Aug. 18, 2017



Tuesday, August 22                KU Roadshow at the Cosmosphere

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        Wednesday, Aug. 30                KSU Recruiting Lunch (Conference Room)

        Thursday, Sept. 7                Bethel Recruiting Lunch (Conference Room)

        Saturday, Sept. 9                ACT Test date

        Monday, Sept. 25                WSU Recruiting Lunch (Conference Room)

        Sunday, Oct. 1                        FAFSA is live for 2018-19 school year


Monday, Oct. 2                HCC College Planning Day Hutch High SAC

                                        9:00-11:00 am

Saturday, Oct. 7                ACT Workshop at KSU, Olathe site


Saturday, Oct. 7                ACT Workshop at WSU, Wichita Campus

                                (Form on the USD 448 Scholarship Website)

Monday, Oct. 9                KSU South Central Ks Senior Day


Saturday, Oct. 14                ACT Workshop at KSU, Manhattan


        Saturday, Oct. 28                ACT Test Date

        Saturday, Nov. 11                ACT Workshop at WSU, Wichita Campus

                                (Form on the USD 448 Scholarship Website)

        Monday, Nov. 13                KSU Junior days--Manhattan Campus

        Friday, Dec. 1                        KSU Junior days--Manhattan Campus

        Monday, Dec. 4                KSU Junior days--Manhattan Campus

        Friday, Dec. 8                        KSU Junior days--Manhattan Campus


        Saturday, Jan. 20                ACT Workshop at WSU, Wichita Campus

                                (Form on the USD 448 Scholarship Website)

Aug. 11, 2017

We will be having Junior meetings with Mr. Pfannenstiel early this Fall either from Am. History or English III hours to visit about College & Career Readiness.  Please take time to read through the following informational items to help give you an understanding of where you are at in the process.  See Mr. Pfannenstiel if you have questions or need any help before you meet.


o   Schedules – review your placement on the curriculums –(are you scheduled to be Scholars completers or QA completers and then review your Grad. Requirements, etc..)  Double check your Art credit requirement.  Please know what curriculum track you are on.


o   College classes—Our plan is to offer a full set of classes next year in 2018-19 for you as seniors.  We offer the electives that students would need to take in almost any career path.  This year we run Public Speaking, Human Relations & Comp I --3 days a week on our campus and I believe we will try to do the same next year.  The 2nd semester of your senior year we usually offer College Algebra, College Psych, Fundamentals of Sociology and Comp II.  Students who are serious about getting a good start on college classes typically walk out of here with between 18-24 or more college credits which knocks a full semester off their time in school at the next level.  To qualify, check the Enrollment information check lists.  Any elective requires a 17 on the ACT Reading Section.  Comp requires a 20 on the ACT English section & to take College Algebra a student needs a 21 on the ACT Math Section.  A reminder that this is the start of your college GPA and we would use Public Speaking & Comp for your high school grades so you would not have to double up classes.  This year we have a number of seniors who are taking online Macroeconomics & Microcomputers to knock out another class they need.  You need to start researching your classes needed for your degree pathway this year so you are on target with your class schedule your senior year.


o   Each of you will continue to be involved with Career Cruising.  As Inman HS continues to progress with IPS we will set up specific dates and requirements for you to meet regarding your post high school plans.  This program will help you set up the digital portfolio to use this year, your senior year and take with you post high school.


o   ACT’s – Should I take it & why?  Should I take it again if I already have?  Each situation is different so please come ask me & talk to your folks.  Do what’s best for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you don’t need to take an ACT don’t spend the $46 and the 4 hours.  If you need a higher score for admittance to a school/program or class, by all means take it.  If you are trying to earn scholarship money, sure, take it but know your cut scores and what you need.  (Every school lists a sliding scholarship scale on their website for GPA & ACT)  Take it for the right reasons is what I tell students.  We know you test enough and to ask you to test just for the sake of having a score is not something we believe in. I think there are a number of you who need to get started in September and October so we can set goals and priorities as you have told me College and/or Vo-tech are your goals.  


o   Go to to register and/or use the practice test.  I will have the retired ACT test from last year in paper form or you may access it on your Junior 2019 website in the August 10th information page of this website.   Remember that KSU and WSU have ACT workshops if you are struggling with the test or want prep work prior to.  Last year the other closest ACT workshop was one at Lyons High School in the spring.  We have had students go every year and it’s really a mixed bag of feedback as some students say a lot of it is common sense and habits, while other students have felt really good about the workshop and how material was presented.  Let’s review how the ACT plays into scholarship money or admittance…

  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.

