Be An Advocate

(For Online Learning)

There are many things you can do in your effort to be an advocate for online learning, but we will focus on a set of basic suggestions to keep in mind.  Add any additional ideas YOU have to the comment section of the blog post that directed you to this document.


1. Be winsome: 
Even if you grow frustrated at the objections and naysaying of others. Do not react negatively.  Their thoughts may be borne more out of fear of the unknown than outright rejection.  Have a few very positive stories from your experience, or the experience of others, to share.  

2. Actively offer help: Offer to help colleagues understand that basics you have found useful. Do this even if they have not asked, but back off and come back later if they express a lack of interest.

3. Use Examples:

Have several examples of personal success about which you have genuine excitement. Honest excitement should pull in their interest.  Keep the sharing simple so you don’t overload them all at once.  There will always be opportunity to share more detail later if there is interest.  

4. Tool Sharing:

Share relevant tools you have used to do online learning. Tell about positives and negatives of the tool, and how it can specifically be used in class. An example of this approach can be seen: Click HERE.

5. Develop and Keep a Determined Mindset:

Disappointments and frustrations will come.  People will promise cooperation,show enthusiasm, and then  not carry through.  It is not because they are not really interested, but because they have not yet bought into the value. Have patience, bide your time, and come back later.  Keep Churchill’s words in mind:  "Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in..." - Winston Churchill - October 29, 1941


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