Troy Shares

Thinking outside the bucks

Using hOurworld

Logging in

Resetting your password

Seeing how many hours you have

When you log in, you’ll see the number of hours you have in yellow below the menu bar.  If you have gone to another part of hOurworld since you logged in, click on the Home button to get back here.


Paying hours to someone

There are a few ways to do this, but here’s one way that will work in any situation.

On the menu bar, click on “Hours.”


A form like this will appear:


Browsing offers and requests

On the menu bar, click on “Offers” or “Requests.”


From there, you can click on a category, such as “arts, crafts, and music” or “home repair” to see the listings, or you can type what you are looking for into the search box.

It may take a little exploring to find how others have categorized or worded things.   For example, if you want someone to help you rake leaves, you might not get results from searching “rake leaves,” but if you type in “rak*” you’ll get anyone who offered either “rake” or “raking.”  

When you find an offer or request that interests you, you can click on “Profile” for more details about the person, or on “Reply” to contact the person.


Entering your offers and requests

On the menu bar, click on “Offers” or “Requests.”


Click on “Edit My Requests” Or “Edit My Offers.


If you have previously entered offers or requests, they will appear and you can edit them.

To enter new offers or requests, click on Add Offer or Add Request.


You will see a list of categories.


In each of the three columns, one of the categories will have a list of subcategories with checkboxes.  If you want to see subcategories for a different category, just click on the name of that category.

Check the checkboxes for as many subcategories as you would like.  Then click the button that appears both above and below the category list.  It will say “Add to My Offers” if you are in the Offers section or or “Add to My Requests” if you are in the Requests section.

Boxes will appear for each of the boxes you checked.  For example, if you chose “Nature Walks” and “Landscape Photography,” you would see this:


Write something in the area that says “Tell us more.”  Then click on either “Save All Changes” or “Save Without Broadcast.”  “Save All Changes” is recommended, because that means that your new or updated offer or request will be included in the weekly email that is sent to all Troy Shares members.