April 18th,

1) Go the HCC website at hutchcc.edu

2) At the bottom left hand side of the page under the heading “Become Us” click on Apply

3) Enter your Social Security # and at the bottom of the page hit “Next”

4) You will be asked several questions that are simple to answer, clicking on “Next” at the end of each page.

5) You will get a confirmation page with all your information on it. You will then receive an email from HCC with your DragonZone ID & Password. You need to access the account to activate it and then HCC should be able to upload your classes.

**I know you have been told this already but a reminder, you may want to use your personal email and not the school email on this account as once you graduate you will lose access to our school email and HCC will still have that one listed as your access.

April 11th,

Do you know a student who is interested in teaching as a career?


If so, the 28th annual Kansas Future Teacher Academy might be the place for her/him to be this summer. The Academy is a five-day residential experience on the Emporia State University campus from Sunday, June 11 to Thursday, June 15. The Academy is open to students who have completed 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.


Applications are being accepted until April 24.

Attached is the application. It can also be found at www.emporia.edu/jiee/kfta

Check out the flier below:

Greetings from KSU Manhattan!


I hope this e-mail finds you well! As the end of the semester draws near, we know your seniors are making final college decisions and your juniors are getting excited about the college search! Here are a few things to keep you informed as your students explore becoming a Wildcat!

Junior Days – Unfortunately for some students, our five spring semester Junior Days have already been filled! For these students still interested in exploring K-State, please encourage them to set up a personalized campus visit (detailed below).

Apply – The Class of 2018 is able to begin applying to K-State on June 1, 2017. Applications can be found at www.k-state.edu/apply and they are encouraged to self-report their classes/grades to expedite the admissions process. Please encourage them to contact me with any questions!

Visit Campus – Personalized visits are alive and well in the Berney Family Welcome Center and will be available most of summer! Interested students can contact our K-State Campus Visit office toll free at 1-800-432-8270. It is best if they allow us at least two weeks to arrange their visit!

As always, please don’t hesitate to send students my way! Wishing you a great end to the semester!


Go Cats!

Cody Kennedy

K-State Admissions Representative

New Student Services

Berney Family Welcome Center

705 N. 17th Street

Manhattan, KS 66506



March 28th

Schedule Information

Juniors, a reminder to make sure you have uploaded your class choices in Powerschool for me to work with on your schedule for next year.  Also, if you plan to take classes through HCC for college credit, make sure you have created your account through their website and have access to your Dragon Zone account.  Within the next couple of weeks I will be notifying HCC of the classes you want enrolled in for next Fall.

I know you are not heavy into the researching of scholarships yet as this will shift into high gear next Fall but you might gain a little insight as to what next year holds by going to the Scholarship Page on the Inman School Website under Counselors Notes and looking through some of the scholarships that are available.

A lot of schools will send out recruiting information but none of them seem to top K-State on being ahead of the game with what you need to set goals for in regard to scholarships.  I have posted on the next page a flier from KSU that gives you details of what their basic scholarship criteria are in regard to ACT & GPA’s.  See me if you have questions.

Feb. 27



The K-State All-University Open House is on Saturday, April 1, 2017. In addition to the Open House events, we will be hosting a personalized day for high achieving high school juniors. This special program will allow these students individualized access to Open House events, recognition for their high accomplishments and lunch on campus. We will also be offering a scholarship information session presented by our Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance.

K-State Open House is an important tradition that highlights academic and student life opportunities at our university.  Exhibits will promote our over 2510 academic programs, the more than 475 campus organizations, and various housing options available for students.  Free entertainment, career exploration activities, and student research exhibits are highlights of the day.               

Cody Kennedy              

KSU Admissions Representative

For more information about K-State Open House, including a schedule of events, go to www.k-state.edu/openhouse   

***Juniors, if any of you get a personal invite from KSU please consider attending.  At Cody’s request I sent recruiting information about the class of 2018.  This is one of those days that if you are serious about KSU you need to make an effort to attend.


        Students can click on “Find a Career” or “Search for Jobs” for more information.  Each

employer may have a unique “Apply for Jobs” process.   Please be complete when you

fill out an application.

