Apothic Holistic

Whole30 May 2015 - shopping list Week 1*


Vegetables & Fruits:

2 medium lemons

2 oranges

1 lime

1 pint fresh blueberries

1 grapefruit (½ per person)

1 pomegranate (for the seeds)

Bananas (enough for your family)

2 plantains (note: these need to sit about a week before using! You want them VERY brown when you go to grill them)

Apples (at least 2 small for salads, or more depending on your family size)

2+2/3 cups organic baby tomatoes, yellow or red or a mixture

1 large package of organic spinach or other greens

1-2 packages of shredded brussels sprouts or cruciferous crunch (buy at Trader Joes or make your own)

1-2 lb carrots

2-3 bell peppers (more if you plan to include them in salads, breakfast scrambles)

3 medium purple beets

Avocadoes (We budget ½ an avocado per person per day) + 1-2 extra to make guac

1-2 heads of broccoli

1-2 heads of cauliflower

1 bunch green onions

1 package baby bella mushrooms

Fresh tomatoes for salads, egg scrambles

5-8 squash: zucchini, yellow, your preference

Optional: portabella mushroom caps for burgers

Fresh herbs (you can use dried)
Mint leaves

Parsley leaves



About 2-3 dozen eggs (depending on your family size)

3-4lb pork roast or loin

1-1&1/2lb grass-fed beef for stew (cube steak, etc.)

1 package nitrate/nitrite free bacon or turkey bacon (make sure it’s sugar free)

4-5 organic chicken thighs, bone-in, skin-on

1-2lb organic chicken tenderloins

5 1lb organic chicken breast OR whole chicken OR a mix of white and dark meat (your preference)

About 2lb for making chicken salad, 1lb for chicken to add to the nourish bowl, 1lb for the lemon tomato salad.  

2lb grass-fed beef

Kitchen & Pantry staples:

Frozen broccoli + cauliflower

Full fat coconut milk (canned, preferably organic)

Olives: pitted, black and green

Ghee, Coconut oil, Olive oil

Compliant dijon mustard

Complaint vinaigrette dressing (Whole Foods has a few, also Tessamae’s. Or make your own!)

Bragg organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Tessamae’s ketchup

Vegetable broth (I like the organic broth from Trader Joe’s)

Homemade chicken stock  

Almond butter, sunflower butter (make sure it’s sugar free!)

Almonds, cashews, pecans (preferably raw, soaked yourself)

Sweet potatoes (buy organic, store in the fridge for longer shelf life)

Lemons and/or limes (great to squeeze over salads or veggies)

Sweet, red and yellow onions

Garlic (keep in the fridge if you don’t use as often)

Dried or Fresh herbs: sage, parsley, allspice, cumin

Homemade paleo mayonnaise

If this list looks overwhelming to you or you are concerned about devoting so much of your monthly budget to food, see my tips for healthy eating on a budget here and some of my favorite paleo-friendly products here and here.

*I buy all our meat when it is on sale, regardless of whether or not we need it, and freeze it. That way when we need say 6lb of chicken for the week, it doesn’t break the bank. Also, we have started ordering our grass fed beef and bacon from a local farm. We order once every few months, and they ship it to us frozen. It is actually more cost-effective than buying from the store!


*This list is for two adults for an entire 7 days of food. Plan accordingly for the amount of people in your household. You can still follow the recipes I’ve used, just change the amounts or have extra left overs!