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What is #InstagramELE?

#InstagramELE is a monthly challenge created by Spanish educators Adelaida Martín Bosque and Pilar Munday in 2014. Each day there is a hashtag with a word or a phrase in Spanish. The objective is to practice Spanish by reading the posts of other people, by writing your own posts and by interacting.

How do you participate?

These are the general rules:

  1. Check the monthly picture with all the words by going to @desafioinstagramele on Instagram
  2. For example, today is February 12, we see that the word is #comunidad
  3. What does #comunidad mean to you? You can think of an idea or you can look for the hashtag #comunidad on Instagram to see how native speakers are already using it.
  4. When ready, post your picture and add a sentence in which you use the word #comunidad
  5. Add hashtags, so other people can find your picture. There are 3 important hashtags to add:
  1. The word of the day, in this case, #comunidad
  2. #InstagramELE
  3. The hashtag of your class or group if you have one (if you are doing the challenge as part of a class assignment. In this case we can add, #nectfl16)
  1. Check the hashtag #instagramELE and see what other people posted for the word #comunidad. You can like other pictures and you can even write comments in other people’s photographs.

How can teachers use it?

How does this challenge foster proficiency & promotes ACTFL’s 21st Century Skills?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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