Hays Academy of Hair Design - Salina Campus

Spring Junior/Senior Day!!!

Mark you calendars for our Spring Jr/Sr Day at Hays Academy in Salina.

We will start at 9:30 am and conclude around noon. This is an awesome

opportunity to check out the school and learn all about our programs.

Please RSVP by calling or texting 785-833-2280 or by using this email krista.haysacademy@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, March 15th!  Information is attached on the next page.

Jan. 31, 2017

KU ROTC Day Invitation…  See me if you are interested….

American Legion Boys State

Any Jr. boys who got invites from Boys State I got this message this morning….

“Early last week we sent out our annual information packets to the High Schools. I would expect each of you to have yours by the end of this week at the latest!

Our application deadline for the 2017 session is March 31st. If you have someone interested I would encourage them to fill out the online application to get started. That gets their information into our system and we can follow up as necessary. We already have apps rolling in!

As a refresher the application process goes like this: 1)  applicants start off with the online process 2) after they complete that they will receive an email with a pdf version of their app  3) they print it out and it is ready for the school’s signature.   Once these steps are complete the application can be mailed in with the entry fees and any other necessary paperwork.

In the next couple of weeks the American Legion will be hosting an annual meeting with representatives from all over the state. At this meeting Boys State will be discussed in length. This is a great time for candidates to get out and contact posts regarding sponsorship or for posts to contact students”.

I would expect the American Legion Post out of McPherson to be contacting any of you who qualify.  See me if you need help.

Jan.26, 2017

HCC:                http://www.hutchcc.edu/academics/majors   (all 2 year Jucos similar)

NCKTC:        https://www.ncktc.edu/programs/                 (Hays & Beloit)

WATC:        http://watc.edu/admissions/programs-of-study/  (Wichita Area Tech)

Hesston:        http://www.hesston.edu/academics/majors/     (2 year)

Tabor:                https://tabor.edu/undergraduate/undergraduate-academic-programs/ 

Sterling:        https://www.sterling.edu/academics/majors

Bethany:        https://www.bethanylb.edu/academics/areas-of-study/ 

Bethel:                https://www.bethelks.edu/academics/areas-of-study/ 

KSU Salina:        https://polytechnic.k-state.edu/academicservices/ 

KSU:                http://catalog.k-state.edu/content.php?catoid=13&navoid=1411 

WSU:                http://www.wichita.edu/thisis/majors/

KU:                https://admissions.ku.edu/academics

Emporia State:        https://www.emporia.edu/sac/list-of-majors.html

Fort Hays:        //www.fhsu.edu/majors-minors/

Washburn:        http://www.washburn.edu/academics/degrees.html 

PSU:                http://www.pittstate.edu/academics/academic-programs.dot         

Some schools curriculums will be more difficult to read than others so please ask questions if you are unsure.  If  need be and we need clarification we will have you contact the college via email or phone and talk to an advisor.    

Jan. 25, 2017

WSU is hosting a Major Exploration Day on February 10.  It is open to students of any high school grade.  The workshop will help students answer the question, “What are you going to major in?” by participating in activities that help find student strengths and possible majors. Included in this program is the author of 50 Jobs in 50 States, Daniel Seddiqui.


Major Exploration Day

Wichita State University

Friday, February 10, 2017

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cost: $15

RSVP at wichita.edu/visit

March 4th ACT Prep in Salina - register at k-state.edu/admissions/act

March 11th ACT Prep in Manhattan - register  at k-state.edu/admissions/act

Jan. 9, 2017

Engineer for a Day


American Legion Boys State

American Legion Girls State

Jan. 6, 2017


        *Laptop exposure  is very important, get familiar with Microsoft Word, Office 365,

Excel, know how to use them before you get to college or you will be behind.

*Take notes with pencil & paper.  For most students this is the preferred method.

*Any classes where you have to read and test over the reading, not the lecture in classes

or the reviewed material, is important for students wanting to go on to college.  You must

read when they tell you to read and you have to realize that profs will test over what you

were to have read.

