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Board Members Handbook - 2005
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............To the Oregon Road Runners Club! The Oregon Road Runners Club (“ORRC”) was founded in Seaside, Oregon in 1970. The founders were a group of runners who ran the Trail’s End Marathon, the first marathon in the Pacific Northwest, and wanted to band together to encourage running during the rest of the year.

Since its humble beginnings, ORRC has remained true to its mission to promote running and walking for the benefit of all and continues to be a leading Northwest resource for runners and walkers. With approximately 1,000 active members, we are the largest running club in the West and among the top fifteen largest running clubs that are members of the national Road Runners Club of America.

As a member of ORRC, you will be part of an organization that conducts approximately 12 races a year, publishes an award winning newsletter - Oregon Distance Runner, maintains an active web presence (, conducts weekly training and social runs that are open to everyone, and provides other member and community benefits. We are also a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and support many charitable organizations in the area with technical advice and support of other nonprofit running and walking events. Like many other nonprofit organizations, our success depends on the active participation from many of our members. If you are interested in volunteering, or just have a suggestion you think would benefit the club, please contact us!

ORRC is distinctive from most other running clubs. One of the Club’s focus has been to conduct running and walking events that Club members would enjoy but that also are open to non-members. Also, the Club has promoted weekly informal runs that are free to Club members – sometimes with pizza and a social event afterwards. The Club has received national recognition for the quality of its publications, that are sent to ORRC members. Encourage members on their running and walking, but also promote running and walking to the general public.

When ORRC started in 1970, there were few road races in Oregon and ORRC lead the way in igniting the running revolution in Oregon. ORRC continues to offer a diversity of distances in its events, and a mixture of locales, to keep everyone challenged. Some outstanding Oregon events are ORRC progeny. For example, Bob Foote created the Hood to Coast Relay as a small ORRC event in the 1980s, and grew it to the largest relay event in the nation. Les Smith took over the ORRC Portland Marathon lead in the early 1980s and re-created it into one of the major USA marathons. ORRC has been blessed by the enthusiasm of its membership and the efforts of its race directors!

MISSION: The mission of the Oregon Road Runners Club (a non-profit organization) is to promote running and walking for the benefit of all - for fitness, fun, safety, health, and quality of life.

VALUES: ORRC embodies the following values:

1. We support and conduct road races and other related activities for a broad range of participants of all abilities: runners and walkers, young and old, competitive, recreational, and everything in between.

2. We provide race schedules, flyers, publications, race results, training programs and tips, and other information that members can use to enhance their running and walking activities.

3. We provide a direct communication link via telephone and the World Wide Web to running and walking activities in the region.

4. We perform services and pursue programs that have the highest value to our members.

5. We nurture and develop club members who want to become future leaders within the running and walking communities,

6. We offer leadership, guidance, and support to other area running and walking clubs in their activities, as well as to other organizations that desire to develop runs and walks.

7. We maintain and enhance the appreciation of parks, trails, and other areas, in which we run and walk.

8, We provide a voice for our members - concerns (both local and national) through active affiliation and partnership with the Road Runners Clubs of America.

9. We support individuals and organizations that share our principles and values.