May 1, 2020

Seniors, if you have not checked out the link to the Alumni Banquet Awards Booklet please do so.  Proud of all the local awards, local scholarships and achievements you have garnered.  I had a couple of questions and Mrs. Bloom did too why we did not recognize specific college or department scholarships and just so you know, the local Academic Banquet is sponsored and paid for by local donors and historically is set to recognize only the local scholarships, recipients and donors.

That being said, Mrs. Bloom is working on another Scholarship Booklet that will have all the awards in it that seniors have earned and are receiving as they are presented at Graduation.  The Senior Graduation is the time that typically we have announced and recognized all awards and scholarships whatever level they are.  

I believe all classes are set to end next Wednesday both college and high school for you guys unless you’ve been notified differently.  Again, I encourage you to finish strong so your final transcript reflects this.  

A quick reminder to write your Thank you notes and get them sent to any donor of a local scholarship as soon as you can.

Another reminder that I will finish up your transcripts sometime during the two weeks after the regular graduation date was set.  We are at the mercy of HCC on getting grades in on their timeline so transcripts will be finished as soon as we have all final grades in.  I will send your final transcript to any school you have listed for me that you are thinking of attending.

If you have college credit from any classes you took during high school, it is your responsibility to see that the college sends the transcript to the school you are attending next Fall.  Inman HS has no access to the private transcript you have through a college.  If you have HCC credits to forward, simply go to Dragonzone and under the dashboard find Transcripts and follow the instructions.

April 22, 2020

Seniors, I just sent the last local scholarship award letter out late yesterday.  Our local donors awarded 31 total scholarships to the class of 2020 which is remarkable when you think about it for a small school and community like ours.  We all need to be very thankful and grateful!

If you were fortunate enough to be awarded a local scholarship you should have received a letter with instructions on how to obtain your financial help from the donor or the institution keeping the money.  Hang on to this email for your reference.  You are responsible to make the contact to get the money sent to your school or to you!!  You should also have been given instructions on who to send a Thank you note to.  Please, please don’t forget to say Thank you to the donors!!  In several instances you need to send the Thank You note to me and I will see that it goes to the donors.  Try to have this done soon so that you don’t forget as your days get busier.

Finish your college classes strong.  I know there are several of you that some of us have tried to contact to keep you communicating with your teachers and handing in assignments, meeting deadlines, etc…  You are so close to finishing, do your best to hang on the last few weeks.

If you have not been contacted by the school you are attending next Fall about enrollment you need to contact them as soon as you can.  Enrollment dates have changed and so has the process for setting up your schedules.  You, the student, are responsible for making these connections just like you emailed, called or stopped by and visited with me about your high school schedule.  We at the high school can only give you the general contact information and then you have to make the communications because of privacy issues.  

Senior grades will be finalized by Thursday, May 7.  I won’t receive HCC grades until the following week.  This being said, your final transcript won’t be ready until mid May at the earliest.  I will see to it that your final transcript is sent to the school you are attending next Fall.  If you change the school you are going to, let me know so I have the correct school to send it to.  

Very important!!  If you have taken HCC classes and are headed to a different school than HCC, you are responsible for sending your HCC transcript to the school you are attending.  To send a transcript from HCC you must sign in to Dragonzone and click on “Academics” on your dashboard (left hand side).  You will see the icon “Transcript”.  Click on this and follow instructions.  If you have issues, you will have to call 620-665-3500 and ask for Records.  They will be able to help you.  Inman HS does not have access to any of your college transcripts.

I had emailed a number of you seniors and your parents about helping us out with the senior slideshow and I thank you for your responses.  Ashtyn is working hard to have this finished so we can post it on the website.  We still need some help from some of you who have not turned in pictures or quotes.  Please help us out and Ashtyn so she is not rushing at the last minute to get things finished.

**I will be sending an email to each of you who are being recognized for awards and/or scholarships within the week to make sure I have everything you are awarded listed.  Keep checking your emails daily for updates.  If any of you have “church” scholarships you want to be recognized for or an award from your folks place of employment, please let me know.  I always send an updated list to the Inman Ledger for them to print in the paper during the week of or the week after Graduation.  I will still do this regardless of what happens with Graduation so make sure you have contacted me once you get a list of awards from me with changes or additions.

April 20, 2020

Morning Seniors,

*I have been sending out Award Letters for the Local Scholarships as the Donors let me know.  Keep checking your emails as I will only send them out digitally. As of this morning there are still 5 local donors who have not awarded their scholarships yet.  Be patient.  If you have received an award make sure you send a Thank you note to the donor expressing your appreciation.  

*Don’t delete the emails with the Award letter information on it as this is what you will need to contact the donor to get your award when you enroll.  You do not contact the HS for the money but rather follow the instructions in the award letter to have them send you or the school the financial award.

**Ashtyn desperately needs your help in finishing the slideshow so that she has time to add the music, run off the keepsake CD’s etc… If you have not turned your pictures into her please do so and asap!!  She has asked for the pictures for over 2 months--please email her what you want in the slideshow.  The same with the Quote & Hero information.  If we do not get these by this Friday, April 24th she is going to have to use the senior picture from Mrs. Bloom for you in the slideshow.  

April 15, 2020

Seniors, I received this message this morning from Laura Bretz, our contact at HCC.  I wanted to share this with you as HCC is rolling out a set of online classes that will be delivered in 4 weeks instead of the normal 16 week timeline.  If you see something you want or are interested, message Laura or myself and we will try to help you get something set up.  These will be rigorous courses to push through in a 4 week period but the benefit is having the class completed much quicker.  I have posted the brochure on your Google Classroom that has the entire list of classes.

"I hope this finds you well. I wanted to share with you some information regarding some 4 week classes that our Online Education department has opened up for students at HutchCC! These classes will start on or after Monday, April 27th and end before June 1st."

Here are just a few of the classes included:

Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

World Geography

General Psychology

Human Growth and Development

Fundamentals of Sociology

Microcomputer Literacy

Fitness for Life

Medical Terminology

Basic Concepts for Allied Health Studies


Students can enroll in a 1 to 3 credit course in the span of just 4 weeks. PLUS...enrolling in any of these courses will guarantee your student a scholarship!

The scholarship applies to $17 per credit hour for each class and applies only to classes on this list during this term.

I can be reached at

April 13, 2020

Morning Seniors!! A handful of reminders…..

Keep in communication with your college profs and stay up on your assignments.  Remember, those of you taking Comp--you need this grade not just for the college credit but you need the class for the local graduation requirement as English IV to get your diploma.  Now is not the time to let up what you have been working all year on!!

Local Scholarship awards are coming in this week.  As Awards are made known to us in the HS office we will send out an award letter in digital form only so check your emails.  Some award notifications may come directly from the donor so open and read your emails!! Only award winners will receive notification.  

**If you are a recipient of a local scholarship please make sure you show your gratitude and appreciation by sending them a Thank you note in the mail, an email Thank you, calling to say thank you or stopping by once you can actually visit with them to say Thank You!  This is very important and is a personal reflection on you as a student and individual.  Make sure you take care of this.  Usually we recognize recipients and donors at the Academic Banquet which is a great place for you to say your Thank You, but given the circumstances there will be no Academic Banquet this year.  We will recognize all recipients of local scholarships in the Ledger, our Webpage, Facebook page and then at Graduation.  

**If you are a recipient of a local scholarship and receive an email giving you the information please make sure you save the email so that when it comes time to enroll and pay for school you can contact the donor!  Most of our scholarships come from private donors and you, the recipient have to communicate with them on where and when to send the money.  

April 9, 2020

Seniors, I think all of you headed to Bethany are already enrolled and taken care of.  If any of you change your plans and Bethany is a choice please read the following update from the college.


LINDSBORG, KS: April 8, 2020: Bethany College has announced that they will eliminate the requirement for an ACT and/or SAT score for first-time freshman applying for the fall 2020 academic year.  Referred to as the test-optional approach, this aligns with the mission of the admissions department, who has always taken a holistic approach in review of the applications. Extending this approach to students without an ACT or SAT test score is timelier than ever in light of the ACT & SAT test cancellations, and additional complications created by the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. The Bethany College Board of Directors, cabinet members and faculty hope the test-optional approach will remove a barrier that might otherwise prevent a student from pursuing a degree in higher education.    “It was important for us, as a college community, to adapt to the situation to reassure students that gaining access to a life-changing college experience that Bethany offers is still possible. Removing the barrier of the ACT/SAT score will help alleviate some of the uncertainties and anxieties that high school seniors are facing,” stated Matthew Pfannenstiel, Vice President of Enrollment Management.  Acceptance through the test-optional pathway may include an interview with an admissions representative, as well as a writing sample. Students can submit their application through

For convenience, please visit our website for additional information and virtual options. Bethany leadership will continue to work on additional ways to remove barriers in its efforts to support prospective and current students as we move forward from COVID-19.

Bethany College, established by Swedish Lutheran immigrants in 1881, is a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The mission of Bethany College is to educate, develop, and challenge individuals to reach for truth and excellence as they lead lives of faith, learning, and service. Bethany connects its past, present, and future with distinctive initiatives like the Good Life Scholarship, presenting all local high school graduates with a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to the college. Bethany College is on the Web at and is located in Lindsborg, Kansas, the fine arts and crafts capital of the state.

April 2, 2020

Seniors, great job of funneling in scholarship apps over the last 24 hours.  Not only are there apps coming in but the quality is excellent.  I’ve always told you that you are a strong class and these apps prove it. You have many achievements and recognitions to be proud of.  Keep sending in apps as you finish and I will check to make sure everything is in order before I upload them into the donor’s file.

One reminder, make sure you send your scholarship apps in pdf format so that when I upload and send to the donor it will transfer and upload correctly.  If you need help with this your best bet is to contact Mrs. Jordan via email and ask her for help.  

April 1, 2020 need to keep working on the local scholarships. We are just 2 days away from the deadline and I have no apps for the following scholarships....

Inman FFA Chapter

Inman FFA Alumni


Inman Dental

Inman Motocross

PleasantView Nursing Home

If you meet the criteria you need to turn an app in. This is money the donors want to give away and have no applications for yet.

Keep working on them and don't wait til the last minute to turn things in just in case you have a mistake. Buy yourself some time by getting the apps in early and letting me check for accuracy before the donors get them just in case you need to change something.

March 31, 2020


   Good morning, I hope you are doing well.  

We need your help to finish out the senior slide show.  Ashtyn needs you to email her your quote for the slide show and who you would like to list as your hero asap.  Remember, Mr. Weinbrenner has to approve all of the quotes and everything on the slideshow so help Ashtyn out by not sending her something that you know will get pulled.  Email her as soon as you can please!!   We normally approve the slideshow by mid April and then start burning CD's for each senior to have as a keepsake.  Our goal would be to have the slideshow rolling out by the last day of school for you seniors.

March 30, 2020

Seniors  who are in HCTEA classes please read the following.....

Area Partnering Schools,

I would like to provide a quick update and communication of HCTEA’s plan to move forward as we continue with a Continuous Learning model due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week was our spring break so instructors are busy developing lessons, and preparing for instruction under a Continuous Learning model.

Lessons will begin the Week of April 6th and last 5 weeks. Instruction will primarily be delivered on-line and directly from each teacher. We are not planning on face-to-face instruction at this time. If students do not have internet connectivity or a device at home please have them contact their instructor to explore options.

As students continue to have questions, please encourage them to reach out to their teachers. Feel free to pass on my contact information as well.

Thank you,

Travis Riebel


Hutchinson Career & Technical Education Academy

800 15th Circle

Hutchinson, KS 67501

o: (620) 615-4123 c: (620) 433-0922

Seniors, as you start the week and are communicating with teachers I wanted to send a couple of reminders.  

Local Scholarship aps are due Friday by the end of the day, midnight.  Follow the format the donors are asking for by submitting the questions, answers and your updated resume as one single pdf file to me.  It helps to put your name on the file you turn in.... ex.... "John Smith- Prairie Bank Scholarship App".  The donors do not want to have to search for an applicants resume separately so make sure it is all one complete app.

Keep checking your emails as HCC is back in session this week off of spring break so if you have not received any communication yet it will be coming shortly.  This holds true for HCTEA also as they are back on duty this week and your instructors are expected to communicate with you.

Keep busy and supporting each other as I know you seniors do as you go through the next few weeks.  If you need anything please message me or let me know.

If you have received any type of scholarship(s) from the school you are attending next Fall, a business, church, etc... you need to start collecting those and emailing me so I can put a list together for graduation recognition.  I would think the local scholarships would be mailed out by middle of April and then you can add those as they are announced.  Don't forget to ask parents if there are any scholarships available where they work, your insurance companies, your churches, etc...

March 27, 2020

Local scholarship apps are not due today but have been moved to next Friday, April 3 just by the end of the day. A reminder the information you need is found on the USD 448 Website under "Counselors Corner", "Available Scholarships" and "Local Scholarships 2020 Live."

On your scholarship apps, you want to look over the list and make sure if the Scholarship is one of the first nine listed, Prairie Bank through the FFA Chapter, that you use the common app form which is the 4 questions that you restate and answer in paragraph form and then attach your resume as the final page.  Each application you turn in should be complete with Questions, Answers & resume.  Make sure your application is saved and sent in pdf form to me.  

If you are applying for any scholarship on the list from the Ellis Family scholarship through the Inman Motocross Scholarship, each of those have their own applications on the scholarship page on the website.   Once you complete the specific application, save it and add your resume and then that app may be sent in too.  

I would not wait til the last minute to send these to me in case I see something that you would need to change.  Giving me some time to look over it as you send it in can benefit you in the long run as I might be able to catch any mistakes before we send it to the donors.

March 26, 2020

Morning seniors, hope you are adjusting to the changes.  I know your teachers will be getting hold of you this week yet with plans to finish so keep checking your communications.  

Those of you headed to HCC next year and were set to enroll this spring, I had a message this morning from Lynette Hilty to share with you….

“I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you regarding Enrollment Days at HutchCC. At this time, we have canceled all April enrollment dates. Students who signed up for an April date will receive information via email and a letter that will be mailed to them explaining the situation. For your information, the attached letter is what will be mailed to the students. As you will see in the letter, if students have already signed up for an April enrollment date, an advisor from the college will be reaching out to them to get them signed up for classes. If students have not signed up for an enrollment day yet, they can still go to the link at We have removed the date options from that page, but students can mark that they are interested in enrolling at HutchCC and, again, an advisor will reach out to that student.”

On Google Classroom I am sending you the letter from HCC explaining what will happen.  Again, I can’t stress enough how you need to keep checking your emails.

March 24, 2020

Those of you who were planning to test with ACT in April please read the following message from ACT.....

The safety of students and test center staff is ACT’s top priority. ACT has rescheduled its April 4 national test date to June 13 across the U.S. in response to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). All students registered for the April 4 test date will receive an email from ACT in the next few days informing them of the postponement and instructions for free rescheduling to June 13 or a future national test date.

March 23, 2020

Seniors, I’ve had several of you start to turn in scholarship apps for the locals.  I need to make a clarification on what you need to send me with the changes we’ve had to go to.  I need you to send me your complete application for each scholarship you apply for.  This means to send in pdf form, the questions you’ve answered or form you have filled out with your personal updated resume.  Do not send the application and resume in separate pdfs.  The donors want one document per applicant to look at. If you have questions please contact me.  A reminder the deadline has been moved to Friday, April 3rd end of the day.

Keep checking your email, Dragonzone Accounts and your Personal Learning Zone for more information about college classes and HCTEA classes.

Any of you who were taking the ACT in April, a reminder it has been postponed until June.  Contact me if you have questions or concerns about this.

Seniors if any of you are struggling and want to talk please feel free to message me or call me at 620-960-1211.  I know this is uncharted territory and remember there is no question you should be afraid to ask.  We will work through this together and I'm sure every day will bring new changes and challenges.  

March 20, 2020

I hope you are all hanging in there!  I've told several of you who have messaged me that there are a lot of prayers being said for all of you and what the future holds. There are a lot of questions that will be answered in the days ahead and I'm sure you have quite a few.  I know our administration is in constant contact with the state and is trying to update all of us as they can.  We meet next Monday to start implementing what the last nine weeks will look like so please keep checking this site and your email.

I wanted to touch base with you on a couple of items.  Local scholarship applications were set to be turned in by Friday, March 27 in paper form.  After visiting with Mr. Weinbrenner we would like to extend the date to Friday, April 3 and ask that you send the scholarship applications to me via email.  If you would send the app in pdf form I can get it to the donors.  

A reminder if you go to "Counselors Corner", click on "Available Scholarships" you will get the entire list of scholarships for the whole year.  The "Local Scholarships 2020 Live" has all of the information on it you need to fill out an application for the local scholarships.  Read and follow the guidelines and message me if you need help.  The first nine scholarships listed(**) all have the same application.  For this set of apps you turn in the scholarship questions with the name of the scholarship at the top of the page and then attach your resume.  If you don't use the name of the scholarship in the body of the answers all you need to do is change the title of the scholarship at the top of the page and you have any of the nine completed.  

If you fill out any of the rest of the scholarship apps they all can be found on the list of "Available Scholarships" under the specific name.  Just follow the instructions carefully and if you have a question please ask.

In regard to college classes and HCTEA classes--Mr. Weinbrenner will send out a message later today detailing what the plans are.  I have been in contact with HCC several times this week and can tell you they are committed to helping you finish the classes you are in.  The best advice I can give you right now is to keep watching your personal email and then check your Dragonzone email for updates and maybe even "Learning Zone".  Your professors will be contacting you with details.  

I can't stress enough to you to keep plugging away and finish strong even in these different circumstances.  If you are planning on going on to school next year stay in touch with your recruiters, advisors, representatives, etc... for details.  They will keep you updated on what you need to do for enrollment, etc...

I will keep updating as I learn more too.

March 11, 2020

Seniors, I have had several questions about the Coach Mike Hicks Student/Athlete award that is given out each year to one senior boy and one senior girl at the Academic Banquet.  Mr. Goering has given me the following criteria to post on eligibility and how it is selected.  If you have any other questions you might stop by and ask him.  The criteria used in the selection process is below.  This award is voted on by head coaches and classroom teachers.

March 9, 2020

Viega, a manufacturing and engineering company in McPherson, KS is once again scheduling 20 minute on campus presentations to High School students interested in a paid Apprenticeship and paid HCC Engineering Scholarship (tuition and books).  “Earn while you Learn!”  These Apprenticeships focus on one of three technical skill areas, Robotics Maintenance, Machining or Plastics.  

Seniors, are any more of you interested?  Classmate Wyatt Pitzer has already started an internship with Viega and would be a great resource also to talk to.

AFA Scholarship App is due this Wednesday, March 11.  Anyone needing help see me or Mr. Knapp asap.

**I will schedule a Local Scholarship meeting this week as quickly as I can to go through the details with you.  

March 11                McPherson County AFA Scholarship app due

March 13                Hutch News Future Journalist Scholarship app due

March 15                KACRAO Scholarship app due

                        Kansas Masonic Foundation Scholarships due

                        Kansas Crimestoppers Scholarship app due

March 27                Kansas Golf Foundation Scholarship app due

                        Local Scholarship Apps are due

April 1                        Lang Diesel Scholarship app due

                        Kansas Seed Industry Scholarship app due

                        Kansas State Fair Grand Scholarship app due

April 15                NAIFA Scholarship app due

April 18                Kansas State Spring Open House

**A new scholarship has been posted at  If you are interested in applying fill out the application.

Feb. 24, 2020

Any senior going to HCC next Fall make sure you read the following and check your emails… both school and personal.  Seniors you will be let out of school for this but your parents have to call and excuse you.  April 3 our calendar is clear so far but on the 17th we have softball with Trinity.  Choose the date that fits your schedule best.  You don’t want to miss this enrollment opportunity or you may not get in the classes and times you want.  You will meet with an advisor on these enrollment days and take any placement test that you need to during this time.  It is best for you to go over on your own instead of in a group as times vary depending on your advisor, testing, etc…  Some students are done in 20-25 minutes while others are there for a couple of hours.

Last week, Lynette Hilty, HCC recruiter sent out an email to all of the Inman HS graduating Seniors who are either already applicants or are in HCC’s Prospective Student database regarding enrollment at HutchCC for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is a great opportunity for those 2020 grads to come over early and secure their class schedule for next school year. Below are the dates that are available exclusively to our area 2020 graduates.  We are asking for any of them planning to attend one of the dates and times to please register at the attached link so we can know they are coming.  

The dates and times available to enroll are:

Friday, April 3, 2020 - Check in will be at 1:00 pm

Friday, April 17, 2020 - Check in will be at 8:30 am and 11:30 am

Students will register for one of the dates above by clicking on this link, Local Enrollment Day. Once I have received their registration I will send out a follow-up email giving them more detailed information of the Enrollment Day schedule.

