Sailesh: The Hypnotist

Technical Rider

(Please present the technical rider to your production crew for their review)


PURCHASER agrees to the following provisions:

  1. PURCHASER to provide access to the venue 1 hour prior to showtime for set up
  2. PURCHASER to provide stable electrical power (3-independent 110 volt@ 20 amps circuits)
  3. PURCHASER to provide the power source within 10 ft. of the stage area
  4. PURCHASER to provide the appropriate lighting for the venue
  5. PURCHASER to provide 6 bottles of non-carbonated water at the time of Arrival
  6. PURCHASER to provide a stage area a minimum of 30 ft wide by 15 ft. deep. (Stage must be stable, level, and stage sections must fit firmly together and a minimum of 8 feet from audience)
  7. PURCHASER to provide 20 non-folding chairs on the stage.
  8. PURCHASER to provide and air-conditioned, clean, secure dressing room with washroom facilities near the performance site for before and after the show
  9. PURCHASER to provide stage area temperature between 59 degree Fahrenheit and 105 Degrees Fahrenheit at the performance time


If PURCHASER is to provide the sound system, PURCHASER agrees to the following provisions:


  1. Vocal (microphone must be wireless: Beta 58 or 87C preferred)
  2. 1/4 inch input for a laptop or DI box


  1. 2 15x1 monitors with 300 watts of amplification
  2. 1 31 band EQ


  1. 8 Channel console w/2 independent aux send
  2. 1 31 band FOH EQ
  3. 1 Effects processor


NOTE: This rider cannot be changed without the expressed written agreement between the PURCHASER and Metropolis Management.

Acceptance: We acknowledge and confirm that we have read and approved the terms and conditions set forth in this rider as deemed by the signature below.

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