Zion Lutheran Preschool News

Look what we learned this week!                                    March 16, 2017

Jesus Time

Mary washes Jesus feet



Seven- Seventeen

Science/Social Studies

 Different Earth Matters


In what would a seed grow best?


   Happily Ever After Literacy

  • Start Unit 8
  • The Tug of War
  • Color: orange
  • Vocab: working on syllables in words
  • Sight words: he,she,finds
  • Letters:  Rr-Ss-Tt
  • Counting: 16-17-18
  • Identify: draw a line under or between ;wide/thin/above/below

Mother Goose Literacy

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Color: Blue
  • Life around a Pond
  • Nature knowledge about: pond plants, submerged, emerged, bog plants and algae

Dear Parents,

Don’t forget Registration Day this coming Monday,

 March 20th from 6-7pm