For: Nanny/ Au Pair/ Mother’s Help/ Elderly Companion/ Housekeeper

The Candidate named below wishes to work for a family/ elderly person. This normally involves living with a family, looking after the child/children (often by themselves) and helping in the household or if applying as an Elderly Companion, they will be living together with the Elderly person, and supporting them. These are very responsible positions for which the candidate needs to be honest, reliable, responsible, hard-working, able to follow instructions and be easy to get along with.

To provide a character reference you should not be a good friend  or family member of this candidate.

Please answer honestly. If you have any concerns at all, you can contact us in complete confidence, using the email 

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For how long and in what capacity do you know the Candidate?

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Would you recommend this person to be an au pair / nanny or elderly companion? Why?

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