If you have any questions please make sure to give me a call at 620-665-3492 or email me at


Lynnette Hilty

HutchCC Admissions Counselor

Feb.13, 2020

New Scholarship…..

Long time Inman businessman Delmer Regehr stopped by yesterday to visit and bring me a scholarship app that is tied to his Insurance Agency and one of the advisors groups he belongs to.  The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors of the Heartland will give away one $1000 scholarship to a student in McPherson County.  The complete details and app can be found on the Inman Scholarship Website.  Applications need to be mailed in. Deadline is set for April 15.  The only criteria students need to meet is planning to attend a 2 or 4 years college or technical school.  This would be open to all of you who are going on.

Feb. 11, 2020

Kansas State Fair Grand Drive scholarship application process now open!!

Applications are due by April 1. Applications can be filled out online at

We are looking forward to another set of great shows at the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive. A new addition that started in 2019 to this great program and superb livestock shows were the ten (10) - one Thousand Dollar ($1000) scholarships! Any past or present exhibitor of the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive that is enrolled in secondary education that will have graduated high school in 2020 or before.

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship winners:

·Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids

·Taylor Dieball, Little River

·Kaci Foraker, Burrton

·Jenna Goertzmann, Gardner

·Chad Hibdon, Princeton

·Cale Hinrichsen, Westmoreland

·Eva Hinrichsen, Westmoreland

·JaelAnn Hoover, Abilene

·Taylor Nikkel, Maple Hill

·Rylee Schrock, Brookville

Feb. 10, 2020

The Kansas Seed Industry is offering a $1000 scholarship again this year to graduating seniors planning to go on in one of the following pathways:  Agronomy, Ag Education, Ag Econ, Ag Business, Ag Communications, Food Science, Grain Milling, Ag Technology, Ag Farm Management, Horticulture.  The Deadline is set for April 1 and the application is on the USD 448 Scholarship website.  This application requires two references, your high school transcript, ACT information, etc…  Applications may be mailed to:


Kansas Seed Industry Assn.

        Roberta Donohue, Exec. Sec./Treas.

        331 N. Vine St.

        Greeley, Ks.  66033

Applications may also be found at

Applications may also be faxed to 785-867-2220

2020 Hutchinson News Future Journalist Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in The Hutchinson News Future Journalist Scholarship, which has been established to help incoming college students in their quest to become professional journalists.

The $1,000 scholarship is open to high school seniors who attend school in The Hutchinson News coverage area.

·          Candidates must be enrolled, or plan to enroll, in a journalism, photojournalism or communications program at an accredited college or university, with preference given to journalism students.

·          Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

Candidates must include these required materials for consideration:

·          A completed application form (below) (on our USD 448 scholarship website)

·          A separate one-page essay written by the applicant explaining why the applicant wants to pursue a career in journalism, photojournalism or communications.

·          Three letters of reference – one must be from a current faculty member at the applicant’s high school.

·          High school transcript

·          Journalism and communications applicants should also send two writing samples for review; writing from a journalism class, creative writing class or an English composition class are acceptable submissions.

·          Photojournalism applicants, in addition to their personal essay, must submit five photos, along with a detailed essay about at least one of the photos.

Preference will be given to students who have participated in The News’ mentorship program; extra preference will go to students who have interned at The News. However, an internship or participation in the mentoring program is not required to be considered for the scholarship.

The application deadline for the 2019-2020 school year is March 13, 2020. Please complete the application below, and return it along with supporting materials to Hutchinson Community Foundation at the address listed.

Mail this application form and the required materials listed in the guidelines to:

The Hutchinson News Future Journalist Scholarship

c/o The Hutchinson Community Foundation

PO Box 298

Hutchinson, KS 67504-0298




Hand deliver application packets to:


Hutchinson Community Foundation

1 N. Main

First National Center

Suite 501

(take a left off of the elevator)


Seniors, Feb. 15th is a critical deadline.  Are you finished turning in what you need to?  Don’t wait til the last minute to apply!!

Feb. 14                Kansas Watershed District Scholarship app due

Feb. 15                HCC Scholarship app due

        KSU Department Scholarship app due

                        Raleigh Scholarship due

                        McPherson County Foundation Scholarship Apps due

                        McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Day

                        Wichita Manufacturer’s Scholarship App due

                        KADP Scholarship App due

Seniors, I have added the following scholarship to the USD 448 Scholarship Website.  Late notice and due by next Saturday already.

The Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities promotes bringing the buildings and grounds profession to a greater height of knowledge and professionalism and has established a scholarship fund and will award ten $2,000 academic scholarships and four $2,000 technical scholarships to qualifying students. These scholarships are available only to graduating seniors of non-instructional support staff who wish to continue their education at the college level. The students must be residents of Kansas and graduate from a Kansas High School and plan to attend a Kansas College or technical school. Only children whose parent or legal guardian is actively employed in a K-12 or secondary education institution and engaged in a buildings and grounds, food service or transportation position shall be eligible for these scholarships and it is the responsibility of the school to submit their best applications for competition. 

It is again time for KADPF Scholarship applications.  Applications are located on our website. At the KADPF homepage, click on the KADPF Scholarship Program tab at the top.  Applications are due to me by February 15, 2020.


The most often asked question is, “ are secretary and paras children or guardians eligible for this scholarship?” Unfortunately the answer is no. It was designed to be a scholarship awarded to children and guardians of plant facility operators, secretaries and Paras usually fall under building administration.



Jeff Arnhold

Scholarship Director

Kansas Directors of Plant Facilities


Feb. 7, 2020

Deadlines coming up:

Feb. 14                Kansas Watershed District Scholarship app due

Feb. 15                HCC Scholarship app due

        KSU Department Scholarship app due

                        Raleigh Scholarship due

                        McPherson County Foundation Scholarship Apps due

                        McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Day

                        Wichita Manufacturer’s Scholarship App due

                        KADP Scholarship App due

Feb. 20                KSU Coffee Night in McPherson at Craft Coffee Parlor

March 1                Evergy Scholarship app due

                        Mid Kansas Coop Scholarship app due

March 2                Local Scholarships are posted

March 6                Kansas Grain & Feed Association Scholarship app due

                        White Math/Science Memorial Scholarship app due

March 11                McPherson County AFA Scholarship app due

March 13                Hutch News Future Journalist Scholarship app due

March 15                KACRAO Scholarship app due

                        Kansas Masonic Foundation Scholarships due

                        Kansas Crimestoppers Scholarship app due

March 27                Kansas Golf Foundation Scholarship app due

                        Local Scholarship Apps are due

April 1                        Lang Diesel Scholarship app due

                        Kansas Seed Industry Scholarship app due

April 18                Kansas State Spring Open House

Feb. 6, 2020

The White Math/Science Scholarship Foundation is seeking applications from students in McPherson County for the 2020 Scholarship awards.  Scholarships range from $250-$500 per year and are awarded for one year.  Scholarships may be renewed annually.  Scholarships are awarded regardless of financial need.

To be eligible:

  1. Must be a college math or science major or a high school student planning to major in math or science.
  2. Must be pursuing a career in a math or science field.
  3. Must have been a McPherson County resident upon graduation from High school or use the scholarship to attend a McPherson County College.

Deadline is set for March 6 with interviews set for April 18, 2020.

The application can be found on the USD 448 Scholarship Website.

Jan. 29, 2020

Wichita Manufacturer’s Association is offering a $1000 scholarship for a South Central Kansas Senior who is wanting to pursue a career with one of the manufacturing companies in the area.  Deadline is set for February 15th and the scholarship app can be found on the USD 448 Scholarship Website under Counselors notes.

Jan. 27, 2020

*Kansas Crimestoppers Association is offering a scholarship to a graduating senior.  Application Deadline is set for March 16, 2020.  Please email the application, transcript, Letter of recommendation, photograph and personal essay to Jacqulyn Ashcraft at 

I have added the “live” application to the USD 448 Scholarship website.

*A link to potential Scholarships for dependents of Military personnel…..

*Kansas Grain and Feed Association is offering scholarships to deserving Kansas high school students who are interested in studying an agricultural-related field in college.  I have added the application link to the scholarship website.


The deadline for applications is quickly approaching – March 6, 2020.


Kansas Grain and Feed Association scholarship information:

Kansas Grain and Feed Association scholarship application:

Seniors, a reminder KSU admissions rep Hannah Reynolds is here tomorrow weather permitting during Home Room.  There are 8 of you seniors that need to make time to meet with her and finish your plans for housing, enrollment, department scholarships, etc... 

Students filling out the HCC Scholarship app.  We need to set a goal to have this looked over and submitted by this Friday, Jan. 31.  This gives your references, 2 weeks to get letters submitted, resumes turned in, etc…  See me if you are filling out an app for HCC.  I think 7th hour English students, Mrs. Ryan will let you meet with me starting today.  

Jan. 22, 2020

Deadlines coming up:

Feb. 14                Kansas Watershed District Scholarship app due

Feb. 15                HCC Scholarship app due

        KSU Department Scholarship app due

                        Raleigh Scholarship due

                        McPherson County Foundation Scholarship Apps due

                        McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Day

                        Wichita Manufacturer’s Scholarship App due

Feb. 20                KSU Coffee Night in McPherson at Craft Coffee Parlor

March 1                Evergy Scholarship app due

                        Mid Kansas Coop Scholarship app due

March 2                Local Scholarships are posted

March 6                Kansas Grain & Feed Association Scholarship app due

                        White Math/Science Memorial Scholarship app due

March 11                McPherson County AFA Scholarship app due

March 15                KACRAO Scholarship app due

                        Kansas Masonic Foundation Scholarships due

                        Kansas Crimestoppers Scholarship app due

March 27                Kansas Golf Foundation Scholarship app due

                        Local Scholarship Apps are due

April 1                        Lang Diesel Scholarship app due

April 4                        McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Day

This Saturday the Inman Lions Club is hosting a Benefit Pancake Feed for Bill Maurer.  I know a number of you are working this benefit but it would be pretty impressive if a lot of you showed up to eat and support this fundraiser!!

Seniors headed to KSU….

A reminder that Hannah Reynolds will be here next Tuesday, Jan. 28th during home room to visit with those of you heading to KSU next fall.  Don’t miss this meeting as she will cover a lot of the information about Housing deadlines, Orientation, setting your schedule, etc…  She sent me this newsletter that reminds you of the Feb. 15 scholarship deadline for department scholarships, etc…

Jan. 17, 2020

Seniors, the following list of available scholarships also comes from one of my counseling websites.  LIke other search engines, many (not all) of these scholarships are wanting you to sign up, get emails, etc…  You might find a couple in here of value though and if you need help applying just let me know.  


1) Elks National Foundation Legacy Awards - $4,000 - 300 Awards

(Deadline: January 31, 2020) 

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be a high school senior.

B) Be children or grandchildren of Elks members.

Applications can be found by going to: 

2) Courageous Persuaders Scholarship - $3,000 - 16 Awards (Deadline: January 31,


To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be in high school student in grades 9 through 12.

B) Create a 30 second video on the dangers of underage drinking and texting

while driving.

Applications can be found by going to:

3) De Novo Scholarship - $1,000 -1 Award (Deadline: January 31, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be at least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in

the US.

 B) Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Applications can be found by going to:

4) ExploraVision Student Awards - $10,000 – 40 Awards (Deadline: February 10, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) All entrants must be United States citizens or legal residents, living within

the United States, U.S. Territories and enrolled full-time in a public,

private or home school

B) Students must be no older than 21 years of age.

 Applications can be found by going to: 

5) Women's Cyber Security Scholarships - $6,000 - 10 Awards (Deadline: February 17,


To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be pursuing, or plan to pursue, a degree with a focus on cybersecurity or

information assurance.

B) Be a senior in high school with a GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

 Applications can be found by going to: 

6) Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarships - $10,000 – 3 Awards (Deadline: February

20, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be a senior in high school in the United States.

B) Have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities

Applications can be found by going to:

7) Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship - $50,000 - 7 Awards (Deadline: February 20,


To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be graduating high school seniors who plans to enroll as a full time first year

students in pursuit of a four year bachelor's degree at an accredited

college/university in the United States

B) Have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and rank in the

top 20% of their class.

Applications can be found by going to:

8) American Chemical Society Scholars Program - $5,000 - 350 Awards (Deadline:

March 1, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be a graduating high school senior or college freshman, sophomore or junior. B) Be African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian.

Applications can be found by going to:

9) YDI Scholarship - $1,000 - 1 Award (Deadline: March 29, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

 A) Be a resident of any of the 50 United States, District of Columbia or US


 B) Be 16 years of age or older and be enrolled in college or registered in a high


Applications can be found by going to: 

10) Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship - $500 - 1 Award (Deadline: March 30, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be between the ages of 16 and 25 on March 30th, 2020.

B) Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater.

C) Be a citizen of the United States or Canada

Applications can be found by going to:

11) SP Scholarship - $10,000 - 10 Awards (Deadline: March 31, 2020)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) Be a high school student planning to attend college in September 2020.

B) Answer the Essay question on the sponsors website.

         Applications can be found by going to:

Jan. 16, 2020

 McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Competition

The Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious award given to students at McPherson College. Students who qualify are eligible for scholarship packages of $12,000-$21,000. Follow the link to learn more about this scholarship day. The next Presidential Scholars Competition is February 15. Students should apply soon.

To find out more information, click on the link at

Plan a Visit to MC.

The best way for your students to learn which college is right for them is to visit campus. McPherson College has several dates set aside this spring for high school visit days. Registration for each day is on the website:


   If any of you have are children of veterans, the Navy or Marines please check out this scholarship information.

The scholarship application for the 2020-21 academic year opened on January 1, 2020, and will close on March 3, 2020. For more information on eligibility or to apply, visit

Below, I have posted a handful of new scholarships from one of my Counselor sites & Unigo.  The list of scholarships are similar to those you are finding on and other search engines.  Some of these are contests, some are essays, some you have to sign up to a search engine to qualify, etc…  I typically don’t post many of these but you are sure welcome to look over them and see if there is any scholarship of interest.

  1. Scholarship Owl “You Deserve it Scholarship”.  $1000  Application due by Jan. 29th, 2020.
  2. CollegeXpress Scholarship.  $10,000 Application due by Jan. 31, 2020.

  1. Scholarship Points.  $10,000.  Sign up by Feb. 2, 2020
  2. I Have a Dream Scholarship”.  $1500  Application due by Jan. 30, 2020.


Jan. 15, 2020

The 2020 KACRAO Scholarship information is now available for applicants at


Four $500 awards are available, which may be used at KACRAO member institutions (one per school type: four-year public, four-year private, community college, and technical college). The awards are not need-based and may be used in conjunction with other awards.


To be eligible for consideration for these scholarships, students must:

•                 Be in their senior year at a Kansas high school;

•                 Have a cumulative seventh semester GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;

•                 Submit an application, which includes uploading a one-page essay, letter of

 reference, and resume.


The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 15, 2020. Successful award recipients will be notified in May and posted on the KACRAO website.

I have posted this information and link on the Scholarship website.

Jan. 13, 2020

Seniors as you are still looking at what you will do post high school be it college, vocational, military or straight to work you might find the following information about picking a major, finding a career, etc.. from ACT helpful.  So many of our alumni speakers come back and talk about switching pathways once they get out of school that it might be worth your while to dig a little deeper into what you are saying you want to do.  

Looking for some extra cash…..

PleasantView Nursing Home is seeking applicants for openings in Housekeeping.... Hours 6 am-10 am, Sat, Sun, starting wage $9.17 and openings in Laundry... Hours 7 am to 12 and for Sunday (hours not set yet), starting wage is $9.17.

To apply go to PleasantView's website and fill out an application or come in and fill out a paper application. 

Any senior looking at Diesel Mechanics, Lang Diesel Inc. is offering scholarships for Tuition & Tool Allowance for qualified applicants.  The scholarship application can be found at and is quite an opportunity for any student wanting to pursue this pathway.   More information is listed in the fliers below….

Jan. 10, 2020



 The Kansas Board of Regents is asking for our list of Kansas Scholar Curriculum Completers.  This would be the curriculum showing 4 years of English, 3 years of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), 4 years of Math (all classes including and above Alg. I, 8th grade Algebra counts), 3 years of Social Studies and then 2 years of Spanish.  I am turning in the following twelve seniors names and personal information as completers: 

Kolby Blank, Tia Cole, Emma Froese, Rachel Harman, Jacob Koop, Camri Markley, Nicholas Martisko, Lauren Maurer, Aisjha Miles, Mikayla Peteete, Hope Schriner, Ashtyn Schroeder and Malley Wood.

If I have mistakenly left anyone off the list please let me know and I will add your name and information.  This list of 12 seniors are now eligible to be named State of Kansas Scholars and are eligible for a $1000 scholarship, renewable for 4 years of college.  I will share a form with you later this spring you need to fill out if you are named a “State of Kansas Scholar”.

The AFA, Agriculture Future of America is again offering a local scholarship in McPherson County in the amount $4,450.  All seniors who are going into the agricultural field of study are encouraged to apply.  In our county, the McPherson Chamber of Commerce again plays a huge role in raising funding for this scholarship.  

The AFA Leader and Academic Scholarship is $4,450.  This consists of a $3200 academic Scholarship and the additional $1250 will sponsor the McPherson County recipient to attend the AFA Leaders Conference on November 12-15, 2020.  

Eligibility requirements for the McPherson Chamber of Commerce AFA Scholarship include:  seniors that reside in McPherson County or attend a high school in McPherson County and plan to enroll in an accredited college of agriculture.  

The scholarship application is available online at and is due by March 11, 2020.  See Mr. Knapp or Mr. Pfannenstiel if you need help.

Jan. 2, 2020

Time to start the last semester…….

     Please make sure your schedules are set correctly this week or as soon as you can get them the way you want.   Students have until Friday, Jan. 10th to finalize the 2nd semester schedule.  Several of you that are on Work Release or Job Shadows need to make sure you get with Mrs. Jordan and work out all the details.  A reminder if you lose your job or change jobs, you need to notify Mrs. Jordan so she can change the paperwork reflecting this correctly for the State.  

     Transcripts will be updated as soon as all grades are into the office.  High School grades are complete but we always have to wait on HCC and HCTEA grades so be patient.  Hopefully in the next week we will have everything updated.  Once your 7 semester transcript is finalized it is time to complete the HCC Scholarship Application if HCC is an option.  The deadline is Feb. 15th but once you have your transcript updated and your resume updated there is no need to wait.  If you took classes through HCC the first semester and made the Honor Roll make sure this is reflected in your resume as well as any other updates, volunteer work, honors, etc…

      If you let me know what school(s) you are looking at attending after HS, I will send them the official 7 semester transcript.  Most schools still offer department scholarships in January, February & March so it is well worth your while to keep applying and looking for more financial help.  It is already time to check into housing for next year if you are attending college and not living at home or on your own.  Check your school’s website for details.  

     “Evergy” has posted several available scholarships for this spring.  Check out the details listed below.  Deadline is March 1, 2020.  This includes scholarships for Lineman, Wind Energy, Power Plant Operators, etc…. The Power Plant Operators have a Job Shadow Day that needs to be set up during the month of March.  The 2020 Evergy/Haines-Weber Community Scholarship is included also.

Dec. 16, 2019



     Last week of the first semester,  do your best on your finals!!!  Just one semester left after this.  I have to brag on you guys as I think overall you have done a great job getting your post high school plans lined out.  I know a few of you are still struggling with what to do but at least you have set yourselves up with multiple options by your planning and scheduling.  

     Those of you heading to HCC post high school a couple of reminders.  The Scholarship deadline is set for February 15, 2020.  Once we have your final 7 semester transcript and your college grades are in (you know your college GPA) you are ready to fill out the application.  Don’t be late on this deadline!!  The scholarship application is found on your Dragonzone account under the Finance tab.  If you need help let me know.  ***One of the biggest factors in determining your scholarship amount is how “strong” your Personal Statement is.  This statement needs to be one of your “best” works this year that you have written.  Please let someone read your essay once it is written and check for mistakes, etc…  I can’t place enough emphasis on how important this essay is for you in getting scholarship money.  If you go to the USD 448 website and click on “Counselors Corner “you will find a link to sample “Personal Statements” that will give you a guideline to follow.  These are old essays used by Alumni and then shared with us for your benefit.  The essay you submit needs to be written in “your own words” and with “your own flair” but reading through these samples can help give you ideas.  See me if you need help.

       If you attended an HCC Banquet in early November and took the scholarship offer and mailed it back in you will receive at least the amount they offered once you turn in the Scholarship App by Feb. 15th.  Most of the time students are offered a lot more.