*Human Relations did not transfer for Aviation & Mechanical Engineering.  It will

 transfer as an elective, just not these 2 majors.  (I emailed our KSU Rep right after the

 Meeting and he said it does transfer, but they may not use it in their degree area, it would

 be an elective.  Emphasis on why your junior year at enrollment if you are looking at

 taking college classes you have to look at your majors before deciding.  Wouldn’t have

 mattered if you decided on your major after the 1st semester of your senior year and

 already took Human Relations).  Alumni thought a good class to have would be

 Microcomputers Applications if you didn’t need the Human Relations.

*Somehow force us as high school students to study, learn how to study, learn what it

means to have to put in time studying as college is very different.

*Pinpoint quizzes are important for students to be prepared for, realize that tests are

 worth much more, homework less.  Get students to  realize that most college classes are

lecture, maybe 4-5 tests, homework that you are expected to do but not given grades for,

a handful of written papers, very few projects (only in orientation classes), etc..

Jan. 4, 2017


        If you have not taken the ACT yet, you are a little behind, especially if you say you want

to go college, take college classes your senior year, etc..  It’s not time to panic but it’s

time to get going and get involved.  See me if you need help.

If you have tested already, though every student’s situation is different, please consider

the following …  

*If you are not satisfied with your score, set your next test date goal but realize if you

 are not doing some work on the weak areas from the 1st test you may not make any

 progress.  Don’t hesitate to ask teachers in those subjects where you struggled for some help, or online work and we will do our best to get you some options.  

*If you tested a 2nd time already and didn’t go up, it’s not panic time.  You need to

 reflect on what you did between the two test dates.  A lot of you have heard me say that

 you should make progress simply from our curriculum we cover in school but sometimes

 when you test close together you don’t have enough time to cover new material that will

 help you.  Be patient & don’t beat yourself up if the score stayed the same.  As we told

 you clear back when we enrolled for HS, the ACT is a process, it’s not a “one time shot”.  

Your chances of improving on the ACT continue to increase the more Math, Science,

English, Social Studies & Reading you do.  

*If you tested more than once --- this is where you need to be thinking about your

 personal goal in regard to testing again.  What are you after with the ACT?  For some of

 you it will be qualifying for college classes, while others it will be qualifying for the

 State Schools, while still others it will be scholarships and obtaining different levels of

 money from the schools recruiting you.  Regardless of your personal goal we will help

you whatever way we can.  We want all “options” open for you in the next year and a half

and the ACT does play a role in that for each of you.

*Remember there is no pattern when it comes to the ACT that we can predict whether

 your scores will go up or stay the same, no crystal ball with this.  I can look with you at

 the breakdown of your scores and help you find the weak & strong areas but again there

 is no guarantee for improvement unless you put in the time. I can tell you endless

 stories of students who took the test, got their first score then leveled off for maybe a test

or two and then all of a sudden jumped 3-4 pts.  I can share stories of students who tested

4-5 times and went up every time.  Some students take the first test and then by the 2nd

test make a considerable jump just from now being familiar with the timing piece.  So

 much depends on the individuals commitment to improving.

*Having said all that, ACT will tell you that the April test date should be your highest

 score to date and they base that on National statistics for you juniors.  I can’t say that’s

 been true for our students so when you are trying to decide whether you turn around and

 go in February or wait til April, keep in mind that a lot of our students have had their

best scores other dates than the April one.

*If you are wanting to qualify for college classes next year on our campus a reminder, a

 17 Reading score gets you into the electives.  You need a 20 on the English section to

 qualify for Comp & a 21 on the Math section to get College Algebra out of the way.

Keep visiting with me about your goals and we will do our best to help you qualify.

Dec. 15, 2016

Juniors, at this event, staff will cover all of the important aspects of Sterling College in about 5 hours. If you would like to attend please respond via email or please register here: https://www.sterling.edu/admissions/visit-event-registration

Dec. 12, 2016

Nursing Scholarships

+ A track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics

+ A passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare This scholarship

is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing,

 including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. Scholarship applications will be

 accepted until midnight on June 30, 2017.

