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‘In This Together’ Project

The ‘In This Together’ project highlights facts, acts of caring, workouts, downloadable activities and more during the pandemic currently faced by the world.

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Golden 1 Center Anniversary Page

This page is an annual project which highlights the Technology, Sustainability, and other unique aspects of the Sacramento Kings’ home venue. It doesn’t include any programming and leverages only HTML and CSS.

Visit the G1C Anniversary Page Diversity & Inclusion Page

This page utilizes only HTML and CSS to house imagery and copy in a block format. The responsiveness from Desktop to Mobile sizes proved challenging with this build, and one can see how the page breaks down if they were to resize the page. The Diversity & Inclusion page is a part of the Kings’ Careers microsite.

Visit the Diversity & Inclusion Page is a single page website which houses basic information on the Sacramento Kings’ initiative to collaborate with NBA, NFL and MLB franchises to encourage fans to vote. For more details, check out: As far as the build goes, it is a simple NodeJS site.

Visit In-House Schedule Page

To date, had been using the NBA League’s stock schedule page for NBA teams. Our marketing team wanted to develop an in-house version based on our Single Game Tickets page. Deployed on January 7th, 2020, our new Schedule page includes 7 levels of filtering, 4 tiers of dynamic pricing, more information dropdowns which highlight themes, giveaways, etc., broadcast details, as well as a controller which non-technical staff can use to instantly update any matchup.  

View the Schedule Page “Courtside Box”

The courtside box is simply a widget that ships by default on the NBA team websites that the NBA Digital Team oversees. It displays the next 6 upcoming games and the last 6 completed games. We opted to create our own variation from scratch, as the default one was clunky, appeared dated, and didn’t match well with our sites theming. Below you can find a link to the result. Leveraging schedule data provided by the NBA, it features automated centering to the next upcoming matchup (the date has been set to July 6, 2019 during Summer League for example’s sake), a post-game state, and a future game state. Games that are in progress adjust to a ‘live’ game state, where they tap into the NBA feed for live game stats, and get updated every 30 seconds to show an updated score, game clock, and quarter -- all without the user having to refresh. JavaScript and jQuery are the primary languages used on this build.

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2019-20 Sacramento Kings Single Game Tickets

The 2019-20 Single Game Tickets page includes: 3 sources of dynamic data, 7 levels of instant filtering for fans, automated unpublishing of matchups at tipoff, responsiveness across all screen sizes and devices, a controller spreadsheet which allows a non-technical member of our team with access to instantly (without any coding or programming!):

-Designate a game as “hot”, “value”, “theme night”, or “giveaway night”

-Set messaging and “more information” for aforementioned theme and giveaway nights

-Control “speedbumps” or internal ads which display after every 10 matchups

-Adjust 4 tiers of pricing, including the ability to designate a pricing tier as having “Limited Tickets Available”

-Designate which uniform will be used for a particular matchup

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2019 Blog Refresh

We occasionally update our blog template to keep it current with organization-wide theming and initiatives. This time around, we wanted to emphasize a clean look, balanced use of white-space, and a minimal use of colors for an easy-to-read appearance for our visitors. Our previous version of the blog template had a desktop version with a sidebar which broke down on mobile. For this version, we went mobile-first, so the overall layout is essentially the same from Desktop all the way down to mobile. We found it important to minimize noise, so we reduced the numbers of advertisements on the template. The template also renders our latest image gallery at the bottom of each post, which iterates automatically once in view.

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SASCHA Concept

This SASCHA concept page leverages the Web Speech API. It was drafted in advance of an NBA personnel visit to Sacramento, prompted by this video. The copy that is spoken as well as the copy which pops up is controlled in a Google Sheet for rapid editing capabilities, as we expected to receive itinerary details only hours in advance.

View the SASCHA Concept (best viewed on a smartphone with audio on) Migration

Originally, our website was hosted by a local third party, Position Interactive. This worked well for about 2 seasons, until we recently needed to make updates to this site more frequently. As such, I transitioned this Wordpress site off of its Apache home, and onto our Digital Ocean Server, running on a fundamentally different environment (Ubuntu 14 w/ nginx). This presented a unique challenge, as there are configuration quirks between Apache and nginx, but ultimately the project was successful.


Kings Dancers Video Routine Home

The Sacramento Kings Dancers performances video home leverages the YouTube Data API

Visit Kings Dancers Video Routine Home

Treehouse ‘React Basics’ Scoreboard

After completing the Treehouse ‘React Basics’ course, I uploaded the project files to my server for reference and testing. This marks my first time deploying a React application onto a production environment! 🎉 I hope to integrate future React learnings into or related web properties.

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The Sacramento Kings NBA 2K League team website, which is set to begin play in May 2018

Visit Home Page Refresh

The ‘news blocks’ on the homepage were updated for the 2017-18 season to be automated based upon NBA APIs. This has made the process of updating the homepage faster and more efficient for our content team, as it previously was a manual procedure.

Visit's Homepage

2017-18 Sacramento Kings Dancers

The 2017-18 season marks my 4th iteration of the dance team’s website

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Kings x Nike Uniforms

This one-off, scrolling style website showcases the Kings’ new Nike uniforms


Kings ‘Next-Gen’ Photo Galleries

The default NBA team site photo galleries didn’t meet internal needs of Kings Digital, so I hosted our own vision for galleries with a Node.js + Express framework, and imported it into with JSON data feeds. This includes a paginated feed to bring galleries into the Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center app

Visit | JSON Feeds (Galleries) (Gallery Tag Database) (Paginated)

I built this website in the summer of ‘17 with the goal of having a simple website reflect my career and skills while being easy to maintain. The 3 components of Projects, Readings, and Resume are actually Google Docs with public visibility. This website simply renders one of those docs in the browser window, which allows me to update the site easily and instantly from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.