     The Kansas Golf Foundation is once again sponsoring the Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship & KWGA Memorial Scholarship.  Five Kansas Junior Golf Scholarships, $1500 per year for four years will be offered.  Recipients must attend a Kansas College or university, including community colleges.  Applicants must have participated in junior golf activities, including High School Golf.  The KWGA Memorial Scholarship is a one time $1500 award given to one or more Kansas HS Seniors.    Details for both programs are at  For more information go to the website or check out the contact on the poster shown below.


  **If any of your parents or grandparents worked for or currently works for MKC please check out the following information regarding the MKC Scholarship for 2020.  The application can be found at and is due by March 1, 2020.  I have attached the letter and details that a student would need to follow in applying.  March 1, 2020  is a Sunday and is a couple of weeks away from our Spring Break so you should have ample time to get an application in if you qualify.  

     The Upper Little Arkansas River Watershed  is again offering scholarships through the State Association of Kansas Watershed (SAKW) Scholarship.  The Applicants are required to live with the Upper Little Arkansas River Watershed Joint District No. 95, Little River and be interested in water resources, agriculture or conservation when entering college.  There are more details listed below and on the USD 448 Scholarship page.  The deadline is set for February 14, 2020.  If you are interested but unsure if you live in this district, the first question you need to ask if of your folks if they know.  It might be easiest to contact the office at 620-897-5595 to ask.  They are open M-W-F mornings from 7:30 am til noon.  

The Application will be on our Scholarship website.

Dec. 9, 2019


If you are taking the ACT this Saturday, a reminder to have your ticket, picture ID, pencils, calculator, etc... and be on time. This ACT score still passes for KSU scholarship work and most all other colleges you are looking at. There is really no need to take the ACT after this semester unless you are being asked to by a college or a program.

Great Job on the Food Drive!! This Friday, Dec. 13, you guys will be able to eat the Pizza Buffet at Mainstreet for free. You have extended lunch this Friday anyway. Mrs. Bloom, Mrs. Jerrick and Mr. Cearley will be the sponsors eating with you. Enjoy!

If you have not taken care of your first semester financial obligations with HCC make sure you do so before the start of the 2nd semester as this will keep you from taking classes or even enrolling in them. Call the Business office if you have any questions at 620-665-3500 for information.

Finals Schedules have been posted around the building and on the website. Make sure you finish strong. HCC finals are usually different so listen to your profs and then communicate for the online schedule. I know some of you are testing already today and tomorrow. Let us know if you need help.

Dec. 5, 2019

Seniors, as we get closer to the end of your semester a couple of reminders. On Wednesday, Dec. 18 we will have some senior 2019 alumni back for a question and answer session in the auditorium during Home Room. I think this is always a good chance for you guys as seniors to get a better feel about next year and what it brings. A lot of times our seniors tell me having the alumni back has a lot more meaning as a senior than it did as an underclassman and understandably so.

Many of you have already checked your schedules for the 2nd semester and if you have not got it set right let me know. Check your Dragonzone if you have not done so for accuracy in the spring semester.  If you have any outstanding bills with HCC and want to take college classes make sure you have taken care of your financial obligations.

Finish strong in your classes for the first semester and keep the GPA as high as you can. As we start local scholarship work and HCC scholarship work in mid January any gains you make will help you.  Start working on updating your resume that you will use 2nd semester for scholarship work as soon as you have final grades, a 7 semester GPA, your highest ACT score and then what you have done with the HCC classes the first semester.  A lot of our students make the HCC President’s Honor Roll and that is really a nice honor to post on a resume or scholarship app.  

Nov. 25, 2019

Seniors, wishing you all a great Thanksgiving break.  A reminder that when you come back you have just a 2 ½ week stretch and then you are at finals for the 1st semester.  Finish the HCC classes strong.  Most of the HCC finals are set earlier in the last week of school so there won’t be conflicts with the HS Finals Testing Schedule.  HS Finals are set for Thursday, Dec. 19 and Friday, Dec. 20.

A reminder your 7 semester transcript will be ready in early January and this will be the one you use for scholarship work, etc..  Keep working to have your GPA and grades as high as you can by the break!!  A reminder also that the two college grades that go on the transcript are Comp I and Public Speaking.  

If you have not set your schedule for the spring make sure you do so in the week you get back off of break.  Stay up on your plans for next year and meet any deadlines you need to.  If you accepted a scholarship offer from HCC make sure you have made a copy of the offer, signed the page and sent it back in to reserve the money.  See me if you need help.

I came across a copy of a “comparison chart” that SMU, Southern Methodist University in Dallas put out for helping students looking at going on to college to have a better understanding of the differences between “most” high schools and what college is like.  The title of the work they have done is “How is college different than High School”.  I thought you would find this interesting.  Please check out the following pages….

Nov. 19, 2019

Seniors, if you are taking a college class 2nd semester, check your Dragonzone account to see if you are enrolled in the correct class.  Most of you have checked to make sure of the classes you need but if your plans have changed, please check your requirements for the major or pathway you are now looking at.  Don’t take a lot of classes if you aren’t sure they will benefit you and the only way to know if they will benefit you is to research the requirements for the degree you are looking at.  

If you have an open hour this spring and want to look at the “free tuition” CTE courses offered through HCC check out the following link-- make sure you change the semester drop down screen to Spring of 2020 to see what is available…..See me if you need help or have questions.

Pratt CC is here today at 2:00 pm recruiting.  The main programs Eric Larson will address is the “Outfiting program”, “Lineman School” and the “Ag Tech” programs.  This is an unusual time for recruiters to come out so if you need to visit with him let me know and I will talk to your teachers for you.

Nov. 12, 2019

Seniors, a reminder tonight is the HCC Scholarship Banquet in McPherson. Starting time is 6:30 pm with a meal and a short intro by HCC staff about the college and the opportunities. At the end of the banquet the HCC admin & staff will deliver an award letter to each of you in attendance, as long as you have RSVP'd. A reminder to take this letter home, make a copy of it, sign it and send it back in. This will be the minimum amount you will be guaranteed next Fall at HCC. I will help you complete your scholarship application right after the first of the year and then you will get a better offer.

Tomorrow night, the HCC Banquet moves to the Sports Arena in Hutchinson with the same format beginning at 6:30 pm.

Fort Hays is here on Wednesday during Home Room and then Pratt CC is here on Friday during Lunch.

Seniors taking college classes make sure you report to 4th hour today with Mrs. Jordan and do you Professor Evals for HCC.

Start checking your Dragonzone for the Spring semester and see if your classes are uploaded. HCC is working on those this week. If they are not accurate let me know.

Nov. 7, 2019

Seniors a reminder that Washburn is here today during Home Room recruiting then Fort Hays State next Wednesday, Nov. 13 at the same time.  It’s still not too late to set up a college visit this next week or so before schools hit the Thanksgiving break.  See me if you have an interest.  If you are listening to our alumni coming back almost all of them are telling you it’s a critical step in deciding where you go and what you want to do.  

ACT registration is due tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 8.  With the long Football trip to Elkhart please get it finished today if you are not done already.  

Friday, Nov. 15 during Home Room, Pratt CC recruiter Eric Larson, their Head Cross Country Coach will be here to share about their programs.  Pratt is one of only two schools nationwide that offer a degree in Wildlife Outfitting.  He will also share about the school’s Lineman Program, Ag Power Tech and others.  This meeting will be at Lunch in the conference room.  Might come hear the sales pitch on this one!!

Nov. 6, 2019

Seniors, after Savanah Case visited the other day several students stopped by and asked if I would share what she had blogged about the NCLEX and prep for testing.  I think a number of you had questions about how difficult it was, etc…  Click on the link below to read what Savanah shared on her testing prep and the NCLEX.  Those of you heading any medical pathway would be wise to read this as no matter what direction you go there will be multiple certification tests you must pass to work in the field.  Savanah has several blogs she also posted about Nursing school that if you are interested in reading you might get a benefit from.


Nursing School Blog:

 Seniors, check out KU moving their Admission Deadline & Scholarship Deadline to Nov. 10.  I can’t help but believe the number of applicants are down this year again or they wouldn’t do this, nor would KSU accept the Dec. ACT test date scores like they are.  Please consider applying if you are interested.  


Nov. 3, 2019

Seniors ----  several items to be aware of for this week….

RSVP for the Hutchinson Community College Scholarship Banquet by the end of this week….

Washburn is recruiting on Thursday of this week during Home Room….

Kansas State University reminders……. Notice that KSU has extended the ACT test Date of Dec. 1 to their scholarship consideration list.  Might be worth your time to test again if this would help any of you.

Oct. 30, 2019

Updated Timeline…..

Friday, Nov. 1       Wichita State DSI Scholarship deadline

                              Wichita State & University of Kansas early admission &

Scholarship priority deadline.

Monday, Nov. 4     Alumni Speaker Savanah Case, Nursing, Home Room

                               Admitted “Wildcat Days” at KSU

Thursday, Nov. 7  Washburn recruiting during Home Room

                               KU Honors Banquet at Hutch High, 7 p.m. start

Monday, Nov. 11   HCC Scholarship Banquet in Newton, 6:30 p.m.

                               “Rock Chalk Day” at KU

Tuesday, Nov. 12  HCC Scholarship Banquet in McPherson, 6:30 p.m.

Wed. Nov. 13         HCC Scholarship Banquet at the Sports Arena, 6:30 p.m.

                               Fort Hays State recruiting during Home Room

Fri. Nov. 15                  Admitted “Wildcat Days” at KSU

Sat. Nov. 23           Wichita State Distinguished Scholarship Competition

Sun. Dec. 1            Kansas State Admission Deadline, FAFSA Deadline

                               Wichita State FAFSA Deadline

                               University of Kansas FAFSA Deadline

Friday, Dec. 6        National Honor Society Scholarship App due

                                Admitted “Wildcat Days” at KSU

Sat. Dec. 7             McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Competition

Sat. Dec. 14           ACT Test

Wed. Dec. 18         Alumni Panel back from the class of 2019- Home Room

Fri. Dec. 21            End of the 1st Semester

** McPherson College is hosting a series of Presidential Scholarship Days on Saturday, December 7, Saturday, February 15 and Saturday, April 4.   Anyone looking at McPherson College and meeting the criteria should look at attending one of these sessions.  Scholarships range from $500-$6,000 and involve a faculty interview, student panel interviews, round table discussions and an interactive group activity.  

More information can be found at 

**A message and reminder from Wichita State recruiter Blake Molina to any senior interested in WSU…..



I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that the deadline for the Wichita State University Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (DSI) and our other competitive scholarships is November 1st, so it’s almost here! There’s currently just over 440 partially-completed, unsubmitted applications in our queue, so please seniors, finish them and get them turned in! Applications and information on scholarships can be found at


Students must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible:

Other helpful notes:



Oct. 28, 2019

**Seniors, remind the folks we have a Financial Aid meeting tonight at 6:30 pm in the auditorium.

**Seniors,  a reminder that Nov. 1, this Friday is a critical deadline for having your application in to KU and WSU. KSU’s deadline is set for Dec. 1.   FAFSA priority deadline is not until Dec. 1.

**Those of you who are filling out apps to D-I’s --- make sure you have updated your resume and sent it to me or to our recruiter from KSU, KU & WSU.  This is one of those chances for you to get some extra money by letting them look at your complete background.  See me if you have questions on this.  

**HCC Scholarship Banquet invites have been sent.  Please RSVP when you can if you plan to attend.  This is very important for any of our seniors who have HCC as a 1st choice or as an option at all.

Kansas State University updates ……..

K-State’s priority date for scholarship consideration is December 1. You can apply at or through the Common App.

The residence hall interest form opened on September 15th and admitted students can now fill it out for free at The residence hall contract opens on December 5. At this time, you will submit a $200 initial payment and a non-refundable $30 processing fee to reserve your space in the residence halls.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application opened on Oct. 1 at The priority deadline to submit FAFSA is December 1.

To be considered for additional scholarship opportunities including scholarships at the academic college and departmental level, you can complete your K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) profile at The priority date to complete this is February 15.

K-State is offering a new event called Admitted Wildcat Day for seniors who have already been admitted. Admitted Wildcat Days are on November 4, November 15 and December 6 and you can register at K-State also offered personalized campus visits throughout the school year and you can schedule one of these by calling 785-532-1521.

Oct. 24, 2019

Seniors, I have posted information regarding the Kansas Masonic Foundation Scholarships for your senior class.  There are 4 categories of scholarships:  1) General; 2)  Technical or Community/Junior College; 3) Legacy and 4) Cynthia Ruth Russell Memorial Scholarship for Medically approved Disabilities.

You will have to look at the criteria listed for each one individually but please notice all of the scholarships list “Demonstrate Financial Need” as a criteria. This will most likely entail filling out the FAFSA.  

Applications will be accepted from Dec. 1, 2019- March 15, 2020.  Check the link at KansasMasonic.Foundation/programs/Kansas-Masonic-Foundation-scholarships

Oct. 22, 2019


    I know there are a couple of you considering Fort Hays State for your post high school plans and their Dept. of Education sent me this late last week.  If  you are interested and want to look into this opportunity let me know.

Image may contain: sky and text

FHSU Department of Teacher EducationLike Page

Tigers, if you are looking to return or move to the Northwest Kansas area to teach (particularly the rural communities outside of Hays and Salina) once you complete your degree, please consider applying for the Northwest Kansas Learn and Live Scholarship. This scholarship awards full tuition and fees (up to 30 credit hours per an academic year) for students studying in an area that has been identified as a priority area for meeting the needs of rural communities.

Please follow this link for more information, along with how to apply.

Oct. 17, 2019



     I got word from Lynette Hilty that she is mailing out the HCC Scholarship Banquet invitations this week.  Please check your mail and RSVP if HCC is one of your options.  A reminder, this is an offer you can accept regardless of your intent of going to HCC or not.  This is a minimum offer that will go up once you fill out your scholarship app after the first of the year. 

     HCC will again have three different dinner locations to make traveling convenient for all seniors and their parents to attend the Scholarship Banquets. The Harvey County Dinner will be held at the Meridian Center on Monday, Nov. 11 in Newton, the McPherson County dinner will be held at the Kansas Municipal Utilities Center in McPherson (2090 E. Avenue A) on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and the Reno County dinner will be held at the Sports Arena in Hutchinson on Wednesday, Nov. 13. All dinners will start at 6:30 p.m. and we try to make sure that everyone is out by no later than 8:00 p.m.

Seniors in National Honor Society,


    I wanted you to be aware that the National Honor Society offers several scholarships for seniors who have had outstanding high school careers academically and with a strong background in school/community service.  

    Deadline is set for Dec. 6, 2019 for the student app and then Dec. 10 for the Advisor and Principal to enter their part.  To apply you have to create an account at .  Once this is finished then let me know and I will verify your account as the advisor.  The next step is to complete your application and fill out your information.  I cannot access this year's application but I know in the past it has been very detailed and requires 2 reference letters.  

     You can access more information at the following links....

Let me know if you have any questions.

Oct. 10, 2019

Seniors, I got this email from College Raptor and wanted to share with you.  I would certainly not pay for anything but their website has some very good information for you.  I know some of last year’s seniors used this website.

Happy fall!

College Raptor’s mission is to make it simple for students to find affordable colleges that fit their goals and personalities. We’ve had a busy summer expanding our website with more tools to help families and school counselors assist their students. Here are some things we didn't want you to miss!

Careers Center

Connecting career planning to college searching is becoming increasingly important and College Raptor wanted to provide a great tool for school counselors to use. An initial version of the Careers Center rolled out earlier this summer with a new release coming very soon. Students can find the fastest-growing careers and the best pay by location and degree-type. They can even determine what level of education they will need to achieve their career goals. Learn more in the press release.

2020 Best Colleges Rankings

The 2020 Best Colleges Rankings along with this year’s Hidden Gems were released last month. In addition to our annual lists, newly crafted lists this year focus on college access and affordability including Top 25 Best Test-Optional Colleges in the US, Top 25 Best Colleges Without Application Fees, Top 25 Best Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rates, and Top 25 Best Colleges With Average Net Prices Under $15K.

$2,500 College Raptor Scholarship Grows

Due to the incredible students who have participated in the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship program, awards have been expanded to honor even more students. A new $1,000 award has been added with two recipients already named. Learn more about the most recent winners here.

Application link:

Deadline: December 31, 2019

I have also attached parts of the Kansas State newsletter that I receive every month for you to look over. 

K-State's FAFSA priority date is set for December 1. Make sure you are talking to the folks about this deadline and if KSU is not your choice, it's still important to decide what you are doing with the FAFSA for next year.

A reminder if you want to set up a visit to KSU and want to go Buffer Week, you need to start on that now. Many students take recruiting visits during the Buffer Week time so the slots fill up pretty quick.

Oct. 9, 2019


HCC is wanting to finalize some classes for the spring semester and make sure they have enough staff to cover us.  I need to hear from you asap what you are planning to take for college classes this spring.  I will be out to ask you but in case you are gone today from school please email me your choices.  

We will try to offer Fundamentals of Sociology 1st hour, College Algebra 1st hour, General Psychology 2nd hour and Comp II 4th hour.

What you need to know:

To take College Algebra a student must have met the requirement of a 21 ACT Math score or a 3.5 HS cumulative GPA or an Accuplacer score of 263+.  

Fundamentals of Sociology & General Psychology requirements are an 17 ACT Reading score or a 3.0 HS cumulative GPA.  If you took Public Speaking & Human Relations you qualify for these spring classes.

Comp II-  check to make sure you need it.  Don't spend the money if you don't.  You need Mrs. Nicholoson's approval to take Comp II.  If you pass Comp I she usually approves everyone.  

McPherson College is here tomorrow recruiting during home room and then KU on Monday, Oct. 14.  

Oct. 8, 2019




Applications are now available for the Kansas State Department of Education Association of Educational Office Professionals (KSDE AEOP) Margaret Van Horn Scholarship.  Each year the association offers a scholarship to a Kansas student.  The scholarship program is open to current Kansas High School, College, and/or Technical School students.  Applicant must intend to continue his/her education in an education or business-related program.  Applicant must be enrolled in a minimum of nine semester hours (at least half-time).  Enrollment must be in an accredited post-secondary educational facility within the state of Kansas.


The scholarship award of $300 is offered for the purchase of books, payment of fees or tuition, purchase of supplies, or other academic expenses.


Emphasis for selection of the recipient will be based on the scholarship application, initiative exhibited, character shown, and/or other factors supporting his/her candidacy.


The completed application, with original signature and enclosures, must be postmarked by January 16, 2020.


The 2020 application can be found on their website at

I have placed this application link on the Scholarship website also.

Oct. 7, 2019


     HCC is wanting preliminary numbers for the spring classes.  Please sign up for what you think you will take and what you have qualified for.  

      *Comp II can be taken only if your Comp I teacher approves you.  


      *College Algebra requires a 21 ACT math score or a 3.5 cumulative GPA.  I would

      be careful of signing up for College Algebra based solely on the GPA.  Make sure

      you talk with Mr. Parsons, your folks and myself before you sign up for this class if

      you are taking solely based on your GPA.  

Oct. 4, 2019

Seniors a reminder KU is here recruiting on Monday, Oct. 14.  Thought you might find the following information about KU of interest.  This came from my monthly newsletter.  

KU’s Academic Profile of the students from last year:

Average HS GPA:                3.64

Average ACT:                25.8

Students from Ks:                60%

Students out of state:        40%

To assure you are accepted and admitted at KU you need:

21 ACT + 3.25 GPA or 24 ACT + 3.0 GPA in a college prep curriculum.

Oct. 3, 2019

Seniors, KSU's Engineering Department is inviting seniors to Manhattan on Monday, Oct. 21 to the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering to explore possible degrees, career options, visit with students & staff and see what programs might fit best.  To attend this even you need an ACT composite of 28 or higher and a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.  Sign up at   Register by Monday, Oct. 14 to attend.  This event fills up quickly so please reserve a spot if you are interested and meet the criteria.

Oct. 2, 2019

Seniors, the McPherson County Community Foundation sent an email out yesterday alerting 2020 Seniors that the Foundation is now accepting Scholarship Applications for the local scholarships they host.  It is a bit too early to send in an application but it is not too early to be aware of what is out there and put a reminder on your calendar.  Deadline unless otherwise noted is Feb. 15, 2020.

Click on this link to see what is available….  I think you will notice that the Inman Scholarship apps for the locals are included with what we present to you in late February.  You need not do anything with the Foundation for these.  If you are applying for the Raleigh Scholarship (typically Ag related or Business related) or any other scholarship listed that you qualify for, you will have to complete an application through the McPherson Foundation.  Almost every year we have students win some of the following local scholarships:  Kiwanis Club Scholarship, First United Methodist Church, First Christian Church and Kansas American Tooling Scholarship (this one has gone to our Engineering students before).

I will include this link on the local Scholarship options as the McPherson County Foundation Scholarships.  See me if you have questions.  