From:   Shawn Harrell <shawn@nursingschoolsalmanac.com

Dec. 6, 2016

Dec. 2, 2016

Dec. 1, 2016

Dec. 1, 2016

Bethany College announces tuition-free education for students in 2 counties



Bethany College will offer tuition-free scholarships to all students graduating from a McPherson County or Saline County high school for the next five years beginning in the fall of 2017.

Bethany College President William Jones made at an assembly at Smoky Valley High School in Lindsborg Thursday morning. Students in the eighth through 12th grades were given certificates entitling them to a Bethany Good Life Scholarship valued at more than $110,000.

"Bethany wants to make a strong investment in our community," Jones said. "These scholarships will give young people in our home counties an opportunity to attend college close to home and hopefully keep them in our area after they graduate. Bethany is interested in doing all it can to enhance our community. A strong local community makes for a strong Bethany College and a strong Bethany College makes for a strong local community."

Glen Suppes, superintendent of USD 400, commended Bethany College for what he called a "wonderful gift" to local students.

"We are extremely excited about the announcement of this scholarship for our students," he said. "This presents hundreds of our local students an opportunity to take advantage of participating in an outstanding local college education.

The Bethany Good Life Scholarship is made possible through the generous donations of many of the college's local donors.

The four-year, tuition-free scholarship is available to first-time college freshmen graduating from any McPherson or Saline County high school upon acceptance into Bethany College. Recipients of the scholarship are required to live on-campus.

President Jones also announced the availability of Bethany's Merit Scholarships. These scholarships offer $7,500 to $16,000 to other Kansas resident that meets the academic guidelines based on grade point average and standardized test scores.

The college plans several informational sessions to share more details about the Bethany Good Life Scholarship with students and parents. Students can also participate in the upcoming Visit Day on January 16, 2017 to learn more about the scholarship.

Details about all of Bethany's scholarships can be found here.

Nov. 30, 2016

Inman Alumni Riley Sprunger in the news…..

Read the rest of the article about Riley at https://news.ku.edu/ku-aerospace-students-claim-top-spot-international-competition 

Nov. 10th, 2016

Career Expo at ESSDACK

Juniors we will be attending the ESSDACK Expo next Tuesday in the morning at the Hutchinson Mall.  There will be colleges, vocational schools, military and local Businesses with booths who will be sharing information, recruiting and answering your questions.  This is a great opportunity to visit with more colleges and recruiters to help you make decisions about your goals and career paths.  Please go into the day with an open mind to see what a variety of schools and businesses have to offer.  Pick up information fliers, have your phones with you in case you need to fill anything out, give someone a resume or take a snapshot, etc…  This is very similar to the College Planning Conferences we take you to at the beginning of the senior year.  Our hopes in going to this event is for each of you to get a good jumpstart on the process this Fall by attending and participating.  I have attached the ESSDACK “advice” sheet which I think is very well organized and has many of the questions we ask you to seek answers for when you make your college and vocational school visits on your own.  Mrs. Baldwin will explain a little more in detail on Monday.  Please let us know if you have questions.

Nov. 7th, 2016

Buffer Week updates…


Oct. 27th, 2016

End of the 9 weeks updates….

Oct. 10, 2016


Oct. 5, 2016

Interested in becoming an Electrician?

Juniors, if any of you are interested in a career pathway as an Electrician please take a look at the following information and website.  I had a visit today from Ryan DeBerry, the recruiter for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers out of Hutchinson.  We currently have alumni Brandon Cottam going through the program which allows young people the chance to work full time and take classes one night a week or up to 5 total nights in a month to get their journeyman’s license and certification.  The IBEW is a Labor Union and will have specific rules workers need to abide by but what a great opportunity to get your Journeyman’s license and not be in debt!  The website www.ibew661.com really doesn’t give a lot of the details about the class but Ryan said he would contact any of you who are interested and visit with you or set up a time to come back out.  Let me know if you have an interest.

Oct. 4, 2016

Juniors, today Pratt CC visited and I know most of you were not interested but the recruiter handed out a couple of brochures that I really liked how they explained their Academic Majors & what you could do with the degrees.  I also attached an information sheet about the Lineman Program & the Ag Tech program that serves as an internship for your major dealers in the state.  The one brochure shows how as a paid intern you can get your degree paid for and actually make money while you are going to school.  I know these programs are not for everyone but certainly worth looking at if you are interested or know someone who is.