  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Private Schools have a sliding scale and the rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.



o   Recruiting & your Transcript—What do schools see when we send your transcript out?  Schools or recruiters will see your GPA, Class Rank, ACT, etc… so you should know your GPA’s/ACT’s /class rank for recruiting, filling out information, etc.. as you are asked.   Check your transcript to make sure you know this information (lower left side).  Recruiters want to know this as well as what you will major in.  Have you updated your resumes or do you have a resume on Career Cruising is a question we will address early this year?


If you don’t know what you want to major in there are several routes you can go–


1) One of the best ways our juniors and seniors of the past have been able to get

a vision of what they are looking at is to go straight to various school’s

websites and start working through the list of their majors and offerings be

it College or Vocational.  Though you can find this information for any

school you are looking at, the most often used by our students include

HCC at   KSU at

s.html and then NCKTC out of Beloit & Hays at   There are other programs in the area

you might consider also.  These would include WTI in Wichita at or check Salina Vo-Tech at A reminder also that if you are interested in the

military, with parents permission I can get the recruiters in any day to visit

with you.  The military has it’s own battery of tests (ASVAB) they use to

help students highlight their career choices, majors and what occupation

they will enter the military in.

2) Stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of majors and

help you narrow down your choices.

3) Check your Career Cruising results and focus on the research of the careers you

 are most interested in.  A reminder too that no one can do this for you.  You

 invest time for this to benefit you.


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, they all ask similar questions in recruiting.  If any juniors are looking at an Academy, West Point, Air Force, Naval Academy, etc… please see me as these apps and appointments all start your Junior year.


o   Colleges & Voc. Eds are calling setting up campus visit dates.  They are primarily after the seniors this Fall but it doesn’t hurt for you to set in and listen to the schools you might have an interest in.  Colleges will come back and recruit in the spring too and those are important for you to attend.  Tie in with this your college visits --- you have 1 as a junior and 2 as a senior but probably can have more if you talk with Mr. Weinbrenner and you get organized. Last year just a little more than half the juniors took college or vocational visits.  We need more of you to go.  Start checking the calendars for the schools you are looking at to see if you want to go to their Junior days or if you want to go on your own.  Permission paperwork is needed and you can run this through the office with a parent phone call.



o   Meeting deadlines--- a special emphasis more for seniors but our juniors need to be aware of it already -----make sure you realize how important it is for anything you do with post high school plans that you are on time and aware of deadlines.  I can tell you all types of stories of students missing deadlines and getting left out of thousands of dollars of scholarship money, not getting admitted, etc…  The “D-I’s” – November 1 deadlines senior year, while many of the other schools set their own deadlines so it is wise to get familiar with the schools website even as a junior.  HCC is February 15th.  A lot of times you won’t know the deadlines unless you apply for admission or get on the schools website and this is critical when deciding when you should take the ACT.  This is why you have to be active early in the senior year.  Once you are in a school’s informational system you will be notified of all finances available at the schools you are looking at for the senior year.


o   As a junior the biggest goal is to get your GPA/ACT as high as you can, qualify for college classes if this is a path you want to go, add some community service, build the resume and work experience, continue to research your majors, schools, meet recruiters, attend Junior Days, etc.. You will not find many scholarship opportunities for Juniors but there are some out there.  Any that come across my desk I will post on your website immediately. FASTWEB is one of the best scholarship search engines we have used that hosts the majority of the potential scholarships for seniors.


o   Scholarships:  

Academic:  when you apply for admission – fill out the scholarships app & meet the deadlines.  Have your resume ready to go with references (make sure your references are aware you put their names down and out of courtesy tell them they might get a call or email).  These scholarships are all ACT/GPA/Service Project related.


From now until January – early scholarships are based on the Highest ACT, GPA, PSAT, etc..

From January on – scholarships are more Department based, performance based, offered based on needs of the school.


Activities:  Work through your sponsor/teacher:  Band-Schierling, Vocal-Menard, Art-

Brensing, Scholars Bowl-Parsons, FFA-Knapp etc.. they will be your contact person and

biggest help/advocate. I can help you but your sponsors & coaches are the key.


Athletics:  Work through your coaches/sponsors to set up tryouts, auditions, sending of                tapes, etc.. be it for any athletics, dance or cheer.


o   Local Scholarships from Alumni, Businesses, Private Donors, etc..  are made available in late March, early April of your senior year.  I will have those to you as they are made available.  A common application is used for the majority of the 20+ local scholarships.


o   You should be checking with your folks to see if their place of employment offers a scholarship for you as a junior or senior, if your church does, if your insurance company does, if you are members of the American Legion, VFW, etc… and what the deadline & details are.  Do this early in the year so you don’t miss deadlines.  