Applications an be accessed at this site:

**Each student will need to create a login, which will prompt them to create an organization, first. They can list themselves as the organization. Please encourage students to use a NON-SCHOOL email address for their login. This helps in the event that they are selected for a scholarship and must complete forms next summer.

**After your student has created their login, they will need to complete the “Scholarship Eligibility Quiz” which will automatically open scholarships they are eligible to apply for. Additionally, If they qualify for more than 1 scholarship, then they can utilize the “copy process” button located in the upper right corner of the application.

If you or a student have any questions regarding the scholarship application site or the scholarship process, please feel free to contact Jessi Boughfman or myself at 620-245-9070 or,

Sept. 30, 2019


    As we close out September, I want you to be aware of several dates coming up in October that you might be interested in plus October is one of the best months for you to make a visit to a college or vocational school campus before the weather turns colder-- please consider doing this ….

FAFSA website goes live                                Tuesday, Oct. 1

Army Recruiting                (Lunch)                Wednesday, Oct. 2

*K-State Discover Days        (8:30 am-5:00 pm)        Monday, Oct. 7

Alum Jacob Potter                (Home Room)        Tuesday, Oct 8

McPherson College         (Home Room)        Thursday, Oct. 10

***Rock Chalk Days        (9:00 am-4:00 pm)        Friday, Oct. 11

**WSU Black & Yellow Day (9:00 am-3:00 pm)Friday, Oct. 11

KU Recruiting                 (Home Room)        Monday, Oct. 14

Alumni Max Harman        (Home Room)        Thursday, Oct. 24

***Rock Chalk Days        (9:00 am-4:00 pm)        Friday, Oct. 25

**WSU Black & Yellow Day (9:00 am-3:00 pm)Friday, Oct. 25

*K-State Discover Days        (8:30 am-5:00 pm)        Monday, Oct. 7

***Financial Aid Meeting        (6:30 pm HS Aud)        Monday, Oct. 28

*Register for KSU Senior days at

**Register for WSU Black & Yellow Days at

***Rock Chalk registration can be found at

October is “College Application Month” nationwide ---which places a focus on students making their choices for schools they want to seek admission to and then filling out the admissions application as well as the Scholarship Application.  If you need help in filling out any admissions form or scholarship application please see me!!

The Rudd Foundation is once again seeking scholarship applicants, this year from the class of 2020 students.  There are 25 of these 4 year scholarships available which cover tuition, fees, Books & supplies as well as Room & Board.  The minimum requirements are:

  1. US Citizen
  2. Ks. Resident
  3. Cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher
  4. Graduate in 2020 and enroll in the Fall of 2020 at ESU, FHSU or WSU.
  5. Pell Grant-eligible.  

To find out if you are Pell Eligible you would have to fill out the FAFSA.  

Rudd Scholarship applications are accepted from Oct. 14 to Dec. 13, 2019.

Apply online at 

See the Flier below.  The Link & application can also be found on the scholarship page.

Sept. 27, 2019

Seniors, if you are taking HCC classes please read the following information….

“I am sending a friendly reminder about Fall 2019 semester fees assessed to students after 9/30/2019. If balances are not paid, or there is not a payment plan set up, before October 1st, your high school students will receive a $25 handling fee. All high school students have received a mailed letter with their statement and two follow up emails from our Director of Accounting Services, Anita Biel, concerning this fee. The most recent email was sent out to students earlier this week. If you would remind students to check their bill and make arrangements in their DZ account under the finance tab, we would greatly appreciate it.”



  I have posted a new scholarship application on the Scholarship Website.  Entitled the “SchoolHouse Connection Youth Scholarship for 2020-21” this organization provides scholarships to youth who have experienced homelessness within the last 6 years.  Deadline is set for Nov. 10, 2019.  Apply at


Please check out the other details on the page below….

Sept. 26, 2019

Not sure if any of you are interested but Bethany college has posted the following article about  offering a new course in Aviation with drones this Fall…..

LINDSBORG — This fall Bethany College became one of the few colleges offering a course on the use of drones, including a FAA certification exams for students who complete the class.

“This is going really, really well,” said Rande Repp, faculty member

It is believed that Bethany is one of only three colleges in Kansas — and the only school in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference — to offer the class.

It falls under the criminal justice and law major. There are six students in the first class.

“We are looking at the application of this, which would most typically be first responders,” Repp said. “It is open to anyone, there are no prerequisites. ... This is what criminal justice administrators are telling us they want. If you go talk to a police chief and ask what they want ... along about second or third down the list is if they can fly a drone and be a pilot that would be very handy for them.”

The class is called Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations and is being offered for the first time this semester. Students are learning about air space, air charts, meteorology and load management, and are currently studying air crew management. Students have also been studying sectional air charts in preparation for their Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Remote Pilot certification.

“This area of Kansas is a hotbed for aviation,” Repp said. ”... It is an industry driving area.”

The FAA exam is a comprehensive examination covering the above topics and many more, including safety, radio procedure, and tower operations. Upon completion of the classroom sessions, students will be required to take the FAA exam at a proctored site off campus. Obtaining the FAA license will allow the students to fly small unmanned aerial systems in a commercial capacity.

The FAA requires biannual recertification. Bethany is providing current students in this course a lifetime subscription to a website dedicated to FAA regulations, updates and changes. This website subscription also includes guided training they can use to prepare to complete future recertification. The class of current students plan to use their FAA license in the criminal justice field. In the future, Bethany College hopes to incorporate related courses with topics such as forensic mapping, and a lab session for flight experience.

“This will probably be followed up with some forensic mapping classes,” Repp said. “Once they have a license to fly the drone they will be up there collecting imagery with it, processing that imagery and turning it into something useful. It could be a disaster recovery or locating victims or processing a map that can be used in court.”

Sept. 25, 2019


        I wanted to share with you some of the details of our meetings this week regarding Financial Aid for post high school.  I really appreciate how well you listened.  I know it’s “dry” and sometimes boring material but it is very important for you to hear and try to gain an understanding of the terminology that you are going to be asked about by recruiters from here on out.   I have placed the PowerPoint presentation we covered on the website and you can locate it by clicking on “Counselors Corner”, then “Financial Aid” and finally “Seniors 2020 Financial Aid Presentation”.   


           I would also like to remind you that we will offer a Financial Aid night on Monday, Oct. 28th at 6:30 pm in the HS auditorium.  Matt Pfannenstiel, Bethany College will be the presenter and he will use a slide show very similar to what I have on the website.  He will be able to help you with Financial Aid questions regardless of what institution students are considering.  This is for folks and students.  


         There are really no changes to the FAFSA process this year that you need to be concerned about as I shared with you.  Once again, students and parents are encouraged to use the Data Retrieval Tool in the application to help them speed up the process and provide accuracy for financial figures.  That was probably the biggest point of emphasis.


          If you are new to the process and need help feel free to stop by and ask questions.  If we aren’t able to help you we have connections at several post high school institutions that can help right away.


         The following steps pretty well sum up what you need to do in the FAFSA process.


1)    Talk to the folks to see if this is something we want to do as a family.  If yes, set a timeline as

      to when you want to complete the FAFSA by.  The FAFSA link should be live starting on

      Oct. 1.

2)    Obtain an FSA ID for myself & the folks.  (link found at

3)    Have 3 items before I start:  SS #’s, FSA ID & Password, 2018 Financial Information

4)    Log into and start working through the questions.

5)    Once I am at the page with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool please consider clicking on the “Link

      to IRS” as this link will upload all your financial data and save you time.  It will prevent any

     “human input errors”.

6)    Watch your personal email for a SAR (Student Aid Report) and make sure it “looks”


7)    Be in contact with the institutions you are looking at to see if they have a financial package

       ready for you to look at.

8)  A reminder that Financial Aid money is given out on a “First Finished-First Served basis”.

      Don’t wait too long.


Sept. 24, 2019

Seniors, WSU has a new Filmmaking Department……


At Wichita State University, our college experience combines tradition, innovation, and the benefits of our location in Kansas' largest city – with more opportunities, resources, and connections. We put it all together in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, Shocker Studios, which is designed to maximize collaboration and creative collisions between students, faculty, and industry professionals.


Shocker Studios 35,000 square foot facilities houses two audio recording studios, a film studio, a surround-sound editing facility, and several state-of-the-art classrooms to facilitate the learning of knowledge, skills, and techniques that go along with filmmaking. The Filmmaking degree is designed to prepare the student to engage in a professional career.


The Filmmaking program brings a high level of quality and design to the filmmaking process by teaching both on- and off-camera skills – from acting and principles of video to scriptwriting and lighting.


The foundation of our program is its integration of practical experiences and course work. The students engage in practical projects that will prepare them for work in their chosen field.  Aside from our credentials, it is important to know that we offer a program that is exciting, challenging, and that will benefit our students.


This academic year WSU Filmmaking will be working on three projects: a short film, a feature-length film, and a 3-episode sitcom in collaboration with the WSU Theatre Department. This allows for our students to have a hands-on experience practicing what they are learning in the classroom.


Please feel free to call us to schedule an interview and a tour of our facilities. We also welcome you to come visit our classes and meet the students and faculty. We would be happy to meet with you!


Link of interest:

YouTube Channel: WSU Filmmaking

Sept. 23, 2019



    A reminder the WSU recruiter is here recruiting on Tuesday during Home Room and then Bethany is here on Wednesday.  We are real close to the Oct. 1 date by which time we tell our seniors that if you are looking at a 4 year school in the state you should have submitted your application.  Make sure you are checking the deadlines for the schools you are interested in applying at.

     Also this week I will be meeting with you to discuss Financial Aid and the FAFSA.  I’m not exactly sure what day we will meet but I will try to get this finished by the end of this week.  Most likely we will meet in smaller groups in the conference room.  This material will be for students who plan to go on to college or vocational schools.  A lot of what we cover is the students role in filling out Financial Aid.  This is an important meeting for any student who is worried about paying for school after graduation.  Recognizing & understanding the terminology recruiters use with you regarding financial aid is an important part of this meeting.  I have posted the information from the State on the school website under Financial Aid.  If you are the oldest child in your family and the first to go on to school past high school this is a critical session for you to be at.  

      Seniors, if any of you are interested in McPherson College for next year and would like to get in on the Presidential Scholarship competition please let me know. Students who have an ACT score of 22 or higher and at least a 3.2 GPA are eligible to participate in the process. I will send your names and information so that you are on Mac College's radar. McPherson College has been listed in "Best Colleges in the Midwest" by U.S. News & World Report; "Best Colleges for the Money" by Money Magazine and "Great Colleges to Work For" by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Sept. 20, 2019

Seniors interested in looking for scholarships for Manufacturing jobs please check out the following website……if you need help in applying for any of these please let me know.

Sept 17, 2019


     A reminder you have until this Friday to sign up for the ACT if you need to take it again.  Sign up at by filling in the information needed.  If you are a student on Free & Reduced Lunches, a reminder you have 2 free ACT tests that you can take.  See me for a voucher number if you qualify.  

    I have the newest ACT Practice Tests in my office for any of you needing one.  

Wednesday, Sept. 18, NCKTC is here recruiting during Home Room, they will be in the Commons as no one has signed up to see them.  NCKTC is the strongest of our Vo-Tech schools closest to us with classes offered on their campus in both Beloit & Hays.  You can check out their offerings at the link  Every year NCKTC seems to get stronger and stronger with more programs and more options.  

Wichita State is recruiting next Tuesday, Sept. 24 and then Bethany is here on Wednesday, Sept. 25.  Both our Senior and Junior classes still fall under the umbrella of “free tuition & a free service trip to Sweden” if you plan to attend Bethany right after High School.  

It’s hard to believe but next week is our last full week of September.  Have you seniors that plan on going on to a 4 year school applied for admission?  If not you need to get this done.  Have you filled out a scholarship search yet?  If not, yes it’s time to complete this too.  See me if you need help.

The Kansas State University Polytechnic Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) will be hosting its fourth annual Girls in Aviation Day - a FREE program for girls ages 8 to 18, on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Stevens Flight Center.

     The day's activities will take place from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Light breakfast and lunch will be served. All guests will receive a drawstring sports pack, WIA Aviation Fun Patch, Whirlygig, a copy of Girls in Aviation magazine and a limited-edition t-shirt. The first 100 girls to register will receive an additional surprise.

     Attendees will have the opportunity to talk to women in various fields of aviation. Exciting hands-on activities, such as flight simulators, drones, and much more.

     Please note: All children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay at the Stevens Flight Center.

     For any additional questions, please contact our Assistant Director of Admissions, Kris Grinter by phone at 785-826-2676.

Register at

Sept. 13, 2019


I received a message today from Faith Penner, USD 448 parent & patron who coordinates the Blood Drives in Inman, Ks.  Faith was asked by the Red Cross representative if there would be any interest in the local high school of a student who would like to get involved with a program entitled “Leaders Save Lives”.  

This program seeks a student(s) to sign up to organize and host a Blood Drive during a time when school is not in session.  It looks like the next time to host would be during the time from from Dec. 15, 2019 -Jan.15, 2020.  The true incentive is to help others in need of blood.  A side benefit is learning leadership skills, having volunteer hours that look great on a resume and for recruiting and then students who host will also receive a gift card (up to $200) and the chance for scholarship money between $1000-$2500.

There are more details listed at

If you are interested in taking on this Project, it would fit well as a Senior Project and you might talk with Mrs. Bloom.  I’m sure there are details we are unaware of but it sounds like a great opportunity to help out the community if you are interested.

See me if you want more details.

Sept. 12, 2019

Seniors, if you have completed the FASTWEB scholarship search or another one, that’s great, I hope it produces some possible scholarships for you to apply for.  As you start your Career Cruising tomorrow with your advisor I want you to be aware of another data base of scholarships that you have access to and can use anytime.  Check it out by logging in to with your personal password.  Once you are logged in, find the icon to the right of your name entitled Financial Aid.  Click on this and you will find an alphabetical list of scholarships from across the entire country that you could sort through to see if there are any you wish to apply for.  A quicker route to see if there are any scholarships you could apply for is to click on Financial Aid selector.  Fill in your personal information and then let the program do the searching for you.   See me if you would like some help with this.  If you don’t remember your Career Cruising password see your advisor or email me and I will see that you get it.

    I know I mentioned this to you earlier but use the Career Cruising as an information base that is practical.  We don’t want to make it a tool that makes you do busy work---just the opposite-- we want you to use it for recruiting information, resumes, scholarship searches, college information searches, etc…  

Sept. 11, 2019

Butler County Community College is located in El Dorado, Ks.  One of the strongest 2 year schools academically in the Jayhawk Conference, Butler was founded in 1927.  The average class size at BCCC last year was 16 with a total enrollment of 8544 students.  Based on 2019-20 costs for two 15 -credit hour semesters, BCCC estimates a yearly cost of $9,880 including Tuition, Fees and Room & Board.  

Athletically, Butler has been at the top of the Jayhawk conference in multiple sports over the last 10 years.  Butler’s Vocal Music Department has performed in Washington, D.C., Houston, Branson, Broadway in NYC and many other locations.  Check out Butler’s Fine Arts program and schedule an audition for a scholarship at 

See the data sheet below for more information.

Sept. 10, 2019

Kelly Lynn Lutz Memorial Scholarship…...

This scholarship is intended for a student who has lost a parent to cancer.  The scholarship was created in honor of Kelly Lynn Lutz, a hardworking, stay at home mother who died of breast cancer in 2008.  

The application deadline for this year is January 10, 2020.  The recipient will be chosen in early March 2020.  For a copy of the application or if you have any questions please visit our website  You may also email us at  Please encourage your students to review the qualifications and the essay questions.  Multiple references are encouraged.

I have placed this application in your scholarship app on the website.

Sept. 9, 2019

Washburn University in Topeka ……we have not had many students head to Washburn in the last few years but the students who have gone over the years have had nothing but good things to say about their education they received while attending there.  We have not had contact with a recruiter but if any of you are interested in seeing someone I will start making phone calls this Fall.  You may apply for admission online at   Academic Scholarships at Washburn start with an ACT of 21-22 and a GPA of 3.0-3.2.  

Wichita State has sent out their information on competitive scholarships complete with deadlines.  See the attached information for the complete list.  Notice that you need to have admission completed to the University by Oct. 15 to be eligible.  It is time to apply for admission if you are looking at any of the big schools in-state.  There are more details in your Google Classroom document I sent you today.

Dates & Deadlines Information

Distinguished Scholarship Invitational  $64,000

             3 Harry Gore Memorial Scholarships awarded.  

Apply by Oct. 15.  

Scholarship materials due by Nov. 1.  

Scholarship Competition set for Nov. 23.

Anna Kathleen Walsh English Scholarship  $50,000

             Apply by Oct. 15.  

Scholarship materials due by Nov. 1.

Allen, Gibbs & Houlik L.C. Scholarship Competition  $48,000

     Business Majors

     Apply by Oct. 15.

     Scholarship materials due by Nov. 1.  

     Scholarship Competition scheduled for Nov. 22

Klose Scholarship Competition      $20,000

     Math or Science Education Majors.

     Apply by Oct. 15.

     Scholarship Materials due by Nov. 1.

     Competition Interviews set for Nov. 22.

Wallace Invitational Competition for Engineering    $28,5000

     Apply by Oct. 15.

     Scholarship Materials due by Nov. 1.

     Competition set for Nov. 22.

Koch Scholarships    $30-,000-$40,000

     Seven Scholarship given away worth $7500 each

     Apply by Oct. 15

     Scholarship Materials due by Nov. 1

     Business or Engineering major.

     Competition set for Nov. 23.

Lenora McGregor Endowment Scholarship    $26,000

     Apply by Oct. 15

     Scholarship Materials due by Nov. 1

     Competition set for Dec. 7.


Sept. 6, 2019

Seniors, if you are looking at Bethany College as a post high school option, please check out the visit dates shown below.  A reminder your class is still under the umbrella of a tuition free education at Bethany college.  

Sept. 5, 2019

The Sr. girls who were here early have been delivering your HCC T-Shirts.  Remember, if you wear these to the Fair you could have someone from HCC give you a gift certificate.  Promote HCC!  

HCTEA students you are suppose to receive your T-shirts in class both A.M. & P.M. students.  Our McPherson office did not have yours.  Ask in class tomorrow.

Sept. 4, 2019

HCC is here today, recruiting with Lynette Hilty in Home Room.  Please come join us for pizza and pop. 

One thing Lynette will talk to you about today is the Hutchinson Community College Scholarship Dinners this Fall.  Usually set for late October or early November, HCC sends out invitations to every one of our seniors asking you to attend a banquet sponsored by HCC.  Students who attend the banquet are given a minimal scholarship offer based on GPA.  This offer is good as long as you sign the offer and turn it back in.  This is a non binding offer---meaning if you do go somewhere else to school you are not bound by HCC in any way.  You can always add more money to you scholarship offer by filling out the scholarship app by the Feb. 15th deadline.  This time HCC looks at your ACT, activities, etc… before they make you an offer.  

Should you attend one of these dinners and accept an offer?  Yes, if HCC is one of your choices you’d be foolish not to attend a free meal, with your folks and take the offer they give you.  No, if you are 100% locked in to going somewhere else or have plans of the military or going to work.  Yes, if you are undecided but think you will go on to


Fort Hays State does something very similar but they use the ACT as the determining factor in what they initially offer you.  

I uploaded the first Scholarship of the Fall semester on your “Available Scholarship” website.  The Kansas Buffalo Association (KBA) Scholarship application is due October 15, 2019.    This scholarship will be for a student pursuing a degree in Agriculture.  You will need one reference letter sent in with the application.  Return the application, Essay- 500 words, and reference letter to Kansas Buffalo Association, ℅ Kevin Leslie, 32846, Paola, Ks.  66071.  

The application is “live” on your scholarship page so you should be able to type in your information & answers.  Any new scholarships that come across my desk are added to this link.  


& Apply for Admission        FastWeb, etc….

Seniors, I always think it’s important for you to hear alumni speakers more than any other class.  Scheduled so far for this Fall are the following…

Monday, Sept. 23                Whitney Werth        Head Trainer- Hesston College

Tuesday, Oct. 8                Jacob Potter                McPherson Dispatch-EMT

Thursday, Oct. 24                Max Harman                KSU Bio-Chem Major

TBA, Nov.                        Savanah Case        RN- works at Olathe

TBA, Dec.                        Srs. of 2019 back

TBA, Jan.                        Terrell Roehl        Auto         Tech-Midwest Ford

August 30, 2019

Updated Reminders ….

& Apply for Admission        Tuesday, Sept. 3

K-State Engineering will be at Textron Aviation Activity Center, 9710 E. Central Avenue, Wichita, Ks  67206 on Thursday, September 19 to share information about Types of Engineering, Engineering careers, Transferring courses from other colleges and opportunities for personal development.  If you are interested please register online at   This event runs from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans has awarded over $175 million in college scholarships since 1984.  The scholarships are given to deserving students each year and range in award from $10,000 to $25,000.  Eligibility criteria include:  high school graduation, demonstrated critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income) and United States Citizenship.