I have many more brochures in my office if you would like to look at their other programs.

Oct. 4, 2016

WSU Scholarships & Jr. Days

I know you are not ready to apply for scholarships yet but I think it’s important for some of you to look at the criteria for scholarships to schools such as WSU and/or other D-I’s in the state.  Notice the Junior Days scheduled for this Fall too.  This is an email our WSU resp wanted me to share with you.

Greetings from Wichita State!  I want to make you aware of a few upcoming dates that I hope you can pass on to your seniors and juniors.


The first deadline for our scholarship competitions is that seniors are admitted by October 15. If you have any students that meet one of the following three criteria, please encourage them to apply soon so they can compete in any of our competitions:

        Meet one of three:

o   27 or higher ACT (1210 old SAT, 1280 new SAT); OR

o   3.5 or higher non-weighted GPA; OR

o   Top 10% of their class

     Be admitted by October 15, 2016

   Submit scholarship materials by November 1, 2016


Eligible students can submit their scholarship materials at  wichita.edu/ScholarshipCompetitions  by November 1. Visit wichita.edu/DSI to read more about the competition and to see a complete listing of our scholarship competitions. Please note that different competitions may have different requirements.  


This month we have two Senior Days on Oct. 12 and Oct. 14 as well as a Junior Day on Oct. 28. Students can register for these programs here. As always, we offer personalized campus visits for students – click here for the registration for an individual campus visit.



In Shocker Spirit,


Dillon Cott

Admissions Representative

Wichita State University

(316) 978-5406


HCC Fire Science Day

If any of you are interested please see me.  You can register at www.HutchCC.edu/fieldday 

Oct. 3, 2016

College Planning Conference

Juniors, On Wednesday, Oct. 26th from 6:30-8:00 P.M. Kansas State Polytechnic in Salina will be hosting a College Planning Conference.  This is a free event for students and parents to learn about academic programs from across the state.  More than 40 colleges and universities will be in attendance.  You may register your information at register.gotocollegefairs.com --- if you bring the personalized barcode or email from the registration you cna streamline your visits with schools and recruiters.  See me if you have questions.  This is the same type of conference we took our Seniors to today at Hutch High.  

Sept. 29, 2016

Juniors please sign up for the College recruiters coming to our campus yet during the month of October and November.  Next week we have Pratt CC here on Tuesday and they have a lot of good programs and currently there are three Inman alum attending school there getting their Linemen certification.  They also have a great Ag Tech program that links students with jobs with John Deere and all types of implement dealers.  It has been several years since we have sent someone to this program but we have several grads that have gone through this program.   Some great technical programs.  The following week on Tuesday, Oct. 11th Cloud County CC is here.  Cloud has a number of solid programs also but is well known for their Wind Turbine Program.

As we reach October it’s time Juniors to start planning and making some college and vocational visits.  It’s also time to look at some job shadowing if  you are interested.  Between myself, Mr. Weinbrenner and Mrs. Jordan we would be more than willing to help set up job shadows for you.  Your class has several students interested in the Nursing field.  I have given Mrs. Jordan several contacts in the Hutch Hospital to set up some job shadowing for those of you interested in the Nursing and this can be any field you are interested in.  Mrs. Jordan has done the same with the Vets in the area too.  Please consider this as an option.

As you start to make contacts for visits to Vocational Schools & Colleges I want you to consider the difference between meeting with a Recruiter in our conference room and actually being on campus, setting in on a class, seeing a dorm room, visiting with an advisor, etc…  Some students will say they are content with just visiting with a recruiter but in reality it is so much more of an impact to go to the campus & see what it is actually like.  Please consider doing this.  Remember too when looking at schools---there is a big difference in really wanting to go to a school and being a “fan” of a school.  A lot of students are “fans” of schools --- they like KU for the campus or the basketball, they like KSU for the football or the tailgating, but does that make it the school that best fits you?  Obviously not and you guys are realizing there is much more to choosing a school than this.  

