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Types of Blog Posts
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Types of Blog Posts


Participants research artists, activists, artwork or anything else that inspires them to create.

Include media of the inspiration

Include writing that connects to the participant’s own interests or art practice

Work in progress

Pictures (may be lower quality, taken with a mobile device) and some writing about a project that is still developing

Write about what has happened so far and what the plan is the finish

Might also write some questions that they are exploring while working on the process

Could ask for feedback from readers

Final product

High quality media of the final product

Artist statement about the project if possible

Any context about the project that helps the reader understand


After a project or sharing participants write about the experience and what they learned from it                

Quick Response

Educator or another participant will post a prompt to respond to on the class blog

Participants respond in writing or using media

Review / Analysis

Participants write a review of an art event, sharing, or piece of art/media and relate it to their work they are doing         

Could also be a critical break down of a piece of art/media and analysis of the choices the artist made or how it affects them        


Could be related to Inspiration post

Participants research something they’d like to know more about and share