To learn more and apply, visit  there are more details on the poster below.

August 29, 2019

We’ve had quite a few posts for you seniors already this Fall.  If you like to read stories of overcoming challenges… check out this link.  Quite a story of a “self made” young man.  Having gone to college in Dodge City many years ago and playing ball, I knew this young man’s uncle.  Quite a good read. 

August 28, 2019

Seniors, if you have not done your FASTWEB search for scholarships or any of the

other free ones below, please set up an account.  I set up a fictional account this morning on Fastweb and had 58 matches on scholarship apps I could apply with and I put very minimal information in for the search.  Here is just the first page….  Might be worth your time.

August 27, 2019

August 26, 2019

College Recruiting update….

Hesston College                Wednesday, Aug. 28        Home Room

HCC  (Pizza for Lunch)        Wednesday, Sept. 4

Bethel College                Thursday, Sept. 5                Home Room

Kansas State                Wednesday, Sept. 11        Home Room

Wichita State                Tuesday, Sept. 24                Home Room

KU                                Monday, Oct. 14                Home Room

2020 United States Senate Youth Program


The Kansas State Department of Education invites public and private high schools to participate in the United States Senate Youth Program.


The goal of this program is to identify outstanding high school juniors and seniors who are interested in government, history and politics. Students also must have a desire to serve others in a leadership role, have high academic achievements and high aspirations for college. The program is merit based and highly competitive. Each delegate will receive a $10,000 undergraduate college scholarship, subject to scholarship rules.


Additional Information:




Applications are available online at


Upon receiving the completed application, the Kansas State Department of Education will send a Qualifying Examination to the designated school official listed on the application. The school official is responsible for administering the test to the student.



To prepare for the examination, students are advised to study the Constitution, review general knowledge about American history, the U.S. government and political processes and know the current elected and appointed official in each branch of government as well as key historic figures who have served in each branch.




If you have any questions, please contact Tamla Miller at

August 22, 2019

Sept. 5, Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Dec. 19.

August 21, 2019

“Seniors 2020”








If you know you would like to go on to school but are undecided on what you want to major in there are several routes I suggest you consider…..


1)        check out various college & vocational school Websites for list of majors, opportunities,

classes required, etc..—Go to & click on Majors to get a list of potential

pathways.  You can use any school be it college or vocational.  

2)        stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of majors and

        help you eliminate at least a few through discussion.

3)        go into your Career Cruising program, review your information and continue to research

in depth….


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, recruiters all ask similar questions in meeting with you.




  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.


  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Public & Private Schools have a sliding scale and a simple rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.


I know you are aware of this already that not every student qualifies or earns scholarships.  If you are fortunate enough to have the grades, the ACTs or the skills recruiters are looking at please feel proud, blessed and remember to say “thank you”.  Books scholarships---some students chuckle when they hear that a senior got a books scholarship.  After taking college classes do you realize why a “Books” scholarship is great?



Academic:  when you apply for admission – fill out the scholarships app & meet the deadlines.  Have your resume ready to go with references (make sure your references are aware you put their names down and out of courtesy tell them they might get a call or email).  These scholarships are all ACT/GPA/Service Project related.


From now until January – early scholarships are based on the Highest ACT, GPA, PSAT, etc..

From January on – scholarships are more Department based, performance based, offered based on needs of the school.


Activities:  Work through your sponsor/teacher:  Band-Mr. Spears, Vocal-Dr. Horton,

Art- Mr. Brensing, Scholars Bowl-Mr. Parsons, FFA-MR. Knapp etc.. they will be your

contact person and your biggest help/advocate. I can help you but your sponsors &

coaches are the key.


Athletics:  Work through your coaches/sponsors to set up tryouts, auditions, sending of tapes, etc.. be it for any sport, dance or cheer.













Wichita State University has not set up a visit yet the recruiter is sending out information.  Check out the updates below if WSU is in your future plans…..  Notice that their Admission and Scholarship deadline priority date is still November 1.  

To register go to 

August 20, 2019

Hesston College                Wednesday, Aug. 28        Home Room

HCC  (Pizza for Lunch)        Wednesday, Sept. 4

Bethel College                Thursday, Sept. 5                Home Room

Kansas State                Wednesday, Sept. 11        Home Room

Wichita State                Tuesday, Sept. 24                Home Room

Inman High School will be seeking applicants for a new local scholarship from the class of 2020 this spring.  The Ellis Family Scholarship for Inman High School graduating seniors has been established through Kansas State University with plans to award two $2,500 scholarships to deserving seniors each year.   Applications will be accepted from the graduating class of 2020 students who enroll at Kansas State University next Fall.


The goal of the Ellis Family scholarship is to honor and recognize Inman HS 2019 Graduates who are:


1)  committed to continuing their education at Kansas State

2)  are working hard to complete a degree pathway and

3)  show a need for financial help

        I will make sure you are reminded this spring!  What a great gift from the

Ellis Family.

August 19, 2019

Kansas State’s Fall updates are out….. Check out the following information….

August 15, 2019

FS110 and FS110L Firefighter I – 4 credit hours

FS150 Hazardous Material Operations, First Responder -1.5 credit hour

FS151 Fireground Operations – 1 credit hour

August 14, 2019

I’ll post more details when Laura gets back with me on when she will be out to take pictures and make your ID’s.  If you are in the Hutch or Mac area though and stop by the HCC office they will do it for you right away.

August 13, 2019

Kansas State will be here recruiting Wednesday, Sept. 11 during Home Room.  Sign up sheets will be passed around in your Am. Government class.

August 9, 2019


August 5, 2019

Seniors, a few reminders….






ACT Question of the Day:

ACT Pop Quiz:      

ACT Prep & Study Guide:

July 31, 2019

Welcome Back Seniors!!!!

Enrollment starts tomorrow and I will be in the office on a regular schedule til school starts.  I will update a lot of information on this website and then once school starts I will send you information on Google Classroom too so you have a couple of access points to what you need to know.  Hope you all have a great summer and are ready to finish your career at Inman HS!  Please get in the habit of checking this site as it will contain a lot of helpful information and updates.  Remind your parents of this site too as it helps them feel more informed of what is going on.

Date: May 15th, 2019

To: Seniors of 2020 and Parents

From: Mr. Pfannenstiel

Re: Senior Year & Future Plans

Student schedules have been initially set and will be finished as the staff come back to

work the first couple of weeks in August. Please let me know of any changes you want

to make with your schedule at enrollment or during the course of the summer. It's my

wish for each of you to make your last year at IHS a good one and I will work hard to

help you make it that. This document contains several pages of information you would

benefit from reading over. I apologize for the length, but it’s packed with valuable

information for you and your parents. If you are the oldest in your family and your

parents have not been through a year of planning for college or vocational school --- they will really find this document a helpful tool. Our students’ success rate in regard to post high school plans is usually very high due to the fact that students, parents and staff help explore many different options. It’s always a fun part of my job in getting the chance to help you organize your plans. Please don’t hesitate to let me work with you in providing options and information.

• The reality of starting your senior year tells us the process of decision making works best when you are well prepared, informed and know what your choices are. It doesn’t make the process an “easy” one --- but it sure helps to know your options. We have several months to plan and prepare for your goals after high school. My intent is to share with you as much information as I can about planning and approaching your future. We started this process clear back in your 8th grade year when you enrolled and we talked about having a 4 year plan (IPS) and now you are down to the end of the plan. Your progress has continued through tests you've taken, results you’ve got back, feedback from other graduates, visits you have made yourself to schools (or will make!), military recruiting, Career days, etc.. It has also been enhanced by the interest inventories you've completed in Career Cruising. This process will draw to a close when you and your parents sit down, look over your options for continuing your education and then make the choice best suited for you. Remember, everyone is on a different time

line. Some of you probably already know what your plans are while others are

torn. Don’t panic if you are not “locked” into a plan yet. Keep working to get to the

point where you can make a comfortable decision. Keep all your options open.

• My goal for you is simple --- to provide you with knowledge and the best options you

have for your future based on what you want to do. Your goal is really very simple, too.

You must look at options and opportunities to see if they fit your plans. I place a lot of

emphasis on the fact that in order to have some options available next spring, you have to put forth a solid effort throughout the next 6-7 months. Those students who I see

frustrated with this whole process are the ones who wait until the last minute to get things done. I sometimes tease students about treating this decision-making process the same way a lot of us do homework …. waiting until the very day of or the night before it’s due to start. If you use a strategy of “wait until the last minute” on your future plans, you might be very disappointed with the outcome! You must meet a number of deadlines, listen to announcements, read the updates you are given and above all ask questions. I feel very proud of the work we do together in researching career paths, gaining scholarships and in helping students make decisions about college and choices of majors/careers but I ask you to realize it takes a lot of involvement on your part. One

thing you must understand in this process is your role ---- "which is to be involved and

actively seek and use all the help available to you” in gathering information and

knowledge about your future, options, scholarships, etc. I make the promise to each one

of you to help you in as many ways as I can. You need to make sure you use me and

your advisor as a resource.

• The first advice I would give to any senior at this point in time is to plan your academic

portion of the senior year carefully. We have already enrolled most of you and I see no

major problems. I do worry about a select few of you in the college courses. The college

classes do start your college GPA and we want you to get off to a good start. You have

to approach next year with a serious attitude toward the college hours not only because of the importance of the grade and the credit hours you earn but because of the monetary investment. I also remind you if you know the major/ and or minor you are going to take in college that you make sure you are in corresponding classes now as you finish High School. Make sure you are not taking too light a load of academic subjects if you are truly intent on going on to the next level and at the same time don’t overload yourself. Most of you it seems have realized that it’s important to take classes that will help you better your chance of success. Taking a light load your senior year only sets you up for problems as a frosh in college if you choose to go on. I think the majority of you have done a great job in scheduling classes that will get you prepared. Remember the work habits and study habits you have learned carry you through your freshman and sophomore years of college (considered the toughest in your college years).

• I would encourage you to continue to visit with your parents, teachers and myself

frequently this upcoming year about your plans for a vocation, colleges, scholarship and

financial aid as need be. As a class you have already used me many times for resources and information about your classes, schedules, college choices and careers. I keep a check on your senior plans by having you fill out information sheets and then meeting with you regularly. Statistics tell us the majority of seniors in High School are not 100% sure what vocation to look at. Don't panic if you are not sure. What we can

access for information for each of you on Career Cruising, teacher involvement and

having recruiters come in will help give you more insight as to potential careers. It will

not make decisions for you, but it can be a valuable resource. Your goals for the future

and decisions of the direction you will go must be reached on your own time and

through the experiences you gain. No one can push you to reach that point

quicker. Hopefully we can further your knowledge with our help and resources.

• Please communicate with your parents what you are interested in and keep them aware of what you are doing for the future. Parents will have to help fill out financial aid forms (FAFSA), help on some scholarship applications, make visitations with you, help remind you of deadlines, etc.. ----- please let dad and mom know what is going on. They have been an enormous part of your success to this point in time and they will continue to be a "big part" in helping you with this process. The other side of this is they have been through it already and can give you an experience factor you don't have when trying to make decisions. It doesn’t mean they will make the decision for you, but their input is very valuable. They know you better than any of us do. Never forget to say thanks to Dad & Mom!

• Remember, we need to take the ACT test again if you are intent on going on to school

and are not at the level you want to be at! For those of you who took it in April -----

your best time to take it again is in September and October. A standard level score of 25

or higher this past spring would have given you a free ride at HCC on their Presidential

Scholarship if your GPA was high enough. Two years ago it would have taken a 26. An

ACT score of 22 or higher with a solid GPA usually produces some academic scholarship money at most two year schools. A 23 or higher ACT this last spring along with Leadership Activities gave students tremendous money at the 2 year schools. Please prepare before you take the ACT. If this is important to you, you'll make the time.

• The test dates for next year:

• As we approach next Fall we will ask that you put together or update your resume to use all through your senior year and even after. We will use Career Cruising to store this

document and you will be asked to share this with your advisor at various home rooms.

Many of you have these already from Junior English, Ag or NHS applications. Most

likely, a lot of you just need to update information. I have had past seniors call back and

want copies if I still had them ---which tells us it is a valuable document to have. With

Career Cruising you will have it saved automatically. Some of you will need your

resumes as early as Sept, Oct and Nov. for scholarship work so this will be a project we

will try to start on early in the year. Most of the scholarship work done prior to the

first of the year is for the top 10%-25% of the class based on GPA/ACT score or it

deals with specialized scholarships. If you fall into this category it is a priority you be

ready. Please have a senior picture ready for your resume also. The resume we will have you put together is a working copy. Most resumes need be only 1 page in length. For many years I have used the senior profile picture board as an extension of your resume and many seniors enjoyed doing this. This past year’s senior class was not interested in doing this except for one of the Homecomings and then Mayfete. This can start as soon as you get your senior pictures next year if there is interest. If you want to continue to do this early in the year, let me know! It’s a neat way to showcase yourself, family and friends for others to see. I’ll have to have some commitment though, before we can begin this again. Usually, I just pass a sign-up sheet around for those interested.

• Why you have to meet deadlines? I tell the seniors every year that it’s not unusual to

see one or two students who won’t do a resume, never try for a scholarship or fill out a

search engine for scholarships, never make application to any school or visits until they

near graduation and then the student is stressed and upset because nothing is happening in their future! It sounds like a stretch but I use it to remind all of you that you have to put forth effort to be successful with your future plans. I often tell students the times of stress about their future plans seem to hit during their senior year right around Christmas Break and then just a few weeks prior to graduation time as many students & parents want their son/daughter to know exactly what their future plans are! Please meet deadlines and set goals for yourself.

• I tell parents the way a student handles the scholarship process and selection of schools really is a strong indication of how responsible students have become over their years in school. As students, I know you understand your parents cannot do your work for you, and neither can your classmates or your counselor! As you will quickly find out, the work you do for your future needs to be done on time and correct. It's not like in the

classroom where you often times do get a second chance. You miss a deadline on

scholarship work and there's no one to call and say "Could you please accept this

application late!" It doesn't work that way in this area. I can give several first hand

accounts of student’s missing $$$$ because they forgot, didn’t have time, didn’t make

time, too busy with extracurriculars, etc.. One example of this from a couple of springs

ago that really bothered me was one of our students who was a lock for $3200 on a local scholarship---just needed to fill it out and they left the application un-opened in their email until it was a week past the deadline! Ouch!! Another student had an opportunity to cash in on a local scholarship this year---- the donor asked me where their application was and I had to honestly say ---- they said they were too busy to turn one in. Couldn’t write 2 paragraphs for $500!

• Parents usually ask when can my son/daughter start the scholarship work. You may do

searches for scholarships for any of you that are interested as well as creating the

FASTWEB mailbox on the Internet at home and this can be done during the

summer. (Simply type in FASTWEB on a Yahoo search and go to the website and fill in

your personal information) This produces a list of potential scholarships you can apply

for. I also distribute any scholarship you might possibly have a shot at through out the

school year. I help you get your resources together, but I do not have the time to help

you fill out all your forms etc.. It is not too early to look at these scholarships but it is

too early to apply in most cases! I have included a list of the most acceptable websites

out there with this dates information. A lot of the scholarship searches produce hundreds of potential scholarships but in reality they are essay contests, company specific, school specific, etc.. Don’t spend an abundant amount of time with these unless you find something you really want to go after. I would spend more time focusing on the schools you might be attending, your own ACT scores, GPA and the extracurriculars/community work you are doing. I hope you realize that you cannot sit back your senior year and expect everything to fall into place without involvement and effort. Being afraid to tackle it because you “don’t know what you want to do” is a poor excuse and you can’t live your senior year that way. To find out what you want to do you have to be involved and ask for help when you need it!

This is a list of resources on line that is supported by KSDE…

Bureau of Indian Affairs (Scholarships)

Fastweb (Free Scholarship Search)

College Answer (Free Scholarship


Broke Scholar (Free Scholarship Search) (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarship Hunter (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarships 101 (Free Scholarship Search)

SuperCollege (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarship Experts (Informational)

Scholarship Help (Informational)

Scholarship Scams (Informational)

College Goal Sunday (Financial Aid Help)

Free Application for Federal (Student Aid

(FAFSA) Financial Aid info)

Kansas Board of Regents (Look under students &

Financial Aid for scholarship information-State Scholars)

PIN for the FAFSA (This is your signature for the


Selective Service (All males 18 must register)

• The most contact you get with local scholarship work and reminders from me will be in

3rd and 4th hour Government and English Classes as our teachers will remind you to

check this website for updates. I often find you in the mornings, M-W-F before college

classes right outside the office and ask “what do you need help with?” I will find you as

needed for scholarship work or anything which cannot be posted on this website. Please read the updates I give you. For specific scholarships through a university like

KSU/KU/WSU you will have to apply for admission and then they will send you the list

of possible scholarships. It’s a simple process you must take care of yourself. In most

cases colleges charge to apply but it’s well worth it if you are serious about that school.

Sometimes they will waive this feel too. This process begins any time from July up

through August & September. My part in it consists of sending your transcript and then

fielding questions they may have about you. Please be honest with colleges on what you write and fill out or on what you say to them when you visit the campus. We had an

incident several years ago where one of our students went to a college on a visit and gave them a story about what they had done and could do academically/athletically. Before the student was off campus the advisor they had met with was on the phone to me and an instructor here at the HS wanting to know about this student. They had not been totally honest and we had to share this with the college. I urge you to always show honesty and integrity in visiting with recruiters. They will check out what you say as well as check you out on social media.

• When you fill out applications you will be asked to list references. Please think this

through carefully. Your resume should list several references any employer or college

can seek information from. Speaking for all teachers, coaches and educators I have to

say we are honest when we talk to recruiters about each of you. It’s a reflection back on

us and our school and if we are not honest with them we lose our credibility and

reputation. Whether we are asked about grades, how you get along socially, whether you are a leader/follower, about your work ethic, attitudes, home life, etc. we must share what we see and what we know to be true. A good key to follow when selecting references is to pick people you respect. The reason I say this is because most often I have found the people a student respects tend to be people who respect the student also. You will need to solicit at least 2-3 references and courtesy tells us you need to ask each one personally if they will write a reference letter for you when it's needed. It also should be mentioned as you are picking references you respect, please make sure you have earned and continue to earn that individual’s respect too by your behavior, actions and attitude. In my office one of the most frustrating situations I deal with every year is helping seniors who have built questionable reputations with our staff find references when they want to go to the next level of education or activities or seek employment. If we have a student who has the reputation of being disrespectful to staff and administration, or who has many absences, tardies, rule violations, etc.. we strongly encourage them to make the senior year a “clean” one! Students do not always realize how influential their teachers, coaches and administration are when it comes to reference letters and recommendations. I always encourage my seniors to give this some serious thought! Some of us have been around education circles enough years that a simple phone call to a school or a recruiter can result in money for you. “Don’t bite the hand that just might feed you!”

• A lot of colleges offer early scholarships in October and November. You must get your

applications in early in the school year if you want to be considered. If your grades are

high enough, ACT scores are solid and you are interested in going on, then you need to

apply in September and October. K-State, KU and Wichita State are prime examples

with deadlines usually falling around November 1st! Applications can be tagged and

looked at a lot earlier though if you get your app in. Any time we have recruiters out

from the school you are looking at --- you need to attend if at all possible.

• We've talked it before but a quick reminder about scholarships. They come in 3 forms:

Athletic, Academic and Arts. The hardest to come by is the athletics. If you are very

good, the athletic scholarship can pay for most everything depending on the size of

school you go to. If you have a chance to play D-I or are being recruited by the bigger

schools we need to get on-line and go through the NCAA Clearinghouse and fill out

paperwork. This can be done now or even next Fall. My part in this process is in sending your 6 semester transcript in and then a final copy. Your coach is the key integral part in your success with an athletic scholarship. Be sure to communicate with your coach or Activity Sponsor what you are wanting to do.

• The Academic scholarship is usually based on GPA, rank in your class and then your

ACT score. You will quickly see an advantage to having worked hard at academics.

Many schools give academic scholarships to you as soon as you enroll at their school

solely based on ACT and GPA. This is an added incentive to search for schools early.

Fort Hays is well known for this with their Gold, Silver and Bronze scholarship offers but

many schools give awards based solely on GPA.

• The Arts would be in the field of performing, music, acting, debate, forensics, digital,

drawing, etc. and it often times offers as much or more money than the Athletic or

Academic at the college level. If you are looking at this route, have you kept examples of your work? Film clips of plays, musicals, performances, portfolios? Being involved with extracurriculars pays dividends if you continue it at the next level. The scholarship work for most of these awards occurs during auditions in the spring of the year and on the campus of the school you are looking at or by taking your portfolio to the instructor.