A reminder that to make a college visit you can call through my office, call from home if mom & dad need to be involved for setting the right day & time or you can call on your own.  You will need to take leave sheet with you and have the teachers sign it & a parent sign it too or call in to excuse you.  Most schools will want you to set up visits at least 2 weeks in advance so give yourself time.  If you are busy and need to plan on going “buffer week” please start planning.  Most years we will have about 50%-60% of our students take a visit or more during the Fall.  Realize that some schools will ask you to register on line ---example KU.   See me if you have questions but please take advantage of the opportunity.

Sept. 23, 2016

RSVP at www.fhsu.edu/leadership 

Sept. 21, 2016


Sept. 12, 2016


                Friday, Sept. 9                Sterling College

                Tuesday, Sept. 13        Bethel College

                Thursday, Sept. 15        Wichita State

                Thursday, Sept. 22        Kansas State

                Friday, Sept. 23        Emporia State

                Tuesday, Sept. 27        NCKTC (Beloit/Hays)

                Wednesday, Sept. 28        McPherson College

                Tuesday, Oct. 11        Cloud County CC

                Tuesday, Oct. 18        Bethany College

                Wednesday, Oct. 19        Fort Hays State

                Wednesday, Oct. 26        Kansas Newman

                Tuesday, Nov. 1        Washburn

Sept. 8, 2016

In case you missed one of the meetings with Mr. Pfannenstiel this morning on College & Career Readiness please take time to read through the following informational items.  See Mr. Pfannenstiel if you have questions or need any help.


o   Schedules – review your placement on the curriculums –(25 jrs. are scheduled to be Scholars completers) another 3-4 are QA completers and then review your Grad. Requirements, etc.. I think we have everybody on track. Double check your Art credit requirement.  Please know what curriculum track you are on.


o   College classes—Our plan is to offer a full set of classes next year in 2017-18 for you as seniors.  We offer the electives that students would need to take in almost any career path.  This year we run Public Speaking, Human Relations & Comp I --3 days a week on our campus and I believe we will try to do the same next year.  The 2nd semester of your senior year we usually offer College Algebra, College Psych, Fundamentals of Sociology and Comp II.  Students who are serious about getting a good start on college classes typically walk out of here with between 18-24 or more college credits which knocks a full semester off their time in school at the next level.  To qualify, check the Enrollment information check lists.  Any elective requires a 17 on the Reading Section.  Comp requires a 20 on the English section & to take College Algebra a student needs a 21 on the Math Section.  A reminder that this is the start of your college GPA and we would use Public Speaking & Comp for your high school grade so you would not have to double up classes.


o   Each of you have or will get an email from me with – KCP (Career Pipeline information in it) and then some “major” information for you to review based on what you shared with me. Don’t totally ignore the KCP results but it shouldn’t override your instinct and your goals.  If you don’t know what area you want to go into yet, keep looking and use the process of elimination.  You definitely know what you don’t want to do or major in so work that direction if need be when looking at vocational schools or colleges. We hope to have Career Cruising up and running in the first semester if we can and this program will help you set up a digital portfolio to use your senior year.


o   ACT’s – Should I take it & why?  Take it again if I already have?  Each situation is different so please come ask me & talk to your folks.  Do what’s best for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you don’t need to take it don’t spend the $42.50 and the 4 hours.  If you need a higher score for admittance to a school/program or class, by all means take it.  If you are trying to earn scholarship money, sure, take it but know your cut scores and what you need.  (Every school lists a sliding scholarship scale on their website for GPA & ACT)  Take it for the right reasons is what I tell students.  We know you test enough and to ask you to test just for the sake of having a score is not something we believe in.


o   Go to ACT.org to register and/or use the practice test.  I have the retired ACT test from last year in paper form or on your Junior 2018 website in the August 4th information page.  The Army’s March2success ACT prep is also on the Jr. Website on the August 10th information page.  We are hearing good things about this ACT prep but we have not had many students use it.  This Saturday, Sept 10th is the first ACT test date but I think most of you are waiting for the Oct. test date or even December. Don’t wait too long though if you are just starting.  Remember that KSU and WSU have ACT workshops if you are struggling with the test or want prep work prior to.  We have had students go every year and it’s really a mixed bag of feedback as some students say a lot of it is common sense and habits, while other students have felt really good about the workshop and how material was presented.  Let’s review how the ACT plays into scholarship money or admittance…

  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.

