

Would UA be interested in participating in this project by posing for a photo with Penn Walk or Ride?

If you are a member of a group that would be interested in participating (it would only need to be 5-8 members), please let me know at

Academic Initiatives


  1. Roll Call
  1. Michael- From Philomathian Society
  1. Open Forum
  1. Tonna- UMOJA
  1. Tonna-Members of the black community are meeting in Class in ‘49 right now. The black community does not feel that the administration is on their side or supports them. It hurts us that nothing is being done. I am asking that you keep the black community in mind. They make up 10% of the student population. Kat, I am asking the whole UA but especially you. Maybe a statement from the UA. This is how you are engaging with your friends. We want you guys to be more involved in interactions and how you are treating your peers. This is something that we are following up on and want to make you aware
  2. Kat- a lot of people are being affected by this. In terms of tangible steps we can take, we have members here in UMOJA. It might good to reach out to Monica Yant-Kinney, form VPUL. We have been talking to them in regards to any type of communication. You guys can reach out to her or I can do it for you.
  3. Tonna- Thank you so much! People vote for people on the UA. It would be great if the UA could say something about it. I think the represented should say something.
  4. Kat- We can work with Krone to make something that we are listening and here for everyone. We can try to work on something separate from admins.
  1. Sam- FT         
  1. They have one copy of the FT for people to read
  1. Michelle-Contingency request
  1. This year APSC came for a contingency request. It happened today. They brought in Arden Cho and another famous icon. They originally came in a request for $3248. Their final request was $124. We had an emergency exec vote and decided to fund them
  1. Naomi-SSAP divestment
  1. As SSAP liaison, I wanted to inform you. SSAP feels that the process was opaque. They voted on the same day that they received the recommendation. They felt that this was not fair. There will be a protest tomorrow. They want to be more involved in the process
  2. Eric- They could have been more transparent. The Ad Hoc committee was voting on whether fossil fuels vote fit into our regulations, they did not vote on whether we should do it or not.
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Provost Price and Vice Provost Winkelstein
  1. Kat-If you guys have any questions, ask me
  2. Natasha- When would the CIS 001 class be?
  1. It would take a long time to incorporate in the curriculum like taking into consideration faculty.
  1. Taylor- Is there any news on the feedback for TAP?
  1. I told him that the students believed in detaching for this semester. They want feedback on how to make this effective in the future. There might be a Ad-Hoc committee in the future to work on this
  1. PVP Office
  1. The office added 3 people. We gave them an overview of the UA, what seats we have. We thought about putting more resources on the UA websites, policies Penn has, we might link their website on our website. Rape culture is such a broad topic. How can we start to focus in? Maybe we can start with ratios. Maybe the UA can convene a forum so that people can speak freely off the record.
  2. Max- what do you mean by off the record?
  1. Kat- when the UA had a mental health event, they did not publish unless you talked to them after.
  1. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Gutmann and SRFS
  1. DPS Open House
  1. You can see the information in the report.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Upcoming Steering
  1. UA Steering is a meeting of heads or leaders of usually umbrella organizations. The next meeting will be Spet 27th at 7-8 in JMHH. If you have any questions, please email me. You guys can also  come as special observers. The Executive VP will be there this week.
  1. UA-NEC Flex Seat Ad-Hoc Committee
  1. It will be me, Eric, and Krone and two of the nominations chairs. There are 15 students leaders and other student leaders from underrepresented groups. There was an issue with seat allocation, but this group is to ensure that it does not occur in the future.
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Ian
  1. Welcoming New Student Representatives
  1. Welcome!
  2. No more UA elections
  1. Retreat Agenda
  1. Travis-I think everyone who had an issue had messaged me. The agenda for the retreat will be sent out to you. The education part will happen from 12-4:30, will happen here at Huntsman
  2. Sam S- I will try to get the room tomorrow
  3. Brian- Is this on Friday or Saturday?
  1. It's on Saturday
  1. PSG Steering
  1. Travis- Speaker and the president sit on this. Leaders of PSG to talk about issues. We meet every other week.