• Financial Aid is also very important to any student who wants to go on to post high

school education. It’s important that you at least consider it and have an understanding of ing about money given to students through low interest loans or grants which the state and/or National Governments give to qualified students (Pell Grants), or work study programs on the school’s campus you are attending which will also provide money. If you get turned down that’s fine, but at least fill out the forms to see if you qualify. Never take for granted that you won't get anything especially since we never know what Congress and the President will do with laws concerning Financial Aid. Financial Aid rules change so often that we have a hard time keeping up on them. We are only informed of changes in the Fall of the most years so we simply call the local college's financial aid departments and get the answers. This past year a larger number of our Seniors and their parents really got involved. I have had very good feedback from those who applied and several found the financial aid route very, very helpful. Even if you are just wanting a low interest loan like the Stafford or the SEOG or others offered through the Government we should apply and see what we can get. College becomes very expensive and every help we can get financially we should try for. **Filling out the FAFSA form is almost a necessity in this day and age.** This process which use to occur right after the first of the year is now something that you can fill out any time starting your senior year once you’ve looked at the school(s) you want to apply at! You will see more information next Sept and October about this. The financial aid application is all done on line.

• Students who have majors and intentions of entering a specialty school need to contact me early in their senior year. If for example any of you are interested in getting into the Nursing Program at HCC there is a waiting list and we must apply early in your senior year of High School to have a chance to get you in even after your freshman year in college and getting your pre-reqs taken care of. We sent two young men to the Culinary Arts School up at Beloit several years ago and if we had not met deadlines and made decisions in a timely fashion, they would have never got in.

• We have college representatives stop by school on a monthly basis as well as the

military. You will notice a tremendous increase in your mail volume this summer after

you have taken the ACT because of the information colleges send out trying to attract

students. A lot of it will be junk mail, but please look carefully not to throw away

something that you might have an interest in. When we have reps come in from various

colleges I usually go into the senior classes and ask who would like to see Mr.

__________- from KSU. If anyone has a genuine interest then I set up a time. If not, I

call the rep and tell him no one is interested in seeing him. I do have the authority to say, "No" you can't get out of home room to see this person". A teacher also has this authority if you are way behind and need to be in class. The truth of the matter is, once you've been to one of these "sales pitch" meetings you've heard them all. Pick the schools you are really interested in to attend. This past year we brought 25+ different recruiters to our campus during lunch or homeroom to visit with the seniors who were interested.

• INMAN'S HIGH SCHOOL CODE NUMBER IS 171-455----- please remember this, it

becomes important on a lot of documents from here on out. Please remember your

social security number also. It becomes your identity in a lot of the college processes.

• Scholarship work really gets going in August and continues all year. In early April we

will fill out the forms for the Local Scholarships (approximately 28 this past year) that

are funded or donated by businesses, patrons and families in our community. You will

hear more about this next spring.

• It needs to be mentioned there are tremendous amounts of scholarships out there and

many people make comments which makes students and parents think we can get our

hands on them very easy. Trust me, it doesn't work that way! You hear all these

comments about scholarship money going untouched and how the money is there but no one applies. Don't believe all of it. It's the quickest sales job in the world to get you to

write a check for $49.99, $99.99 or $149.99 with the promise that a company will get you thousands of dollars of scholarship money. Don't spend your money on them. Most of them are nothing but a gimmick to get you to pay the $49.95. It doesn't take too many

parents or students to buy a scholarship search book at $50 a shot to put money in a

company's pocket. Our Cashe, Choices and FASTWEB search will give you all the

potential scholarships you need information about. Remember, people giving

scholarships never intended to make money themselves off of it! Most of those

people/businesses were trying to help others achieve. You should never have to pay

money for someone to search for you! Do not pay money to companies who promise

you they will find you scholarship money. Throw those letters away!

Here is a list of other possible resources for scholarship work….

May 13, 2019

Seniors of 2020….  If you heard of any scholarships or recognitions this past Saturday or saw some in the paper of our seniors, now is the time to inquire and start looking at what it takes.  I will leave the Senior 2019 website up for another week or so if you want to look.  See me if you have questions.

**At graduation this year we recognized any HCTEA or CTE completers (CNA classes, Auto Tech, Welding, Machining, etc…).  These are the students who took classes at Hutch half days for either a year or two and graduated with a certificate from HCC as well as HS.  CNA students are recognized as “completers” which is really important not only to students who want to be employed right out of high school but our State sees this as a real plus for the student.

**Awards such as the Hutch News Honor Teams...were nominated by the Inman HS staff, Mr. Weinbrenner and myself.  We usually can nominate ⅓ of the class for either Leadership honors, Academic Honors (ACT 30+) or Fine Arts Honors (Dr. Horton, Mr. Brensing & Mr. Spears).

**Wichita State honors our Junior students who are 4.0 GPA’s and then the University of Kansas honors our Senior students.  These individuals are recognized at Graduation.

**Students who complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum are recognized (4 Math; Bio, Chem & Physics; Foreign Language, etc…)  and any student with a high ACT (28+ and a high GPA, 3.90+) is recognized as a State of Kansas Scholar and eligible for a scholarship of $1000 per year of their college education per KBOR’s requirements.

**National Honor Society members are recognized at graduation having gone through the selection process in the early spring.

**Class Valedictorians are recognized. (based on cumulative GPA through 7 semesters)

**2 senior males and 2 senior females are selected every year to serve as class DARE Role Models for the 6th graders.  These individuals are recognized at Graduation and added the recognition to students resumes.

**FFA State Degree Recipients are honored.  Years of work and Mr. Knapp’s help!!

**We also recognize the Student Council President, MayFete Royalty, Coach Mike Hick Scholar/Athlete award, US Army Scholar/Athlete (was not funded this year through budget cuts, hope it is back next year), Kansas Governor’s Scholar (top senior GPA & ACT), KWCH “Top of the Class” (top senior GPA & ACT) and any Military Education Benefits Opportunity (ex.  Gage Real this year).  We have also nominated students for the Topeka Capital Journal All State Team, most widely recognized in the state but in order to apply for this you need to be involved in a little bit of everything, high achieving academics, athletics, fine arts, community service, etc…  

*Scholarships are wide and varied and I will leave the local list up til next August for you to see.  There were several local scholarships added past the initial deadline as there are most years.  

*Many students seek scholarships through the schools they are looking at attending.  This is the most common type of scholarship to earn.  Most schools have a flow chart that will show you how much scholarship money you can earn based on your combined ACT & GPA.  Don’t kid yourself on this either, a high GPA is not the key, it is the ACT score that holds the most clout in earning scholarships!!

*Students also need to look at where their parents are employed to see if there are any scholarships available, visit with their insurance companies (ex. Farm Bureau awards scholarships), their church, relatives, organizations parents belong to (ex. American Legion) etc…

*Now that being said, it is time to start looking elsewhere for scholarship money.  There are many “scholarship search engines” out on the web.  You will see some listed in the letter I send home in the next week or two.  The one we use the most often is called FASTWEB and students like it because you upload your personal information and the program searches for any scholarship meeting your data and then sends you an email about the new scholarships you can apply for.  You will find a lot of “essay” scholarships, contests, etc.. in this search but there are also some very legitimate scholarships you could apply for through this search engine.

*Starting in August next year, I will upload any scholarship that comes across my desk that might interest you.  

May 3, 2019

A reminder, HCC has uploaded your classes, make sure you have been on Dragonzone and confirmed that they are correct.  You may now start getting your textbooks, show the folks the cost, etc…  If anything on the schedule is incorrect let me know right away.

If you are purchasing books from this year’s seniors make sure you check that the ISBN numbers match so you have the correct edition!

Check out this link for a visit to Wichita State University……

May 1, 2019

Juniors, I attended a meeting with the KSU reps yesterday about changes going on at K-State.  I wanted to inform you of a couple of major changes.  K-State is going to a December 1 deadline for the early scholarship apps instead of the Nov. 1.  The enrollment application for KSU like all of the D-I schools will open this summer and you can apply at any time.  If you do fill out a scholarship app make sure you are complete with what you write and submit.  Too many times our students apply and don’t list everything they need to on the application and then they are having to re-submit it.  In some cases it’s better to wait til school starts to submit your scholarship application if you want me to help you.

K-State is adding a Physicians Assistant program through their Health department.  They still do not have Nursing but are one step away from getting that is what was shared yesterday.

K-State has changed some of their ACT requirements for scholarships so I would encourage you to look at the list I have sent you on Google Classroom to see if you are eligible.

April 26, 2019

Juniors taking college classes next year--- HCC is uploading your choices and you can start checking any time for accuracy.  If you are taking an online class, that might show up a day or two later is what Kristie said.  You can now see your schedule, costs, books, etc….. On Dragonzone.  Let me know if there are mistakes.

April 25, 2019

A reminder that Stuco applications and a short paragraph for students to read about what you would like to do next year needs to be in by Friday, April 26.  We won’t post speeches til Monday.  See Mrs. Ryan or myself if you need help.

 A reminder I have your ACT scores and have sent you and a parent a digital copy with some goals and maybe some thoughts on where to go from here.

Your plans are personal but if you need help, want advice, etc… please just ask.  Keep all avenues open in regard to what you want to do after high school.

I know some of you feel like your ACT score is dictating to you what you can or can’t do and in some cases this is true right now but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  The fact is though you are the only one that can change the ACT score by what you do in class, studying, taking a challenging schedule and continuing to read…..  Some of you need to think about this when scheduling next year and instead of getting out of Math or Science, maybe take that extra class to help you score higher.  Too many of us take the ACT w/o prep and we hope our score goes up but you have to show the extra push and effort just like we do in athletics to get better or music, etc…  You have to “put in the time” to get better.  

April 17, 2019

Juniors, some students are able to find their scores on their ACT registration on line.  I’m 100% sure you all can do this with the state test.  It would be worth your time though to create an account with ACT and see if the scores will automatically upload for you.  See me if you need help but it is as simple as going to and registering to take a test.  I don’t think you even have to complete the registration to get your scores uploaded.  I will not see your scores for maybe another week or two yet.

April 10,2019

Juniors who are considering going straight to the workforce after high school…..   McPherson County is sponsoring another “Manufest” for students who know they want to work in industry or maybe some that are still unsure about what they want to do when they graduate but want information about all the career potential that exists right here in McPherson County!  On Wednesday, April 24th, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm you will have a chance to hear what companies like Bradbury, Chemstart, John Manville, Pfizer, Viega, etc…. can offer you as jobs right out of high school.  Lunch would be provided so students would need to  RSVP by Monday, April 22nd.  Check out the flier on Google classroom when you can with the RSVP address

ACT Scores--- Juniors who took the ACT Test last Tuesday, I had an email this morning on Fedex Tracking that ACT received your tests last Thursday, April 4.  The earliest you might see scores would be tomorrow but more likely to be next week.  Just keep checking on your ACT registration site.  If one of you has scores most likely all will post at one time as they batch load. 

**A reminder to email me or stop by the office by this Friday, April 12 and let me know what college classes you want for next year.  If you don’t want any please indicate that too.  

**If you wish to take an on-line college class next year during the school day and want to have an hour for that please let me know what class it is.  A reminder if you are looking for a class to take, HCC offers a list of SB 155 (tuition free) classes that all you are asked to pay for are the textbooks.  This link can be found at    Also, you do not have to take classes only through HCC.  We typically use them because they are so close and send the profs out.  Check at other schools for online offerings too.

**Remember that online classes are not for everyone.  Students who can stay on task and discipline themselves to stay caught up with work will typically be fine.  If you struggle with getting work in on time, pushing yourself academically, online classes are not a good choice for you.  Ask some of our seniors from this year if you are interested.  You will get a variety of answers ranging from the “classes are very easy” to “impossible to stay caught up in”.  

April 9, 2019

FYI-  Digital Design & Fly K-State….

Summer programs are available in June and July, ranging from grades 3-12.  Click on the link to find more information and register.

K-State Polytechnic summer programs available:

April 4, 2019




    Please read the following information carefully….. I just got this information this morning to share with our seniors headed to enroll at HCC tomorrow for next year’s scheduling.  This new set of requirements affects you as seniors for next year too.  Some of you who may not have qualified already for Comp and College Algebra could now be qualified based on GPA alone.

To qualify for English Comp 1A you may do so by meeting one of the following 3 scores:

 ACT English  20 or higher

 Accuplacer Next Gen Writing  255 or higher

 HS Cumulative GPA 3.0+

To qualify for College Algebra you may do so by meeting one of the following 3 scores:

 ACT Math   21 or higher

 Accuplacer Next Gen Math   263 or higher

 HS Cumulative GPA  3.5+

I want you to think about some things though before you immediately jump in and say, “Oh yes, I want these classes”.  A 3.0 GPA at the HS level does not really tell us that you are ready for Comp.  The Cumulative GPA is reflective of all classes.  I think you still have to take into account your English grades, writing ability as well as several other factors such as commitment and work ethic before you commit to Comp I.  I would suggest a visit with Mrs. Baldwin before the year is up in helping you determine if this is a good move or not.   The final decision lies with you and your folks though and what you are determined to do.

To address both sides of this though I also want you to consider what you have heard multiple alumni come back and tell you about getting Comp and College Algebra done at the HS level so you don’t have to take in College.  I can name many, many instances of students who didn’t qualify in HS for Comp or College Algebra and breezed through it at the next level.  I would assume quite a few of them would have also “breezed” through it in high school if they could have qualified based on their work ethic.  So again your call but involve all your important people in your life in making this decision.

April 1, 2019

A reminder of the ACT tomorrow morning, Tuesday, April 2.

*Be a little early to first hour as we are in the basement, rooms 301 and 302.  We will post the lists of what students are in each room on the doors.  Once we get started testing we can’t admit students so it is imperative you be on time and for tomorrow that means between 8:05 or 8:10 to find your desk & answer sheet as when the 8:15 bell rings we will begin reading instructions to get you finished on time. Our goal is not to rush you but to be efficient and keep the testing moving.

*You need to have a couple of No. 2 pencils to use and then we will have extras in case you need one.  Bring your calculator but make sure it is an approved one.  Do not wait til tomorrow morning to figure this out as you will not have time to go ask for one and Mr. Parsons & Mr. Harris will be giving state assessments and will not be available. **Check the email I sent you last week with the list of approved and illegal calculators.

*Keep your cell phones and chromebooks in your backpacks and leave them in the hallway downstairs please.  Those of you who carry water bottles and drinks with you, ACT does not allow anything in the test room so have your food and drink finished before you come in.

*We will provide snacks at the break.  The first test is English and is scheduled for 45 minutes, the 2nd test is Math and is scheduled for 60 minutes.  At the conclusion of the Math test you will get a 15 minute break.  The instructions when you are finished

are always the same--”Close your test book with your answer sheet in side and put your pencil down”.  Different than tests we take at school, if you are done early and want a drink, need to use the restroom, want to take a walk,  etc… we can’t release you.  You have to just sit quietly if you are finished early.  Take your time and look over your work.  When you come back after break, you have the Reading test, 35 minutes and the Science test, 35 minutes and you are finished.  Once we finish, there are several details we as room monitors have to check before we can dismiss you.  Please be patient with this and do your best.

*Results should be back within 2 weeks…... 

 March 29, 2019

Juniors, after visiting with a lot of you yesterday on schedules wanted to remind you of the importance of doing well on the ACT next Tuesday.  I know many of you want to take College Algebra next year as well as both semesters of Comp and this test is critical for you to qualify.  Do your best!

Start emailing me about college classes you want to take for the 1st semester.  If you do not want Human Relations (may not fit in your major) 2nd hour next Fall look for an online class through HCC that does fit your major pathway.  If you have not looked at the class list you need to take for what you are saying you are going to major in you need to do so and quickly.  Use your advisor or myself to help you with this.  

If you are cadet teaching or a teacher aide please let me know who you would like to go with.  

Double check the email on the legal calculator you may use for next Tuesday and borrow a different one if you need to.

March 28,2019

Juniors, starting today, Mr. Weinbrenner has set up Home Room time with your advisor.  You need to get several things accomplished and include your advisor in what your plans are as we move more toward the State model with the advisors helping.

  1.  Your advisor will have your 1st semester line schedule and a prelim master line schedule for next year.  This schedule you are receiving is what works best right now for you to get the classes in that you want as well as Cadet Teaching, Teachers Aide, etc… If an hour is empty make sure you have a plan and visit with me when you can.
  2. Go to your Course Planner in Career Cruising and update what you are taking next year.  For many of you the IPS may be different than what you had listed. From last year.  Get the 4 year IPS accurate.  
  3. Make sure your updated resume is showing, hopefully you have titled it “2019 resume”, etc…. Update your information in Career Cruising so it shows your folks, advisors and recruiters what your plans are.  
  4. If you plan on taking college classes you need to get enrolled.  You need to see me as soon as you can to get this set up.  If you already are set up in DragonZone (HCC’s version of Powerschool) then all you need to do is give me a list of what you want to take.  Remember you may take any elective regardless of an ACT or Accuplacer score but you may not take Comp I in place of English IV if you don’t have an ACT English score of 20 or higher.  

ACT test is set for next Tuesday, April 2nd  with the hopes you will have scores back by April 10th or 12th.  This will help you in determining if you need to take an Accuplacer if you want Comp I.  An Accuplacer is a modified version of the ACT English but it is untimed.   I can give you this test any time after your ACT results are in at no charge.

If you are Cadet Teaching next year or a Teachers Aide I need to start listing these so it is time to ask or have me ask for you and then Mr. Weinbrenner can approve them.

March 19, 2019



      A reminder that ACT has rescheduled the “free” test date for Tuesday, April 2nd.  I have sent home a letter reminding your folks.  We don’t need to do anything other than show up that morning and take the test.  A reminder to bring  pencils and a calculator.  We will do our best to run quickly and on time but need your help in getting here a little before the test so we can start on time.  We would like to start right at the 8:15 bell so if you could be downstairs by 8:05-8:10 that would really help.  You will be released after the test for the rest of the day but realize there are home baseball/softball games as well as a track meet and golf meet.  Busy day!  Do your best to focus on the test to get your best score.  There is still time to prep, get a practice test, etc…


     It is time to start locking down some schedules for next Fall even though we don’t have a line schedule complete yet.  For those of you taking college classes through HCC, the first thing we need to do is help you get admitted.  I can get you started any time on this process, just stop by the office and I will show you how.  Right now it looks like Public Speaking will be 1st hour, Human Relations- 2nd hour and College Comp- 4th hour for the Fall semester.  We can get you scheduled for the electives but you will need a 20 ACT English score to take Comp.  If you do not meet the ACT score and want to take an Accuplacer test with me later this spring so you can get into Comp, see me when you have time.  

     It’s not too late to make spring visits to colleges and vocational schools but you need to act quickly in the next few weeks.  See me if you need help.

Feb. 21, 2019


    ACT has rescheduled the “free” test we were to give yesterday for Tuesday, April 2nd.  This is not an ideal date for us with Track, Baseball, Softball and Golf all scheduled for this date too but we need to make the best of it.  We should be finished testing in plenty of time for the afternoon schedule but if you are golfing and it’s an early start time we need to talk about whether testing will work or not for you.

     We will use the same schedule in April as we had set for yesterday starting at 8:15 a.m. and finishing by 12:30.  We will also release you once testing is finished for the day with the understanding you need to be back in time for your activities.  

     Those of you who were planning on ACT testing on the April 13th date as some of you remember hearing this date usually produces your best score for your junior year, please start visiting with the folks as to the benefits of doing this now that the state has moved the “free” test to April also.  I have shared this with several of you but would like all to hear it.   You are welcome to test whenever you want to based on your goals and plans.  We certainly support you in what you want to do.  That being said, realize, testing on April 2nd, you will not have results back and to register for the April 13th  test date you must do so by Friday, March 8th already.  Personally, I have to think taking back-to-back tests like this would not be productive unless it’s a “have to”, meaning you are trying to qualify for a class, school, etc…  Would be glad to visit with you about this.  The last ACT for the year then would be in June.  

A reminder to any of you applying for National Honor Society that the deadline is fast approaching with apps due by Friday, March 1.  See me or a Faculty Council

member if you need help.  Make sure you follow all instructions carefully and have someone proof your application before sending it to me digitally.

Feb. 19, 2019


    An update for tomorrow’s ACT test we will give.

**If we have school as regular we will do our best to start on time at 8:15.  If we see that students will be late, buses late we can push the start time of the ACT back a little.

**If we would start school late, most times it’s usually a 10:00 a.m. start then we would still give the ACT but move the starting time back to about 10:15 am to accommodate students.  

**If school would be cancelled, ACT will move the test date to Tuesday, April 2nd.  Then we would end up shipping all test materials, answer sheets, etc… back to ACT and order a new set for the April date.  Tuesday, April 2nd is not a clear date on our calendar either, ballgames, golf, etc…  

I know some of you had plans of signing up for the April test date which is Sat. April 13th.  If the ACT test is cancelled tomorrow, taking two ACT’s this close together is something we should certainly discuss to see if it’s worth your time and money investment.  The registration deadline for the April ACT is Friday, March 8.  Let’s see how tomorrow plays out.