Post High School Options

o   School:   Our goal is for each of you to have options as early as possible, junior or senior year but definitely by Spring of your senior year so you can set down with Dad/Mom and make the best choice for you and what you want to do.  We don’t ask you to look at different options to cause you stress but rather to be able to make the best choice & to shop around.


o   Military:  You can meet with a recruiter any time, sign at any time, etc..  If you are not 18 we like the recruiters to come to your house or have parental consent to meet you at school.  Make sure you’re comfortable with the decision before you sign.


o   Work Force:   As a school we seldom if ever recommend students go straight to the work force.  Some students will say, ”I need to work and save some money and then go to school”.  We know from our past alumni and statistics that students who do not continue with their education right after graduation typically do not go back to school. Transition from school to work can be successful if it’s a family business, a student has the right connection, etc.. but typically, a student will struggle with just the HS diploma in a job setting.                  

o   Financial Aid-  I will meet with you in October or November of your senior year & show you the information regarding the FAFSA form and how you fill it out and all the changes that the Feds make, etc...  If a recruiter talks to you about Financial Aid --- know the basics we discussed in our meeting. There is really not much you can do as a junior other than find out cost of schools, programs, room & board, etc..  As recruiters start meeting with you they will be reminding you that as a senior it is imperative that you fill out the FAFSA to see whether or not you will get any Financial aid.



o   Be careful of scams & letters inviting you to come to meetings or asking you to invest money to get scholarship money.  Bring them to me and let me check them out if you are unsure.  Biggest scam every year is the letter that for $99 I can get you a $3500 scholarship.  Don’t fall victim to it.  $3500 is the Stafford loan every American student has available to them if they fill out the FAFSA.


o   The biggest fear of parents and many students in this day & age – spending $50,000-$100,000 on an education and then coming out only to find no job openings in the field you are in and being so far in debt you can’t live.  It happens.  Many examples----.  Choose wisely when you are looking at careers & schools.  Involve your folks as much as you can.  We know from statistics that students share --- one or both of their parents are the biggest influence in their career choice as they are making decisions.


August 11, 2017

Wichita State…

Updated ACT/ASVAB Prep Site

Qualifying Scores

  1. To take any college elective class through HCC the minimum ACT Reading score is set at 17. 
  2. To take College Comp (dual credit English IV) a student needs to score a 20 on the English section of the ACT.  Meeting this minimum score can be more of a challenge for some of our students than the Reading.  
  3. To qualify for College Algebra (most common math class required for a majority of  majors) a student needs a minimum of 21 on the ACT Math section.  

August 10, 2017

Welcome Back

ACT Reminders 


This link would include the “retired Practice test” as well as the question of the day,

Questions for each section and Test prep for purchase, etc..

KSU ACT Workshop

Fall 2017 ACT Workshop dates include:

Saturday, October 7, at the K-State Olathe campus  Register here for Olathe.

Saturday, October 14, at the K-State Manhattan campus Register here for Manhattan.

Please Note: Event registration will close 72 business hours before the event. K-State reserves the right to close registration early if an event fills to capacity prior to the 72-business-hour deadline. Refund requests must be made prior to this deadline. In the event of inclement weather, we encourage you to check the K-State website for event updates. Events will be cancelled if K-State is closed. Otherwise, we will email you if an event is cancelled. We ask that you use your best judgment when choosing to travel to campus in inclement weather. If an event is cancelled, K-State will make an effort to reschedule the event to a later date and your registration may be transferred.

Improve your score

This class consists of five hours of instruction on the four ACT subject tests. Students gain insight into the test's content and format while learning practical test-taking strategies for maximizing their test score. Students learn how to control the test rather than letting it control them!  ACT’s “Preparing for the ACT” is used in this class in addition to our strategies.  This class covers general ideas about the test as a whole, as well as specific strategies for each sub-test:

Don't forget to bring a calculator and an extra pencil with you!


You'll attend a special morning program with sessions to learn more about financial aid, scholarship programs, and general K-State information. At lunch, you will have a chance to eat with your student and discuss the morning session. Parents will be on their own after lunch.

Got questions?

You'll learn the answers to these important questions:


8:30 to 9 a.m  Registration

9 a.m. to noon  Test-taking strategies

Noon   Lunch

1 to 3 p.m.  Test-taking strategies  

Cost  For students $50 per student: covers the cost of materials, instruction and lunch For parents $15 per guest: covers the cost of materials, refreshments and lunch

Parking  Parking is available near the buildings. Further parking information will be sent via email after you register.  Staying overnight? Check the list of Manhattan lodging options

Additional Information:

Read more about our presenter: Click Here for Bio   Discover what other students are saying about the ACT workshop: Click Here for Testimonials     Check your email after you register for additional information about parking and how to get to campus. Click here to view our campus maps.

KU Rock Chalk Roadshow 2017 August 22nd at the Cosmosphere!