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LiveText 101 for Faculty

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Link to Procedures


Creating LiveText Assignments (video)

Creating Assignments in LiveText (print)

Finding Classes and Assignments in Previous Semesters (video)

Classes - Locating

Finding Classes and Assignments in Previous Semesters (video)

Cloning (Copying) Assignments to Another Class or Semester

Cloning Assignments to Another Class  (video)

Cloning Assignments in LiveText (print)

Re-linking cloned LiveText Assignments in Moodle (video)

DDP - Downloading Work

Downloading your DDP Portfolio (print)

Uploading Your DDP to LiveText File Manager (print)

Accessing files in a Zip Folder for LiveText (print)


Giving Feedback in LiveText (video)


Instructions for Cooperating Teachers/Mentors (print)

Instructions for Supervisors/Alverno Faculty (print)

Instructions for Students/Interns (print)


Uploading a Resource to a LiveText Assignment (video)

Uploading Files to Your Private File Management Area (video)

Organizing Your Files in Your Private File Management Area (video)


Gradebook in LiveText (video)


Flagging Student Work for Possible Inclusion in an Honors Statement (video)


Linking Your Moodle and LiveText Accounts (video)

Linking LiveText Assignments in Moodle (video)

Re-Linking Cloned Assignments in Moodle (video)

Narrative Transcript

Adding Information to a student's Narrative Transcript (via LiveText rubric) (video)

Adding Information to a student's Narrative Transcript (via LiveText rubric) (print)

Gathering a Student’s Narrative Transcript Information (print)

Password - LiveText

Recovering Your LiveText Password (print)

Performance Matrix

Viewing Student Work Using the Assignment Matrix (print)


Sharing Your Portfolio (print)


All Assignment Report (Print)


Resubmissions in LiveText (video)


Applying Rubrics to LiveText Assignments (video)

Controlling the Visibility of Rubrics to Students (video)


Training Your Students:

Guide for Training Your Students to use LiveText (print with links to videos)

Schedule LiveText Training for Your Class (video)

Training Opportunities for Faculty:

Extended Technology Open Hours - for one-on-one help with LiveText

Faculty LiveText Training PowerPoint


Using a LiveText Assignment Template (print)


Guidelines for Creating and Uploading Video for LiveText (video)

Compressing Video for LiveText (Reducing Your Video’s File Size) (print)

Psychology Faculty Only

Psychology Faculty Only

Kris Vasquez created the following documents to assist Psychology faculty in their use of LiveText:

Recommendations for LiveText usage for the Psychology Department (print)

Instructions for Narrative Transcript Use (print)

Narrative Transcript Boilerplate Text (print)

Narrative Transcripts - What Psychology Learned (print)