March 19, 2019



      A reminder that ACT has rescheduled the “free” test date for Tuesday, April 2nd.  I have sent home a letter reminding your folks.  We don’t need to do anything other than show up that morning and take the test.  A reminder to bring  pencils and a calculator.  We will do our best to run quickly and on time but need your help in getting here a little before the test so we can start on time.  We would like to start right at the 8:15 bell so if you could be downstairs by 8:05-8:10 that would really help.  You will be released after the test for the rest of the day but realize there are home baseball/softball games as well as a track meet and golf meet.  Busy day!  Do your best to focus on the test to get your best score.  There is still time to prep, get a practice test, etc…


     It is time to start locking down some schedules for next Fall even though we don’t have a line schedule complete yet.  For those of you taking college classes through HCC, the first thing we need to do is help you get admitted.  I can get you started any time on this process, just stop by the office and I will show you how.  Right now it looks like Public Speaking will be 1st hour, Human Relations- 2nd hour and College Comp- 4th hour for the Fall semester.  We can get you scheduled for the electives but you will need a 20 ACT English score to take Comp.  If you do not meet the ACT score and want to take an Accuplacer test with me later this spring so you can get into Comp, see me when you have time.  

     It’s not too late to make spring visits to colleges and vocational schools but you need to act quickly in the next few weeks.  See me if you need help.

Feb. 21, 2019


    ACT has rescheduled the “free” test we were to give yesterday for Tuesday, April 2nd.  This is not an ideal date for us with Track, Baseball, Softball and Golf all scheduled for this date too but we need to make the best of it.  We should be finished testing in plenty of time for the afternoon schedule but if you are golfing and it’s an early start time we need to talk about whether testing will work or not for you.

     We will use the same schedule in April as we had set for yesterday starting at 8:15 a.m. and finishing by 12:30.  We will also release you once testing is finished for the day with the understanding you need to be back in time for your activities.  

     Those of you who were planning on ACT testing on the April 13th date as some of you remember hearing this date usually produces your best score for your junior year, please start visiting with the folks as to the benefits of doing this now that the state has moved the “free” test to April also.  I have shared this with several of you but would like all to hear it.   You are welcome to test whenever you want to based on your goals and plans.  We certainly support you in what you want to do.  That being said, realize, testing on April 2nd, you will not have results back and to register for the April 13th  test date you must do so by Friday, March 8th already.  Personally, I have to think taking back-to-back tests like this would not be productive unless it’s a “have to”, meaning you are trying to qualify for a class, school, etc…  Would be glad to visit with you about this.  The last ACT for the year then would be in June.  

A reminder to any of you applying for National Honor Society that the deadline is fast approaching with apps due by Friday, March 1.  See me or a Faculty Council

member if you need help.  Make sure you follow all instructions carefully and have someone proof your application before sending it to me digitally.

Feb. 19, 2019


    An update for tomorrow’s ACT test we will give.

**If we have school as regular we will do our best to start on time at 8:15.  If we see that students will be late, buses late we can push the start time of the ACT back a little.

**If we would start school late, most times it’s usually a 10:00 a.m. start then we would still give the ACT but move the starting time back to about 10:15 am to accommodate students.  

**If school would be cancelled, ACT will move the test date to Tuesday, April 2nd.  Then we would end up shipping all test materials, answer sheets, etc… back to ACT and order a new set for the April date.  Tuesday, April 2nd is not a clear date on our calendar either, ballgames, golf, etc…  

I know some of you had plans of signing up for the April test date which is Sat. April 13th.  If the ACT test is cancelled tomorrow, taking two ACT’s this close together is something we should certainly discuss to see if it’s worth your time and money investment.  The registration deadline for the April ACT is Friday, March 8.  Let’s see how tomorrow plays out.

Your best approach right now is to get in the mind set that you will take the ACT tomorrow.  If you don’t test, no harm done.  If you mentally plan that you have no test tomorrow because of the snow and then we do, you’re probably not going to be ready for your best effort.  Very similar to not knowing whether a game will be cancelled or not, you still have to get yourself mentally prepared to play as if the game was on.

Feb. 11, 2019

Juniors taking the ACT at Inman HS on Wednesday, Feb. 20, please take some time to prep a little before the test.  A reminder there are several retired ACT tests in Mr. Pf's office and Mrs. Jordan can get you a password to Fuel Ed ACT Prep if you want it.  