Your best approach right now is to get in the mind set that you will take the ACT tomorrow.  If you don’t test, no harm done.  If you mentally plan that you have no test tomorrow because of the snow and then we do, you’re probably not going to be ready for your best effort.  Very similar to not knowing whether a game will be cancelled or not, you still have to get yourself mentally prepared to play as if the game was on.

Feb. 11, 2019

Juniors taking the ACT at Inman HS on Wednesday, Feb. 20, please take some time to prep a little before the test.  A reminder there are several retired ACT tests in Mr. Pf's office and Mrs. Jordan can get you a password to Fuel Ed ACT Prep if you want it.  

Juniors, the ACT on Wednesday Feb. 20 will start at 8:15 a.m. in rooms 301 & 302 in the basement.  Bring your pencils & calculators.  Be earlier than 8:15 as we will start instructions right at the last bell.  

The testing runs for 2 sessions, then a break and then 2 more sessions to finish.  Make sure you have ate breakfast before you come to school as no food or drink is allowed in the testing room.  Cell phones and chromebooks need to be left in your car, locker or backpack whichever you prefer.  Backpacks will not be allowed in the testing rooms.   

Once Testing is completed and all forms filled out you will be released for the rest of the day.  You do need to be back for practices and/or after school activities.

Juniors who are taking the ACT on Wednesday, Feb. 20th, you need to get with Mr. Pf this week for about 5-10 minutes during home room, an elective hour, etc... to fill out your answer form.  This must be completed before the test date.  I will give each of you a schedule of the test day so you know what it looks like.  

The Electronic Devices information, Food & Drink, etc… are all ACT policy that we need to follow.  The information about the electronics is shared with you so many times because it is the No. 1 reason students are dismissed from testing, having a cell phone ring in the test room, or accidentally picking it up out of habit to look at, etc…  


   A reminder KSU Rep Hannah Reynolds is here today recruiting during home room.  She will be in the Auditorium.  If you have an interest please attend.

 From Kansas State University:   We would like to invite you to attend K-State's annual All-University Open House on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

K-State's Open House informs high school students, community college students, and their families of the unique educational opportunities available at K-State. There will be displays and events hosted by our nine academic colleges with programming at K-State Manhattan, K-State Polytechnic in Salina and K-State Olathe. Visitors may also learn more about student organizations, tour living options, enjoy free entertainment and see student projects. There will be programs and activities for people of all ages with a particular emphasis on high school students.


In addition to the Open House events, we will be hosting a personalized day for high achieving high school juniors. This special program will allow these students individualized access to Open House events as well as recognition for their high accomplishments. We will also be offering a scholarship information session presented by our Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance.

If you have questions about this program please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on K-State's All-University Open House, visit

The following links will get you information regarding Junior Visit Days this spring at the three D-I schools in the state.  If you are interested please make the contact and set up the visit.  If you need help please come see me.       KU       KSU   WSU  

Jan. 24, 2019

Hannah Reynolds from KSU will be here recruiting on Monday, Feb. 11 during home room.  It is important that you come to this meeting if KSU is on your list as they have a Nov. 1 early Scholarship deadline for you as seniors.  She will give you some information that will help you be prepared.  Also….

Junior Days

Juniors can begin exploring college options and attend a Junior Day at K-State! To learn more about what the day is like, tune in to Facebook or Instagram on Friday, February 8 at 9 a.m. to get an inside look. Students can visit with academic representatives, learn about campus living options and how to pay for college, and experience the atmosphere of K-State’s Manhattan campus. There are several Junior Days held throughout the spring, and you can register by going to

K-State Coffee Night in McPherson 

I will be hosting one-on-one K-State information sessions in McPherson on February 21st. Students and parents or guardians are invited to RSVP for an informal, sit-down meeting with me to learn more about K-State and get their questions answered. We will cover important deadlines, admissions and scholarship process, majors, living opportunities, campus involvement or anything else students may be interested in. Students can RSVP via the links below:

February 21st Coffee Night at Craft Coffee Parlor located at 120 N. Main St. McPherson, KS 67460

Register Here:

Jan. 18, 2019


    Several reminders for enrollment for your senior year that we have worked on the the last two days.  

  1.  You should have chosen your classes on Powerschool and shown them to me or Mrs. Baldwin.
  2. You should have your Career Cruising Course Planner updated with your senior year classes.  Your advisor will be asking you to show them your choices and explain.
  3. If you plan on taking HCC classes next Fall and you haven’t already done so, I need you to create an account on HCC’s website, Dragonzone.  See me if you need help and the biggest reminder when you do this---use your personal email not the school email!

**A reminder just because we ask to choose classes doesn’t mean you are locked in to what you take next year.  You can change your schedule anytime this spring or summer.  

**Those of you planning on taking college classes next year on our campus or online please start visiting with the folks on what your plans are.  Remember to share the cost of a college class usually runs around $300 and then the cost of a book(s).  It can be very expensive but in the long run as your alumni have told you it really pays dividends to take as much as you can if you know what you want to do.  

***If you are not sure what college classes you need--go to the college website of a school you are interested in and go to their list of majors and course offerings.  If you click on your major, most schools have a detailed report of the classes you need to take.  I have shown you HCC’s and it is a very detailed plan you can follow.  See me if you need help.  You should never take a class w/o knowing that it is something you can use in your major field or as an elective.  

Jan. 16, 2019

I wanted to share a website with some information about pathways and jobs in Kansas and the future predictions.  Check out the following link  to see what various counties in Kansas are listing as their needs for careers pathways and the future of those jobs.  Just click on a county to see the information about the top 10 “High Demand Occupations”.  Pretty interesting if you are wanting to stay in Kansas. 

Jan. 15, 2019



    The American Legion Boys state information is being posted on their website at   If you are interested in attending please follow up on the mail you will get from the American Legion post out of McPherson.  I’m not sure when that will arrive but keep checking over the next few weeks.  I have a few fliers and some details in my office if you would like more.


   Tomorrow, we are starting to enroll for your senior year so it is time to start talking with your parents about the options you want, the costs, details, etc…  Especially, if you are going to take college classes on our campus or online.  The expense for school at the beginning of the year increases quite a bit when a student takes 9-12 college credit hours with the cost of tuition and books.  Please make sure your folks know your plans.  I usually email your parents later in the spring when we finalize enrollment but you should have already touched base with them on what you want to do.

   You’ve been through this several years so please remember enrolling does not lock in any classes yet.  You may change your schedule up until school starts next August and then one week in.

     If you are wanting to take college classes next year be aware---  you can take any elective regardless of test score or ACT score as long as you are a student in “good standing”.  You have to qualify to enroll in College Comp or College Algebra by  meeting the standard scores.  On the ACT you need a 20 on the English section to qualify for Comp and a 21 on the Math section to qualify for College Algebra.  You may also take an Accuplacer (untimed test) with me later this spring if your ACT score does not qualify you.


    We will update Career Cruising under “Course Planner” at the same time so that your advisor and folks can see your choices.  

     Lynette Hilty from Hutchinson Community College will be here recruiting on Tuesday, January 29th during home room.  She will explain the Step Ahead program in more detail than I will give you.  Plan on attending this please!!  She will also encourage you to set up a visit for this spring to the HCC campus to see the program(s) you are interested in.  

     Hannah Reynolds from KSU will be here recruiting on Monday, Feb. 11th during home room.  If you are looking at K-State post high school you need to attend this for details and deadlines.  

Jan. 10, 2019

Juniors, I have held off on the information about the February ACT until now, waiting to make sure we have all or in this case most of the details from the state.  There are still some items we might have to change in the testing process but I think most of the details listed here are complete.  Remember, ACT has very strict rules about testing.  

*We are scheduled to administer the ACT test Wednesday, Feb. 20th. 

*We will use rooms 301 and 302 in the basement so your testing environment is in smaller groups.  

*The test will start right at 8:15 and you will need to be in the room early just as you would on a regular Saturday test date.  If we start and you are not in the room we can’t include you in the testing.  

*You are responsible to bring the typical ACT test items of No. 2 pencils and your approved calculator.  The state has not made it clear yet on the need for ID but we would hope you wouldn’t need a test ticket, etc… I will let you know as they let us know.

*The list of approved calculators can be found at 

*A few weeks before the test date I will meet with you juniors to fill out the recruiting information.  We are testing paper/pencil to keep it the same as you do when you go to Buhler, Hutchinson & McPherson to test. I have not been told by the state yet how much we will need to fill out so I don’t know how long this will take us but we will have to complete certain registration parts for the state to give you the free test.  

*The test administration should be finished by 12:15-12:30 depending on the collection of materials.  It will be a long morning so please eat some breakfast prior to.  ACT is a “stickler” on the fact that you may not have drinks or food in the testing room.  Finish your breakfast before you get to the test room.  

*ACT is also very strict on having any electronics with you.  The following paragraph is something you need to look over carefully as it is read at the beginning of the test. 

 **Electronic Devices…

All items brought into the test site may be searched.  Any items suspected of

being used to engage in misconduct may be confiscated and retained.

Cell phones, smart watches, fitness bands, and any other devices with recording,

internet, or communication capabilities are prohibited.

Once you are checked into your test room, all devices must be powered off and

placed out of sight. Turning your device to silent or airplane mode is not

acceptable.  You may not handle or access such devices until you leave

the test site.  You may not access your phone during break.

If you have a cell phone or electronic device and can store it in a car, locker, or

somewhere outside of the test room before you are checked in, please do so.

Now that you have powered off and stored away your device, you may not

handle or access it again until you leave the test site at the end of testing.  If you

 access a device, or if a devices activates or makes any noise or vibration, you

 will be dismissed and your test will not be scored.

*The length & timing of the test creates problems for you guys and for our staff in providing you lunch.  I have asked Mr. Weinbrenner and he supports releasing you for the afternoon classes after testing is finished so you can go home to eat or catch a bite somewhere.  You may come back to class if you wish but are not required to. We will notify your parents in an email as the test draws closer.  You are expected to be back for practices after school.    

*Those of you who have tested before are familiar with the format of the test but for those of you testing for the first time please look over the following….  The order and timing of the ACT is as follows:  English 45 minutes, Math 60 minutes, Break- 15 minutes, Reading 35 minutes, Science 35 minutes.  You may not have other material with you to read when you are finished, etc… ACT allows only the one break in the testing and this is to be used for students to use the restroom, relax, get a drink, etc… During the test itself students may not leave the room to use the restroom.  

*I needed to share the logistics and details of the test date with you but of much greater importance to you is the need to prep a little for the test and work to earn the highest score you can.  I have  several of the retired tests in the office for your practice and also Mrs. Jordan has access to Fuel Ed ACT prep that she can share with you if you ask her for it.

Juniors and Seniors, Jeff Glimpse from Viega would like to come to our campus next Tuesday, Jan. 15th at 1:30 and visit with any student who is looking at options for post high school.  Viega is an international company who manufactures components for plumbing and HVAC systems.  The plant located in McPherson is looking for employees and has a great program where HS grads who go to work for them get their college degree paid for.  If any of you are interested in visiting with Jeff or listening to what he has to offer, contact and sign up with Mr. Pfannenstiel by Friday, Jan. 11th.  We won't ask Jeff to come out if there is no interest.

Jan. 9, 2019

Juniors, if you are wanting to attend the ACT workshop here on Wednesday, Jan. 23, there is still time to sign up.  Get your registration form and check in the office to Margie or Mindy asap.  I will email you more details when we have secured enough students to offer the workshop.

I am working on your 5 Semester transcripts and will be sending those to you via email sometime yet this week, actually just finished it this morning while finishing MAP Tests.  Please check for accuracy on as much as you can.  Example--ACT scores, etc...just make sure it is updated, no classes missing, grades look accurate, etc…  This is the transcript you would use this spring for any recruiting or scholarship work.  Remember, if you are asked to send an “official” transcript---that must come from the front office.

Dec. 3, 2018

Inman HS students--- we will be trying to offer a 2nd ACT workshop this 2nd semester on our campus.  We have tentatively locked in Wednesday, Jan. 23 for Power Prep (same company who presented last year) to come out and present an ACT test prep session.  If you are a junior taking the free ACT in February this would be a good resource for you.  Cost for the session would $45.  Inman HS would need 20 students to sign up to host the session.  Check the Jr. Website or your Google Classroom for more information.  Let Mr. Pfannenstiel know if you want to attend or have any questions.  We won’t need payment until closer to the January session date.

Nov. 29, 2018

Juniors I had the chance today to visit with Mr. McConnell who is with the Hutchinson Electrical Training Academy.  The program they offer in a nutshell is for a student who wants to become an Inside Wireman (Electrician).  This program allows students to work full time, get paid, have insurance, etc.. and attend class 1-2 days per month as they get their Journeyman License.  The program runs for 5 years, students can take the Journeyman test after the 3rd year.  The advantage of this program is there is no cost to go to school.  The Flier below will give you more details.  Anyone interested in this program please see me.  Yes, this opportunity would be a year away before you would apply but we could sure send you over to the Training Facility this spring for you to see what it is about.  

Notice of Apprenticeship Opportunity

For the position of Inside Wireman (Electrician) Apprentice

The Hutchinson Electrical Training Academy (HETA) will be accepting applications for a five- year Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. Individuals who are selected will be employed by an electrical contractor for On-The-Job Training and attend school for the related classroom training. This program includes 900 hours of classroom instruction with 8000 hours of on-the-job training. There is no tuition cost, the apprentice is responsible for Book, Server Fees and tool cost. (Estimated cost over the five-year program is $3,800)

Applications will be taken on a year-round basis. Interviews will be conducted in Spring of each year. Interviewed applicants will remain on an active list for two years from the date that they interviewed. Applications must be made in person.

To qualify for an oral interview and ranking, applicants must:

a. Complete an application form, accurately responding to all questions and items.

b. Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of application and 18 years of age at the

          Time of the interview.

c. Be at least a high school graduate, have a GED, or have a two-year Associate

         Degree or higher.

d. Show evidence of successful completion of; one full year of high school algebra with

         passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with passing grade.

e. Provide official transcript(s) for high school and any post high school education and

        training. All GED records must be submitted if applicable.

f. Possess a valid driver's license.

HETA will interview applicants and make selections for apprenticeship on an as-needed basis.  New apprentices will begin work when employment becomes available. The related classroom training begins in July of each year. The recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, shall be without discrimination because of Race, color, religion, national origin, sex or age-except the applicant must be at least 17 years of age to apply and 18 years of

age at the time of indenture. The HETA does not, and will not, discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability of such individual. The sponsor will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under applicable law and lawful regulations issued thereunder. Selected applicants may be subject to substance abuse testing.


Applicants who meet all basic requirements will be interviewed by HETA. Apprentices will be selected in order of their final ranking.

For all correspondence and for more information, contact:

Hutchinson Electrical Training Alliance, 200 West 2nd Ave., Hutchinson, KS 67501          620-663-8988

Nov. 27, 2018

If you are interested in KU please check out the Junior Days they are offering this spring.  Registration is not open until January.  We have had students attend these recruiting days before and really feel good about it.

Check out the following links…

Nov. 26, 2018

Juniors, several informational items….

Oct. 24, 2018


     The Ark Valley Electric Cooperative in South Hutchinson, Kansas is offering an opportunity for one 2018-19 Junior or Senior to win a one time $1,000 scholarship to the college of their choice and a trip to Washington, D.C.  Ark Valley is also extending the opportunity  for another 2018-19 junior or senior to win a $500 scholarship to the college  of their choice.  These opportunities are available to the students of any member of Ark Valley Electric Cooperative. 

   The scholarship application is on our scholarship website and is due in the Ark Valley Electric Cooperative office by 5:00 pm on December 3.  The application can also be emailed to by the same date and time.  I would definitely include a personal resume along with the app, the essay or the video.  If you have questions please call 1-888-297-9212.  


    If you are a finalist you will be asked to make a presentation of your essay or video to a panel of judges and answer any questions.  The two winners will be notified by January 4, 2019.

Oct. 22, 2018

Juniors…...   A reminder that we will leave today at 9:40 from the front of the building to the attend the CPC at Hutch High.  We will be back by home room.

   One of our state goals is to help students have options in planning their future and today would be a chance for you to see colleges, vocational schools, specialty schools, military recruiters, etc.. from all over our state.  We usually only have about 15 schools come here each semester to recruit.  Today you will have the chance to see about 55-60 schools in state.

    You can be involved as much as you want today.  Some students simply walk around with their friends, pick up literature about schools or programs while others stop and fill out recruiting forms, get their names in with coaches and sponsors while talking with recruiters.  Please take advantage of what they offer.  At the least, today should make you think more serious about what you will be doing in a short year and half after graduation.  It should also help encourage you to have a visit with the folks, your advisor and myself about your future.

   A reminder that it is time to start making college visits.  We are past colleges mid terms and now is a perfect time to get on a campus, sit in on a class, look at your career path more seriously.  It’s easy for students to say “Oh I know I’m going to KU or KSU or WSU” but the reality is if you never get out and visit, sit in on a class, see the dorms, visit with an advisor, check out costs, etc… you really aren’t very prepared to make those “next step” decisions.  

If you are planning on taking the ACT in December, the registration deadline is set for Friday, Nov. 2nd.  See me if you need help.  Register at

Oct. 15, 2018

Juniors who are wanting to follow an Engineering career pathway please note that the Wichita Chapter of Professional Engineers is once again offering a chance for up to 5 students from Inman HS to spend a day with a professional engineer at their job. The date this year for the job shadow is set for Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students will also get an opportunity to go to WSU and hear first hand from students that are in the Engineering program what it is like. The deadline for registration is set for December 31st, 2018. To register you need to print, sign and mail your form to the address listed on the registration form.

We have had students attend this job shadow day before and have really enjoyed seeing what Engineering is about. I personally remember stories from our past students on how it helped them see what Engineering is really like and helped them shape their own decisions on what to do. One of our past seniors told me that since he was always so strong in Math that everyone told him "Oh you'd be great in the Engineering pathway" and he just assumed that identity all through HS without really knowing what a Mechanical Engineer actually did. It was his junior year when he went on this job shadow with Coleman Industries that he realized, "that's not what I want to do". I remember one of our other students who went to this job shadow and he was in the Aviation field and while he was with his Engineer for the day , I think he was either at Cessna or Beech, Payton Manning flew his jet in to have work done on it. He got to see a celebrity on his job shadow as well as see what the engineer did.

Please consider attending this job shadow if you are looking at an Engineering pathway.

Oct. 9, 2018

Register at  

Oct. 4, 2018


    A reminder this month the following recruiters are coming to visit…

Pitt State                Friday, Oct. 5

Kansas Newman        Monday, Oct. 8

WSU                        Tuesday, Oct. 9

Bethel College        Wednesday, Oct. 24

Also, a reminder Mr. Weinbrenner and I will take all of you jrs to a College Planning Conference at Hutch High School on Monday, Oct. 22nd.  We will leave at 9:15 and be back by Home room.  This is an opportunity to see almost all of the colleges and vocational schools in the state of Kansas and visit with the recruiters, fill out information sheets, etc…

I attended an ACT & WorkKeys workshop yesterday in Wichita to get some clarification on the ACT testing this spring.  If you remember from when we met in August I had shared with you that the state legislature had allocated money for every junior to take an ACT test this spring regardless of whether you had tested before or not.  I know in visiting with a lot of you that you have already built this date into your plan.  Here are the details I know of so far.

**I would strongly encourage all of the juniors to take this ACT (normally $50.50) in February as the benefits would be to get a score you can use for college, admission work, scholarships, getting into classes, programs, etc..

I like the fact that you don’t have to give up a Saturday and that you can test in your own school environment with your classmates.  I hope you will consider it.

I also want to share with you what the WorkKeys tests are about as the legislature has also offered to pay for a free WorkKeys test for any junior or senior.  The WorkKeys tests are a battery of 8 different tests designed to let students see if they are “Career Ready”.  The test we would give would be 3 sections, Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy & Applied Math.  Each section is 55 minutes long.  We would use the Paper/Pencil version.  The benefit of the WorkKeys testing is that it allows you to see your level of readiness to go into the workforce at this point in time.  At the conclusion of the testing students will receive a readiness certificate to take to an employer showing the level of competency they have demonstrated on their test.  Typically, students are given Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates based on their score.  

Who should take this test?  All students are welcome but I would see a real benefit for a student whose post high school plan might be leaning toward going straight to the workforce.  The way our state has set it up right now with one free test your jr or sr year, I’m not sure I would encourage a Junior to take it yet unless you plan on taking the test again (paying for it yourself).  I think I would wait til my senior year to take it but would encourage you to talk it over with the folks and myself or your advisor.  Some local industries use the WorkKeys specifically when you apply.  