  2. Riad- Are there minutes?
  1. No its internal but I can bring up topics
  1. Associate Membership Applications
  1. Travis- They will be active until Thursday. People who were not elected were already contacted.
  2. Riad- who reached out?        
  1. There were people who had projects and needed access to administrators
  1. Natasha- Are they able to access the app online?
  1. Yes they are able to access it online, under the Associate Application
  2. It will also be sent through all school
  1. Communications Team
  1. Krone- Communication team will help me manage social media. There will also be internal communication. I am currently thinking of a newsletter, but we can come up with other things. The applications will be live after this meeting.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Budget Committee
  1. Philomathean Society Annual Oration 2016-2017 Contingency Request
  1. Michelle- Our presenter will present the request. He will talk about the event. The budget committee will then present for 5 min. Then there will be a Q and A session. Then vote
  2. Michael Freeman- Annual Oration Director- This year we are bringing in the primatologist Jane Goodall. SSAP, Museum, Facilities, Ancient Thurs Sept 29. Lecture for an hour, then A and Q. It will be in the museum. There will be no cost for attendance. We are expecting around 800 people. Asking for $4000 in aid and they will go towards honorarium. This is our biggest speaker. The NSO office has been our biggest partner, which usually gives $8000 backed out. We have gone to every source and have managed to get half of it. NSO did not believe that it fit it. $1700 from SPEC.
  3. Michelle- we have decided to recommend $1700 because we do not fund more than SPEC connosaaice. They expected 85% for undergraduates so we did 85% of $2000
  4. Sam- You are not charging for tickets why?
  1. We are an intellectual society. That is against what we believe in
  1. Kanishka- If they UA does not fund this in full what happens?
  1. We will likely go into debt in the OSA account. For the future, we try to establish as much contact with NSO as possible. Close contact with funder
  1. Steph- where is the $2000 going?
  1. Paying for staff members, 2 nights in hotel, 3 nights
  1. Eric- Where is the money from Philo from?
  1. We get a certain amount of money from alumni and membership fees. Some left over money from other events last year.
  1. Taylor- How many students are going
  1. About 600 undergraduates
  1. Sam S- who are the other 15%?
  1. Public member, and members of the museum board because they gave the space
  1. Aaron- Publicity budget, where is it going?
  1. Printing of posters I believe
  1. Krone- It’s not ideal for you to go into debt, can you make that up in other ways?
  1. We can probably make it up, but we would like to avoid that
  1. Naomi- What other funding sources are you looking at
  1. We have spoken to perry world house, but they have changing their regulations in regard to funding
  1. Sam I - How much is the contingency funds.
  1. It was a little over 12,000,
  1. Sam S- Have you reached out to graduate school?
  1. Vet school said no
  1. Kyle- pro, Michelle knows what she is doing
  2. Kat- Pro, they are SAC funded so they are protected by that if they go into debt. It is not fair for us to give a third of our budget to one of the first groups that apply.
  3. Aaron- Where did the 1700 came up?
  1. They asked for $4000, but we funded 85% of $2000 which is what SPEC funded.
  1. Kanishka- What do you think about SPEC dividing it arbitrarily. I don't know how that leads to a smaller amount.
  1. Michelle- Both SPEC groups looked at it carefully. If SPEC is going to give a lecture 2000, we should not give more than that because that is what they are for.
  1. Eric- Book signing, will they be purchased? Any other events like backstage events?
  1. In the past we have had open tea. Their representative has said that it will be too straining on her. Books will be being sold,. We will barely break even.
  1. Naomi- I think that $1700 is a little high
  2. Sam S- What percentage of the contingency was used last year?
  1. Riad- There has been more requests because of marketing.
  2. Michelle- By october, we had used $700
  3. Naomi- Doesn't this set a bad example
  1. Kaylee- What % of SPEC is SPEC Connaissance?
  1. They usually have 10000 per semester
  1. Stephanie- I just wonder what events have you funded like this?
  1. Michelle- It was for an honorarium
  2. Brian- how many events did you fund last year
  1. 8
  1. Michelle- we are working on new guidelines
  1. Sam S- Yes we did a campaign. It doesn't make sense why we you gave too much.
  2. Riad- What other way would you use to reduce the budget?
  1. Michelle- I can't think of any number
  1. The Contingency Request passes by a vote of 19-6-2.