  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Private Schools have a sliding scale and the rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.



o   Recruiting & your Transcript—What do schools see when we send your transcript out?  Know your GPA’s/ACT’s /class rank for recruiting, filling out information, etc.. Check your transcript to make sure you know this information (lower left side).  Recruiters want to know this as well as what you will major in.  Have you updated your resumes & do you have a resume?


If you don’t know what you want to major in there are several routes you can go–


1) check out the Jr. Website from Aug. 22nd for several connections to lists of majors

2) stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of majors and help

                you eliminate at least a few

3) check you KCP results and at some point in the first semester, we hope to have

 Career Cruising up and running for another source for your use.  That’s the

new Career program the State has asked schools to adopt.


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, they all ask similar questions in recruiting.  Anyone looking at an Academy?  Any interest in West Point, Air Force, Naval Academy?


o   Colleges & Voc. Eds are calling setting up campus visit dates.  They are primarily after the seniors this Fall but it doesn’t hurt for you to set in and listen to the schools you might have an interest in.  Colleges will come back and recruit in the spring too and those are important for you to attend.  Tie in with this your college visits --- you have 1 as a junior and 2 as a senior but probably can have more if you talk with Mr. Weinbrenner and you get organized. Last year just a little more than half the juniors took college or vocational visits.  We need more of you to go.  Start checking the calendars for the schools you are looking at to see if you want to go to their Junior days or if you want to go on your own.  Permission paperwork is needed and you can run this through the office with a parent phone call.



o   Meeting deadlines--- a special emphasis more for seniors but our juniors need to be aware of it already -----make sure you realize how important it is for anything you do with post high school plans that you are on time and aware of deadlines.  I can tell you all types of stories of students missing deadlines and getting left out of thousands of dollars of scholarship money, not getting admitted, etc…  The “D-I’s” – November 1 deadlines senior year, while many of the other schools set their own deadlines so it is wise to get familiar with the schools website even as a junior.  HCC is February 15th.  A lot of times you won’t know the deadlines unless you apply for admission or get on the schools website and this is critical when deciding when you should take the ACT.  This is why you have to be active early in the senior year.  Once you are in a schools system you will be notified of all finances available at the schools you are looking at for the senior year.


o   As a junior the biggest goal is to get your GPA/ACT as high as you can, add some community service, build the resume and work experience, research your majors, schools, meet recruiters, attend Junior Days, etc.. You will not find many scholarship opportunities for Juniors but there are some out there.  Any that come across my desk I will post on your website immediately. FASTWEB is the best scholarship search engine we have used but you will find the majority of the potential scholarships for seniors.


o   Scholarships:  

Academic:  when you apply for admission – fill out the scholarships app & meet the deadlines.  Have your resume ready to go with references (make sure your references are aware you put their names down and out of courtesy tell them they might get a call or email).  These scholarships are all ACT/GPA/Service Project related.


From now until January – early scholarships are based on the Highest ACT, GPA, PSAT, etc..

From January on – scholarships are more Department based, performance based, offered based on needs of the school.


Activities:  Work through your sponsor/teacher:  Band-Schierling, Vocal-Menard, Art-

Brensing, Scholars Bowl-Parsons, FFA-Knapp etc.. they will be your contact person and

biggest help/advocate. I can help you but your sponsors & coaches are the key.


Athletics:  Work through your coaches/sponsors to set up tryouts, auditions, sending of                tapes, etc.. be it for any athletics, dance or cheer.


o   Local Scholarships from Alumni, Businesses, Private Donors, etc..  are made available in late March, early April of your senior year.  I will have those to you as they are made available.  A common application is used for the majority of the 20+ local scholarships.


o   You should be checking with your folks to see if their place of employment offers a scholarship for you as a junior or senior, if your church does, if your insurance company does, if you are members of the American Legion, VFW, etc… and what the deadline & details are.  Do this early in the year so you don’t miss deadlines.  