What we know about the WorkKeys…..

I will be visiting with you in the next couple of weeks to see if you want to commit to taking the ACT and/or the WorkKeys.

Sept. 25, 2018


    I know the office has sent messages to your folks about the McPherson Manufest coming up next week on Wednesday, Oct. 3.  The link to sign up to attend this meal and presentation about the manufacturing businesses in McPherson County can be found at  The deadline for this registration is set for Oct. 1.  The flier below gives you a little more information about who is presenting and what the evening holds.

Sept. 18, 2018

Juniors, a few updates on recruiters....anyone else you want me to contact to come out?  Also, it’s time to start setting up your fall visits if you haven’t already.  

Fort Hays State                 Monday, Sept 24, Home Room

NCKTC Beloit                 Tuesday, Sept. 25, Home Room

KU                                 Friday, Sept. 28, Home Room

Bethany                         Monday, Oct. 1, Home Room

Pitt State                         Friday, Oct. 5, Home Room

Kansas Newman                 Monday, Oct. 8, Home Room

WSU                                 Tuesday, Oct. 9, Home Room

Bethel                         Wednesday, Oct. 24, Home Room

Sept. 17, 2018

jr sr day header.png

 Your experience matters!

Just one visit and you’ll see why K-State Polytechnic is the place for you!

Join us for a day dedicated to helping juniors and seniors explore our campus and experience the difference of a polytechnic education. To give you a hint, it's where innovative learning and real-world experience converge!

K-State Polytechnic is:

  • 14:1 student-to-professor ratio
  • 78% hands-on lab space
  • 1 of 4 campuses in the Kansas State University system
  • 96% job placement rate after graduation


Join us for Junior and Senior Day

Fri., Oct. 19Register Now


Several items for a busy, busy week of Homecoming....

1) McPherson College is here recruiting today during home room. There is a short meeting with Mr. Weinbrenner in the auditorium but you should have plenty of time to meet with the rep afterwards.

2) Tuesday, Inman HS alum Kristen Knackstedt is here during home room to share about her pathway at K-State after she graduated in 2014. I think you find this helpful if you are looking at any of the D-I schools regardless of your major.

3)  This Friday, Sept. 21 is the ACT registration deadline for the October test date. I think there are a lot of you wanting to take this test which is good. Please get registered at If you are needing questions answered about the minimum score cuts needed for scholarships, athletics, activities, just stop by and visit with me.  This will be a baseline score for a lot of you so approach with an open mind and prep for it whatever way works best for you.  Remember, the ACT is not a one time approach on the test.  You should plan to take it several times over the Jr. & Sr. year.  Start working on that plan of when you will test and what your goal will be.  See me as you need to.


      Wednesday, Oct. 3, from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Kansas Municipal Utilities building, 2090 E. Avenue A in McPherson, Ks. the Industry Professionals of McPherson County will be hosting an evening of information about careers in our county and all of you are invited.  Employers from Bradbury, Central States, CertainTeed, Ferguson, Hutton, Johns Manville, Moridge & Viega will present and have some demonstrations from former and current students.  I have sent each of you a flier in Google Classroom.  I have not heard if there is a sign-up, etc… for the evening but expect to hear something this week.

Sept. 13, 2018

See Mr. Pfannenstiel if you are interested in the next CNA class set for Buhler!!!

Sept. 12, 2018

Juniors, on Monday, Oct. 22nd we will be taking all of you who want to attend to the College Fair that will be hosted by Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson High School, and KACRAO.  The fair is located at Hutchinson High School in the Salthawk Activity center.


The fair is from 9:15 am to 10:55 am the morning of Monday, October 22nd 2018.  You can visit with over 50 plus Universities, Community Colleges, Technical schools, and possible branches of the military.  It is a chance to just walk around, meet recruiters, pickup brochures or other information, etc...


If you want to …. You may register online for this College Fair, get a barcode on an email and then let the recruiter scan the barcode at the different booths and this way you don’t have to fill out a lot of recruiting forms while you are there by hand.  Totally up to you.  To use this feature go through the following steps….

The KU School of Engineering will host its annual Engineering Open House, on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 from 8AM-noon. This event gives prospective KU engineering students the ability to interact with current engineering students, staff and faculty, as well as speak with various KU Engineering student organizations, and KU departments, such as: Financial Aid & Scholarships, KU Student Housing and the University Honors Program. Guests will also have the opportunity to hear about majors offered by the KU School of Engineering, and tour our state-of-the-art engineering facilities.


If you are interested, please check out , for a detailed schedule of events, as well as a link to register. Registration is mandatory due to parking restrictions that day, due to the homecoming football game. Registration closes on Monday, September 24th at 8AM.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Rock Chalk!


KU School of Engineering

Undergraduate Recruitment


Sept. 7, 2018

If you are attending HCTEA or taking a college class---don’t forget with the 1st weekend of the Fair to wear your HCC shirt if you attend.  A reminder with your ID card that we don’t have a comprehensive list of places, be it restaurants, etc.. that you get discounts at so you just have to ask to see if it works.  Your ID should get you into games at HCC though or any of the Dillon Lecture series speakers.  

Sept. 4, 2018


    Hesston College will let me nominate 3 of our Jr. and/or Sr students who are natural leaders for a $1000 scholarship, solely on my recommendation.  I need to make my nominations by October 1.  I would love to visit with any of you that are seriously considering Hesston to see if I can possibly get you that nomination and the $1000 scholarship.  Their recruiter, Morgan, is here on Thursday to visit so might be worth your while to stop by the conference room and meet her.  

   I wanted to share with you the information about Hesston College sent me…..

“This past year Hesston College had students from 29 states and 17 countries represented on campus.  The total enrollment was 442 students with 25 different faith backgrounds. “  This year we have Kaylee Wedel at Hesston as she pursues her Nursing degree.  

Kansas State University will be here on Friday, Sept. 14th to recruit.  I am sending you juniors an email with information regarding admission criteria, dates, deadlines, scholarships, housing information, FAFSA deadlines, etc…  please check your school email for all this information.  Yes, it’s a year away but you need to have knowledge of how this all works.   Kansas State PolyTech in Salina has Jr/Sr Day set for October 19, 2018 and Polytechnic Wildcat for a Day set for November 1-2, 2018.

Kansas State University at Manhattan has an ACT workshop scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 6th in Olathe and in Manhattan for Saturday, Oct. 20th.  Junior Days at K-State in Manhattan are set for Friday, Nov. 9, Friday, Nov. 30, Monday, Dec. 3 and Friday, Dec. 7.  Make your plans if you wish to attend.  Find out more at

August 31, 2018

Updated Recruiters visits schedule….

US Army                        Friday, August 31                Lunch (Commons)

US Marines                        Wednesday, Sept. 5                Lunch (Commons)

Hesston College                Thursday, Sept. 6                Home Room

Ks. Air National Guard        Friday, Sept. 7                Home Room

Kansas State                        Friday, Sept 14                Home Room

McPherson College                 Monday, Sept. 17                Home Room

Hutchinson CC                Thursday, Sept. 20th                Lunch/Pizza in the Commons

Fort Hays State                Monday, Sept. 24                Home Room

NCKTC (Beloit)                Tuesday, Sept. 25                Home Room

Kansas Newman                Monday, Oct. 8                Home Room

Wichita State                        Tuesday, Oct. 9                Home Room

Bethel College                Wednesday, Oct. 24                Home Room

August 28, 2018

“Seniors 20”





If you are undecided on what you want to major in there are several routes I suggest you consider…..


1)        check out various college & vocational school Websites for list of

majors, opportunities, classes required, etc..—Go to &

click on Majors to get a list of potential pathways.  You can use any

school be it college or vocational.  

2)        stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of

majors and         help you eliminate at least a few through discussion.

3)        go into your Career Cruising program, review your information and

continue to         research in depth….


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, recruiters all ask similar questions in meeting with you.




  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.


  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Public & Private Schools have a sliding scale and a simple rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.


I know you are aware of this already that not every student qualifies or earns scholarships.  If you are fortunate enough to have the grades, the ACTs or the skills recruiters are looking at please feel proud, blessed and remember to say “thank you”.  Books scholarships---some students chuckle when they hear that a senior got a books scholarship.  After taking college classes you will realize why a “Books” scholarship is great.



Academic:  when you apply for admission – fill out the scholarships app & meet the deadlines.  Have your resume ready to go with references (make sure your references are aware you put their names down and out of courtesy tell them they might get a call or email).  These scholarships are all ACT/GPA/Service Project related.


From the begining of your sr. year until January – early scholarships are based on the Highest ACT, GPA, PSAT, etc..

From January on – scholarships are more Department based, performance based, offered based on needs of the school.


Activities:  Work through your sponsor/teacher:  Band-Horton, Vocal-Horton, Art-Brensing, Scholars Bowl-Parsons, FFA-Knapp etc.. they will be your contact person and biggest help/advocate. I can help you but your sponsors & coaches are the key.


Athletics:  Work through your coaches/sponsors to set up tryouts, auditions, sending of tapes, etc.. be it for any sport, dance or cheer.













August 23, 2018


     Every October McPherson County Celebrates its Manufacturers- during this month various employers open their doors to the schools, public and host open houses.  Many of you have toured Viega, Bradbury, etc.. with Mr. Sprunger the last several years.  This year, they will kick off the month with an event called the McPherson County Manufest. This event will take place from 6-8 pm on October 3rd at the KMU building; 2090 E Avenue A.  The agenda though tentative, looks like there will be employers, CTE completers, HS students, etc.. that will share information about the school to work options, employment options, skills needed, etc.. to compete for jobs.  I will remind you of this event as the date gets closer.  

August 22, 2018

Any student interested in taking a CNA class this Fall please see Mr. Pfannenstiel for details of a class that still has open spots in Moundridge starting Sept. 6th.  A reminder the cost of this class would be covered by CTE for high school students.  The class is set for Thursday evenings and then Saturday & Sundays from 1 pm to 9 pm.  The class will end on Oct. 20th.  If you want to get signed up let me know asap and I will notify our contact at HCC.

**Juniors, anyone who is testing in September or October, I have received a shipment of the paper ACT practice tests with the newest “retired” test for you to work with.  Stop by the office any time and get one off the gray cart!

August 21, 2018

College Recruiters visits schedule….

US Army                        Friday, Aug. 31                Lunch   (Commons)

Hesston College                Thursday, Sept. 6                Home Room

Ks. Air National Guard        Friday, Sept. 7                Home Room

Kansas State                        Friday, Sept 14                Home Room

McPherson College                 Monday, Sept. 17                Home Room

Fort Hays State                Monday, Sept. 24                Home Room

NCKTC (Beloit)                Tuesday, Sept. 25                Home Room

Kansas Newman                Monday, Oct. 8                Home Room

Wichita State                        Tuesday, Oct. 9                Home Room

Bethel College                Wednesday, Oct. 24                Home Room

August 10, 2018

KU Recruiting this Fall…… a good chance to get information and meet the KU reps… Register at the link below...

Preview KU.

Monday, September 24, 2018

7:00-8:00 pm


1100 N Plum St.


For more information and to register for Preview KU,

go to


Please help us to promote Preview KU to all high school students interested in KU.


We hope to see you!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

August 8, 2018

Juniors, as you are making plans to take the ACT this year and checking your calendar, the following message was released yesterday.  We do not know all the details but this should provide an ACT test for every Junior free of charge.  There will be more details released later this month.  I will share with you details about the Work Keys test also when we meet at the beginning of school.

KSDE and ACT have signed a contract to administer at no charge to the student or district both the ACT and WorkKeys to all juniors and any senior who has not had the opportunity to complete the assessments. ACT and WorkKeys are not required assessments. A student may complete both or just one.

·         Statewide ACT testing date – Wednesday, February 20, 2019

        Writing not included

·         Statewide WorkKeys testing date – Thursday, February 21, 2019


·         Accommodations (specific details not yet available)

·         Student score reports will be available 3 – 8 weeks after testing

·         Students may choose to have ACT scores sent to colleges

·         National Career Readiness Certificates will be provided to those who qualify

·         Administered locally – Each high school registering students for the free assessments will be

       responsible for administering the tests

·         Schools will choose between paper/pencil or computer for assessment delivery

·         Make-up Date – (inclement weather or absences) Tuesday, April 2, 2019

·         TEST record required for initial registration

·         Training dates (locations and times to be determined)

       Tuesday, October 2

        Wednesday, October 3

        Thursday, October 4

·         ACT will have multiple sessions and a booth at the KSDE Annual Conference October 16 & 17,

        2018 in Wichita

       Additional information will be available after the KSDE meeting with ACT on August 21 and

        22, 2018.

August 6, 2018

“Seniors 20”


o   Schedules – review your placement on the curriculums whether it be Scholars, QA, HCTEA or USD 448 grads.  Check your schedule plans for your senior year to make sure you are still on track. You can see this on your IPS in Career Cruising.  Having your plan updated will certainly help your advisor when they start working with you this Fall.  Some of you were looking at HCC classes.  Please read the information below regarding how to set this up.


o   Recruiting --Know your GPA’s/ACT’s /class rank for recruiting, filling out information, etc.. Check your transcript to make sure you know this information.  Transcript information won’t update until January.  I can send you a digital copy of your transcript if you email me or get you a paper copy.  Any transcript a school needs or an official transcript for scholarships must come from my office.  Don’t send a copy in that you have. Recruiters want to know transcript details as well as what you will major in.  Do you have an updated resume?  Are your Resumes uploaded on Career Cruising?


o   Career Cruising with advisors in addition to me this year……. You will be working with your same advisor as last year.  Please consider the following information that will help you when meeting with your advisor.


If you are undecided on what you want to major in there are several routes we suggest you consider…..


1)        Check out various college & vocational school Websites for list of majors, opportunities,

classes required, etc..—Go to & click on Majors to get a list of potential

 pathways.  You can use any school be it college or vocational.  

2)        Stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of majors and help you

eliminate at least a few through discussion.

3)        Go into your Career Cruising program, review your information and continue to

        research more in depth….a lot of what students need to do is simply see what is out there and


4)        See if we can set up more school to career visits, job shadows, etc.. Mrs. Jordan did this last

year with multiple students ranging from shadowing Animal Vets, Accountants to Dental

Hygienists.  See her if you are interested.


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, recruiters all ask similar questions in

meeting with you.


o   Colleges & Voc. Eds are calling setting up campus visit dates.  I will have sign-up sheets for you as we get more information and these meetings again will be during home room.  Tie in with this your college visits --- you have 1 as a junior but probably can have more if you talk with Mr. Weinbrenner and you get organized. You really should make a visit in the Fall of the year.  Start checking the calendars for the schools you are looking at to see if you want to go to their Jr. days or if you want to go on your own.  Permission paperwork is through the office with a parent phone call.  You may set up the visit through my office or on your own with your folks.  Either way works fine.

o   ACT’s – Should I take it & why?  Take it again if I already have?  Each situation is different so please come ask & talk to your folks.  Do what’s best for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you don’t need to take it don’t spend the $$$ and the 4 hours.  If you need a higher score for admittance to a school/program or class, by all means take it.  If you are trying to earn more scholarship money, sure, take it but know your cut scores and what you need.  Take it for the right reasons is what I tell students.  We know you test a lot already and to ask you to test just for the sake of having a score is not something we believe in.  You should consider testing both in the Fall and Spring of your Junior year.  Statistically speaking we know that the April test date usually has the highest scores for Juniors.  If you are trying to qualify for college classes we can use both ACT scores and Accuplacer scores. Where can I get help?  Classroom teachers, Reading on my own, Old tests, WSU ACT  Workshops, KSU ACT Workshops, March2Success, Fuel Ed, etc...  We will once again try to host an ACT Workshop this Fall or early 2nd semester based on interest.  Keep watching this site for details.


o   Go to to register & use the practice test.  I have the retired ACT test from the last 2 years in paper form or you can click on the following link for the ACT Prep.   The prep on this site is very good but you have to put in time to get better.  

We are hearing good things about this ACT prep but we have not had many students use it.  Sept 8th is the first ACT test date but I think only a few of you are going with that one --- most of you will want the Oct or Dec test date for this Fall.  A reminder the State colleges will still check that you have met their requirements for admittance which could include any of the following:  21 ACT or higher, Top 1/3 of the class rank or the QA or Scholars curriculum.  Let’s review the minimums on how the ACT plays into scholarship money for colleges in state…

  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.


  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Public & Private Schools have a sliding scale and a simple rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.


I know you are aware of this already that not every student qualifies or earns scholarships.  If you are fortunate enough to have the grades, the ACTs or the skills recruiters are looking at please feel proud, blessed and remember to say “thank you” as they recruit you.

Juniors, if you have registered for college classes for this Fall… please read over the following…..

Checklist for enrollment in Hutchinson Community College courses Fall 2018 at Inman High School


Follow the steps below to start earning college credit while you are still in High School!

Application: If you haven’t already, complete the online application for admission as soon as possible, found at: You will need your social security number for the application process. If you have taken classes with HCC before, you do not need to complete the application again.

Course Options: Please see Mr. Pfannenstiel for a list of courses offered at Inman High School and let him know what courses you would like to enroll in. If you are interested in taking additional HCC courses (online, in Hutchinson or at the McPherson Center), please access the full schedule of HCC courses at

Assessments: Students need to have qualifying assessment scores in order to be eligible to take some college courses (English and Math) with HCC. Please see Mr. Pfannenstiel to make sure you have adequate assessment scores or for further information about how to qualify for courses. CNA is the only Excel in CTE course that requires a placement score.

Enrollment: HCC staff will enroll you as soon as assessment scores are verified. High School students cannot enroll themselves online. Please make sure Mr. Pfannenstiel is aware of the course(s) you would like to be enrolled in.

Confirming your intent: Upon enrollment, please confirm your intent through DragonZone by completing the following process:

Go to and click on DragonZone, found under Connect with HCC.

Your Username and Password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you submitted on your HCC application within

15 minutes. If you did not enter an e-mail address on your HCC application, you will need to call Tech Support at

620-665-3524 for assistance.

Should you forget your username or password you will need to request your credentials by clicking the button that

says “Account Help”. Follow the prompts and enter your HCC ID or SSN# and Date of Birth and then click ‘Forgot Password.’ Your Username and a temporary password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you submitted on your HCC application.   Once you have your Username and Password, log into DragonZone.   Complete any profile and informational screens that pop-up. Read the screens carefully and follow on screen instructions. Confirming your intent locks in your course schedule and obligates you financially for your courses.

 Keep your Username and Password in a safe place, you will need this information to access your grades, check

your HCC e-mail, print statements, etc.

 You must confirm your intent to receive college credit for your transcript.

 Tuition Payment: After confirming intent, billing statements can be viewed in your DragonZone account and a paper bill for your HCC course(s) will be mailed directly to your home to your attention. Payment can be made online, at the McPherson Center, or the Business Office in Hutchinson. A College Green payment plan can be set up online through your DragonZone account under “My Account”. A delay in payment could result in late fees being assessed to your account. Courses covered under Excel in CTE are tuition free. Please make sure payment arrangements are in place by September 15, 2018.

 Books: Textbook information and estimated prices can be accessed through your DragonZone account. You can purchase your textbook(s) by coming to the Campus Store in McPherson or Hutchinson (Parker Student Union), or ordering your textbook(s) over the phone by calling the Campus Store at 620-665-3517 and requesting they be shipped to your home for an additional fee. Please make sure you have your textbook(s) for your HCC course(s) by the start date of the course.

 Drop/Refund/Withdraw: Information regarding deadlines for drop/refund/withdraw can be found on your schedule in your DragonZone account. Course schedule changes must be done with both your high school Counselor and HCC.



Dragon Zone Guardian Account Request


Do you want your parents or guardians to have access to your account information? If so, use the following steps to grant Guardian Account with Dragon Zone.


1) Go to:

2) Click on the link for Dragon Zone

3) Click on the “Guardian Account Request”

4) Follow directions on screen to give them access to grades, statements, etc.


Helpful Terms to Know


Application: Completing application for admission via the HCC public website, no application fee.


Enrollment: Adding a student’s name to the HCC course roster in the HCC system after completion of the application and assessments. HCC staff will enroll all high school students.


Drop: Student initiated removal from course roster during add/drop/refund period. A refund will be given if course is dropped.


Withdraw: Student initiated removal from course after drop date but before withdraw date. A “W” will appear on transcript and no refund will be given.


Confirmation of Intent: Student’s acceptance of their HCC schedule and the financial obligation for their HCC class(es).




Take some classes from HCC while you’re attending a Kansas high School. After you graduate, enroll and attend full-time at HCC for your freshman year and we will reimburse you the cost you have spent on tuition. It’s as easy as that!


Graduated High School Seniors, attending only HCC Summer classes, are not eligible for the program.