Juniors, the ACT on Wednesday Feb. 20 will start at 8:15 a.m. in rooms 301 & 302 in the basement.  Bring your pencils & calculators.  Be earlier than 8:15 as we will start instructions right at the last bell.  

The testing runs for 2 sessions, then a break and then 2 more sessions to finish.  Make sure you have ate breakfast before you come to school as no food or drink is allowed in the testing room.  Cell phones and chromebooks need to be left in your car, locker or backpack whichever you prefer.  Backpacks will not be allowed in the testing rooms.   

Once Testing is completed and all forms filled out you will be released for the rest of the day.  You do need to be back for practices and/or after school activities.

Juniors who are taking the ACT on Wednesday, Feb. 20th, you need to get with Mr. Pf this week for about 5-10 minutes during home room, an elective hour, etc... to fill out your answer form.  This must be completed before the test date.  I will give each of you a schedule of the test day so you know what it looks like.  

The Electronic Devices information, Food & Drink, etc… are all ACT policy that we need to follow.  The information about the electronics is shared with you so many times because it is the No. 1 reason students are dismissed from testing, having a cell phone ring in the test room, or accidentally picking it up out of habit to look at, etc…  


   A reminder KSU Rep Hannah Reynolds is here today recruiting during home room.  She will be in the Auditorium.  If you have an interest please attend.

 From Kansas State University:   We would like to invite you to attend K-State's annual All-University Open House on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

K-State's Open House informs high school students, community college students, and their families of the unique educational opportunities available at K-State. There will be displays and events hosted by our nine academic colleges with programming at K-State Manhattan, K-State Polytechnic in Salina and K-State Olathe. Visitors may also learn more about student organizations, tour living options, enjoy free entertainment and see student projects. There will be programs and activities for people of all ages with a particular emphasis on high school students.


In addition to the Open House events, we will be hosting a personalized day for high achieving high school juniors. This special program will allow these students individualized access to Open House events as well as recognition for their high accomplishments. We will also be offering a scholarship information session presented by our Director of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance.

If you have questions about this program please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on K-State's All-University Open House, visit

The following links will get you information regarding Junior Visit Days this spring at the three D-I schools in the state.  If you are interested please make the contact and set up the visit.  If you need help please come see me.       KU       KSU   WSU  

Jan. 24, 2019

Hannah Reynolds from KSU will be here recruiting on Monday, Feb. 11 during home room.  It is important that you come to this meeting if KSU is on your list as they have a Nov. 1 early Scholarship deadline for you as seniors.  She will give you some information that will help you be prepared.  Also….

Junior Days

Juniors can begin exploring college options and attend a Junior Day at K-State! To learn more about what the day is like, tune in to Facebook or Instagram on Friday, February 8 at 9 a.m. to get an inside look. Students can visit with academic representatives, learn about campus living options and how to pay for college, and experience the atmosphere of K-State’s Manhattan campus. There are several Junior Days held throughout the spring, and you can register by going to

K-State Coffee Night in McPherson 

I will be hosting one-on-one K-State information sessions in McPherson on February 21st. Students and parents or guardians are invited to RSVP for an informal, sit-down meeting with me to learn more about K-State and get their questions answered. We will cover important deadlines, admissions and scholarship process, majors, living opportunities, campus involvement or anything else students may be interested in. Students can RSVP via the links below:

February 21st Coffee Night at Craft Coffee Parlor located at 120 N. Main St. McPherson, KS 67460

Register Here:

Jan. 18, 2019


    Several reminders for enrollment for your senior year that we have worked on the the last two days.  

  1.  You should have chosen your classes on Powerschool and shown them to me or Mrs. Baldwin.
  2. You should have your Career Cruising Course Planner updated with your senior year classes.  Your advisor will be asking you to show them your choices and explain.
  3. If you plan on taking HCC classes next Fall and you haven’t already done so, I need you to create an account on HCC’s website, Dragonzone.  See me if you need help and the biggest reminder when you do this---use your personal email not the school email!

**A reminder just because we ask to choose classes doesn’t mean you are locked in to what you take next year.  You can change your schedule anytime this spring or summer.  

**Those of you planning on taking college classes next year on our campus or online please start visiting with the folks on what your plans are.  Remember to share the cost of a college class usually runs around $300 and then the cost of a book(s).  It can be very expensive but in the long run as your alumni have told you it really pays dividends to take as much as you can if you know what you want to do.  