  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  1. Hey Day is a tradition where juniors walk down Locust and officially become seniors. Last year, some seniors were not allowed to go back into their freshman year dorms. We were trying to think of turning this tradition into something productive. Any suggestions?
  2. Eric- Post RAs at every station
  1. They tried that. They said that it was uncontrollable.
  1. Elena- What is the purpose of returning to dorms?
  1. It's just to reminisce
  1. Brian- They don't have access to keys
  1. They shut of access to dorms, but there was a glitch so some got in
  1. Kat- i really like the idea of having a mixer between seniors and freshman.
  2. Jordan- Is there a way to confine them to common rooms?
  1. No they are free
  1. Jason- Is there another day it can be?
  1. There is a large amount of people who want to go in there.
  1. Elena- I thought Hey Day took place after classes?
  1. It happens on readings days before the finals
  1. Jason- you can have seniors communicate with freshman
  2. Sam S- I do appreciate the sentiment of it. I do understand why they are not back in.
  3. Aren- I do like the idea of Jason which pairing
  1. Maybe they can wear a wristband or something
  1. T.V. Remotes in Houston Hall
  1. We are working on getting TV remotes so people can change them.
  2. Krone- what exactly constitutes Bistro?
  1. In between Bistro and Crepe place
  1. Jay- Penn has an instagram so it might be good to put pictures of the places on there. I know one of the people who take pictures for Penn Instagram
  2. Kat- Maybe there can be a way to rent out TV schedule and block off time
  3. Brian- You can have it kept on closed captioning
  4. Krone- Would it be possible to redecorate the place? But they said they are willing to renovate it.
  5. Krone- Is it a study space?
  1. Kyle- It can be used for whatever, as long as no one is being disruptive. I think it might be targeting as a chill place.
  1. Jason- What are they currently doing to advertising?
  1. Kyle- I don't think that they are
  1. Jason- One thing they could do is interact with others
  2. Brian- Just advertise one big event each month
  1. Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) Update
  1. I met with RSAB on Wednesday. New carts were really good. Looking for freshman to join
  2. Krone- They need to cool it during move in of pictures
  3. Jay - Last year they talked about putting new furniture in residential places. Did that come up?
  1. No
  1. Jordan - This could be really good for prospective students
  2. Natasha- People don't know where to reach to. Maybe a place where they can ask questions
  3. Elena- I would look at Penn Res and look at how beautiful the rooms were. Once I was in the process of moving in, there was no reason to check it.
  4. Natasha- No pics of inside of dorms
  1. Space for Men’s Club Basketball Team
  1. Kyle-Previously they had been getting discounts to use the gyms, but that hasn’t really happened this year.
  1. Social Justice
  1. Completion Reports
  1. FGLI Program
  1. Penn First- We were trying to get some support for first generation/low income space. There is now a space for them which was not there before.
  2. Krone- Do you see opportunity for this to grow?
  1. I don't know if it physically will grow. But for programming yes there is room
  1. Jay- Where is this located
  1. 42nd and Chestnut
  1. Sam I- Is there a plan for mentorship plan?
  1. Everything is on the table, we can talk after this meeting
  1. Stephanie- Is this under funding from VPUL
  1. Yes
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Financial Services Advisory Board
  1. We amended the bylaws and added two new groups. The organizations can be found in the packet. If you have any other groups that should be added, please let me know. There is a big change for financial aid. FAFSA deadline is being moved up from January to October. It will be based on prior prior year. If you think any policies should be changed please let me know
  2. Eric- Is there an NEC seat?        
  1. Not right now. They were looking to add a pHD student and GAPSA student
  1. Kat- when this was created, there was a problem. I would love to talk to you to amend the bylaws and add an NEC to represent students
  2. Krone- There wasn’t much communication last year in regards to financial aid. I know I had to scramble.
  1. Sam S- The new director is only 6 months old. One of hte other things that she is working on in transparency. And getting information out there for everyone.
  1. Kaylee- Why did they decide to move up the deadline?
  1. Its federal stuff
  1. Natasha- Is there a public forum during the meeting?
  1. Yes there is public space. I do encourage you to bring up your concerns to me. It is a small room and the admins take a lot of time.
  1. Jay- Since they will be basing the cost of attendance of prior prior year’s forms, how accurate should they be?
  1. As long as everything remains stable, it should change.
  1. Brian- Can we include like a 10 minute session for questions?
  1. You can ask us and we can bring up the questions
  1. Fanfest Update
  1. Let's get people to the athletic events. There will be a cash bar but you can't use dining dollars. The next one will be on 11/11 against Harvard but no cash bar. For Homecoming, they believed that they started the promotions too late, so they pushed it to another weekend. In the future, they want it to be during homecoming and make it big. None of the plans will be affected by the Rutgers incident. Athletics really wants to make connections  with other groups
  1. 360 Degree View of Room
  1. It was difficult figuring out what kind of furniture I would need. The project is to work with residential services and get 360 views of rooms. It was inspired by RIT and their rooms. If anyone is interested in what other schools have to offer, please let me know. Temple and Drexel have good ones too.
  2. Eric- what would the view consist of?
  1. Quad- what a single, double is
  2. High Rises- kitchen, room, living room
  1. Kaylee- What do you say about Stouffer? I just emailed and they sent me pics. They might have already have pics
  2. Jordan- I reached out and they did not give me pictures
  3. Elena- I live in Meyer. I went through website and once I found the pictures, it was very useful. I didn't know where to look. It would be better if they were easier to find.
  1. That is the goal. To have a centralized place with all the pictures. Right now, each college house has its own website.
  1. Kanishka- What concrete steps need to happen to make this happen?
  1. It's just taking pictures at different angles and I am interested in other options
  1. Jordan- They could have a contest at the beginning of the year to get more pictures of rooms
  1. Krone-There could be some issues with that
  1. Brian- I think there could be a problem with Pennkey protected
  1. Maybe they can be routed to campus express.
  1. Sam S- It can be potentially an NGSS project

  1. Division of Public Safety Photo Campaign
  1. Krone-This project was first taken on last year but nothing really came out of it. But we are going back to it this year, and we are looking to advertise the PENN walk, Penn ride, and others. Groups would take pictures with them and then we would post them to increase publicity.
  2. Sam S- what groups
  1. I was going to reach out to steering
  1. Kat- I love this project. Groups that travel frequently, Penn ride service groups.
  2. Eric- Maybe greek life would be interested.
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Communications