Where I’m From

By Student 344415

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from my red couch.

From my radio and Alex’s playtable.

I am from the sunflowers in my front yard.

To the drawing of my family.

I am from the green grass that grows around me.

The river trees that are always near.

I’m from celebrating Russian New years and from dimpals right here.

From mom and dad who love me so.

I’m from recycling and fixing

And from reusing everything that we can.

I’m from Elmo’s theme song and just keep swimming.

And Mama Mia.

I’m from New Year’s dance parties.

I’m from California and Russia,

my sister’s salads and borsh.

From my brother’s cuteness and curly hair,

My fuzzy baby blanket I care about dearly.