1. Call to Order at 6:36pm by County Leader Keith LT Wright
  1. Quorum achieved with 60/70
  2. Attendance
  1. Greetings and Welcome: County Leader Keith LT Wright
  2. County Leader Keith LT Wright’s Report
  1. Thanking participants of Judicial Panel process
  1. Co-Chairs Curtis Arluck, Louise Dankberg
  2. Law Chair Jeanine Johnson
  1. Address from Public Advocate Letitia James
  2. Motion to Endorse Letitia James
  1. Approval by acclamation
  2. Abstain: 1
  1. Secretary Benjamin Yee’s Report
  1. Go to http://manhattandemocrats.org/calendar-events/ for up to date list of county events
  2. Secretary will investigate system of auto-generating email of events on calendar for regular dissemination
  3. This meeting is being livestreamed on facebook.com/manhattandems
  1. The Party Call
  1. Discussion
  1. Jeanine Johnson, Law Chair
  1. There can be no delay on voting on Party Call as it is due to the Board of Elections on a schedule set by State Statute
  1. Johnny Rivera 68B
  1. Changes made on which I was not consulted. Happy with original but not Final copy
  2. Objects to recommended changes
  1. William Allen, District Leader & Representative of NY Board of Elections
  1. There’s a very tight timeline
  2. We can modify/amend elements of the Party Call after passage if necessary
  1. Leader Keith Wright
  1. The timeline for the Party Call was stated at the last Executive Board meeting
  1. Jeanine Johnson
  1. We do a Party Call every year
  2. The Party Call sets all of the Democratic Party leadership in Manhattan. Including:
  1. The number of County Committee members per election district (ED)
  2. The ED composition for District Leaders’ Assembly District Parts
  1. Without the Party Call, there are no Party positions or Party leadership. Therefore, if it is not passed there will be no Party leadership
  1. Motion to approve the Party Call as recommended
  1. First: Robert Jackson, DL 71 A
  2. Second: Louise Dankberg
  3. Approved by acclamation
  1. Opposed: 1
  1. Citywide Candidate Endorsements
  1. Mayor
  1. Motion to endorse Bill DeBlasio
  1. First: Johnny Rivera 68B
  2. Second: Al Taylor 71B
  3. Approved by acclamation
  4. Opposed: 3
  5. Abstain: 9
  1. Comptroller
  1. Motion to endorse Scott Stringer
  1. First: Louise Dankberg 74C
  2. Second: Alicia Barksdale 70D
  3. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Manhattan DA
  1. Motion to endorse Cy Vance
  1. First: Alec Barrett 69B
  2. Second: Silvia DiPietro 75A
  3. Approved by acclamation
  4. Oppose: 3
  5. Abstain: 5
  1. Manhattan BP
  1. Motion to endorse Gale Brewer
  1. First: Jill Eisner 76A
  2. Second: Alicia Barksdale 70D
  3. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Ongoing County Efforts on Behalf of Jon Ossoff in GA-06
  1. The County Party is hosting on-going phonebanks at the County Party office
  1. Schedule can be found on manhattandems.org/calendar-event
  1. The Ossoff campaign is looking for canvassers if anyone wants to go to GA
  1. Al Handel on petitioning
  1. Printing of petitions
  1. June 6 is first day of petitioning
  2. Clubs should email the candidates they want on their petition and a proof will be sent back within a day
  3. Just say who you’re supporting for citywide, Al has all the specific information that is required to add to their petitions for:
  1. Mayor
  2. Public Advocate
  3. Comptroller
  4. Borough President
  5. District Attorney
  6. Two County wide judges
  1. For club specific/local endorsements
  1. City Council
  2. Judicial candidates for 5, 9th and 10th district
  3. Two District Leader
  4. County Committee
  1. Email the how many are in each ED
  2. A box will be provided on the petition and County Committee members can be filled in with a sticker with the names of those candidates before petitioning
  1. Judicial delegates
  1. Since judicial clubs are often shared, please a unified list with the slate for the AD and say it’s being shared by the following x clubs
  1. Judicial delegate alternates
  2. Committee to fill vacancies for all candidates
  1. Clubs only pay for the part of the petitions specific to them
  1. Civil Court Nominations -- Judges who were reported out of the panel (alphabetically)
  1. Suzanne Adams
  1. Declining consideration for nomination and running in the 9th district
  1. Lawrence Bosley
  1. Declining consideration for nomination for the County and the 5th
  1. Ariel Chesler
  1. Declining consideration for nomination
  1. Hilary Gingold
  1. Declining consideration for nomination
  1. Elyssa Kates
  1. Declining consideration for nomination
  1. Phaedra Perry
  1. Accepts consideration for nomination for countywide civil court
  1. Leslie stroth
  1. Declining consideration for nomination
  1. Richard Tsai
  1. Accepts consideration for nomination for countywide civil court
  1. Kathleen Waterman
  1. Declines consideration for nomination for county wide, running in 5th
  1. Nominations for the two county wide civil court seat (not districts)
  1. Motion to nominate Phaedra Perry for County Seat
  1. First: Silvia DiPietro 75A
  2. Second: Earnestine Bell Temple 71B
  3. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Motion to nominate Richard Tsai
  1. First: Justin Yu 65D
  2. Second: Arthur Schwartz 66A
  3. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Address from Borough President Gale Brewer
  2. Amilia Adams, Representative of Mayor DeBlasio
  1. Political Director for BdB campaign
  2. Amelia@billdeblasio.com
  1. Barry Weinberg, Executive Director of NY County Party
  1. NY State BOE is hosting Campaign Finance seminars
  1. Wed 5/31, 9:30am-12:30pm at 42 Broadway, 6th Fl
  1. Discussion of NYS Senate Ind Dems Conference
  1. Robert Jackson
  1. Introduces motion for the NY County Democratic Committee to deny any type of support or endorsement to any IDC candidate
  2. Second: Curtis Arluck 69C
  1. Oppose: 1
  2. Abstain: 4
  1. Announcements/Upcoming Events
  1. Demmy’s are coming June 28
  2. Everyone, remember to sign in
  3. Party this evening
  1. Offside Tavern
  2. 137 w 14th st.
  1. Words on Judge Abdus-Salaam
  1. Memorial
  1. May 26
  2. Cathedral of st john at noon
  1. Moment of silence
  1. Two new district leaders
  1. Vittoria Fariello - 65C
  2. Alex Barrett - 69B
  1. Adjourn
  1. Motion
  1. First: Al Taylor 71B
  2. Second: Silvia DiPietro 74C