Post High School Options

o   School:   Our goal is for each of you to have options as early as possible, junior or senior year but definitely by Spring of your senior year so you can set down with Dad/Mom and make the best choice for you and what you want to do.  We don’t ask you to look at different options to cause you stress but rather to be able to make the best choice & to shop around.


o   Military:  You can meet with a recruiter any time, sign at any time, etc..  If you are not 18 we like the recruiters to come to your house or have parental consent to meet you at school.  Make sure you’re comfortable with the decision before you sign.


o   Work Force:   As a school we seldom if ever recommend students go straight to the work force.  Some students will say, ”I need to work and save some money and then go to school”.  We know from our past alumni and statistics that students who do not continue with their education right after graduation typically do not go back to school. Transition from school to work can be successful if it’s a family business, a student has the right connection, etc.. but typically, a student will struggle with just the HS diploma in a job setting.                  

o   Financial Aid-  I will meet with you in October or November of your senior year & show you the information regarding the FAFSA form and how you fill it out and all the changes that the Feds make, etc...  If a recruiter talks to you about Financial Aid --- know the basics we discussed in our meeting. There is really not much you can do as a junior other than find out cost of schools, programs, room & board, etc..  This year is unique in that our seniors and parents do not need to wait until taxes are finished in January to apply for financial aid.  They will actually use the taxes from last year, 2015 for their first year of college.  I’m not sure what this means for you as seniors but should know more this Fall.  As recruiters start meeting with you they will be reminding you that as a senior it is imperative that you fill out the FAFSA to see whether or not you will get any Financial aid.



o   Be careful of scams & letters inviting you to come to meetings or asking you to invest money to get scholarship money.  Bring them to me and let me check them out if you are unsure.  Biggest scam every year is the letter that for $99 I can get you a $3500 scholarship.  Don’t fall victim to it.  $3500 is the Stafford loan every American student has available to them if they fill out the FAFSA.


o   The biggest fear of parents and many students in this day & age – spending $50,000-$100,000 on an education and then coming out only to find no job openings in the field you are in and being so far in debt you can’t live.  It happens.  Many examples----.  Choose wisely when you are looking at careers & schools.  Involve your folks as much as you can.  We know from statistics that students share --- one or both of their parents are the biggest influence in their career choice as they are making decisions.



Sept. 6, 2016


                Architectural Engineering                Computer Science

                Biological Systems Engineering                Construction Science

                Chemical Engineering                        Electrical Engineering

                Civil Engineering                        Industrial Engineering

                Computer Engineering                        Mechanical Engineering

           KSU encourages you to         1)  come meet with an advisor in your area of interest

                                        2)  Explore our 475+ student clubs & organizations

                                        3)  Get information about campus, scholarships, financial aid

                                        4)  Take a tour of campus

                                        5)  Visit with current students

        Putnam Scholarship

Foundation Plus Scholarship
Foundation Scholarship
First In Class Guarantee
Fairchild Award

August 25, 2016

August 22, 2016


August 10, 2016

Updated ACT Prep Site

August 9, 2016

Qualifying Scores

  1. To take any college elective class through HCC the minimum ACT Reading score is set at 17.  If you have not taken the ACT yet we can give you a comparison for IHS students--- the average Reading score for last year’s graduating seniors was 21.8.
  2. To take College Comp (dual credit English IV) a student needs to score a 20 on the English section of the ACT.  Meeting this minimum score can be more of a challenge for some of our students than the Reading.  A comparison from last year’s senior averages showed the ACT English section at 20.0.
  3. To qualify for College Algebra (most common math class required for a majority of  majors) a student needs a minimum of 21 on the ACT Math section.  A quick glance on last year’s seniors showed the average score in Math at 22.0.

August 4, 2016

Welcome Back

ACT Reminder

        for the newest practice test for 2016-17.  Also, we still have access to Odysseyware’s

ACT test prep program.   Please email Mrs. Baldwin if you are wanting the account set

up and activated.

KU Rock Chalk Roadshow 2016 August 23rd at the Cosmosphere!

What is Rock Chalk Roadshow?

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Tuesday, Aug. 23rd

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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6:00 p.m. - Check-In and KU Information Fair