***If you are not sure what college classes you need--go to the college website of a school you are interested in and go to their list of majors and course offerings.  If you click on your major, most schools have a detailed report of the classes you need to take.  I have shown you HCC’s and it is a very detailed plan you can follow.  See me if you need help.  You should never take a class w/o knowing that it is something you can use in your major field or as an elective.  

Jan. 16, 2019

I wanted to share a website with some information about pathways and jobs in Kansas and the future predictions.  Check out the following link  to see what various counties in Kansas are listing as their needs for careers pathways and the future of those jobs.  Just click on a county to see the information about the top 10 “High Demand Occupations”.  Pretty interesting if you are wanting to stay in Kansas. 

Jan. 15, 2019



    The American Legion Boys state information is being posted on their website at   If you are interested in attending please follow up on the mail you will get from the American Legion post out of McPherson.  I’m not sure when that will arrive but keep checking over the next few weeks.  I have a few fliers and some details in my office if you would like more.


   Tomorrow, we are starting to enroll for your senior year so it is time to start talking with your parents about the options you want, the costs, details, etc…  Especially, if you are going to take college classes on our campus or online.  The expense for school at the beginning of the year increases quite a bit when a student takes 9-12 college credit hours with the cost of tuition and books.  Please make sure your folks know your plans.  I usually email your parents later in the spring when we finalize enrollment but you should have already touched base with them on what you want to do.

   You’ve been through this several years so please remember enrolling does not lock in any classes yet.  You may change your schedule up until school starts next August and then one week in.

     If you are wanting to take college classes next year be aware---  you can take any elective regardless of test score or ACT score as long as you are a student in “good standing”.  You have to qualify to enroll in College Comp or College Algebra by  meeting the standard scores.  On the ACT you need a 20 on the English section to qualify for Comp and a 21 on the Math section to qualify for College Algebra.  You may also take an Accuplacer (untimed test) with me later this spring if your ACT score does not qualify you.


    We will update Career Cruising under “Course Planner” at the same time so that your advisor and folks can see your choices.  

     Lynette Hilty from Hutchinson Community College will be here recruiting on Tuesday, January 29th during home room.  She will explain the Step Ahead program in more detail than I will give you.  Plan on attending this please!!  She will also encourage you to set up a visit for this spring to the HCC campus to see the program(s) you are interested in.  

     Hannah Reynolds from KSU will be here recruiting on Monday, Feb. 11th during home room.  If you are looking at K-State post high school you need to attend this for details and deadlines.  

Jan. 10, 2019

Juniors, I have held off on the information about the February ACT until now, waiting to make sure we have all or in this case most of the details from the state.  There are still some items we might have to change in the testing process but I think most of the details listed here are complete.  Remember, ACT has very strict rules about testing.  

*We are scheduled to administer the ACT test Wednesday, Feb. 20th. 

*We will use rooms 301 and 302 in the basement so your testing environment is in smaller groups.  

*The test will start right at 8:15 and you will need to be in the room early just as you would on a regular Saturday test date.  If we start and you are not in the room we can’t include you in the testing.  

*You are responsible to bring the typical ACT test items of No. 2 pencils and your approved calculator.  The state has not made it clear yet on the need for ID but we would hope you wouldn’t need a test ticket, etc… I will let you know as they let us know.

*The list of approved calculators can be found at 

*A few weeks before the test date I will meet with you juniors to fill out the recruiting information.  We are testing paper/pencil to keep it the same as you do when you go to Buhler, Hutchinson & McPherson to test. I have not been told by the state yet how much we will need to fill out so I don’t know how long this will take us but we will have to complete certain registration parts for the state to give you the free test.  

*The test administration should be finished by 12:15-12:30 depending on the collection of materials.  It will be a long morning so please eat some breakfast prior to.  ACT is a “stickler” on the fact that you may not have drinks or food in the testing room.  Finish your breakfast before you get to the test room.  

*ACT is also very strict on having any electronics with you.  The following paragraph is something you need to look over carefully as it is read at the beginning of the test. 

 **Electronic Devices…

All items brought into the test site may be searched.  Any items suspected of

being used to engage in misconduct may be confiscated and retained.

Cell phones, smart watches, fitness bands, and any other devices with recording,

internet, or communication capabilities are prohibited.

Once you are checked into your test room, all devices must be powered off and

placed out of sight. Turning your device to silent or airplane mode is not

acceptable.  You may not handle or access such devices until you leave

the test site.  You may not access your phone during break.

If you have a cell phone or electronic device and can store it in a car, locker, or

somewhere outside of the test room before you are checked in, please do so.

Now that you have powered off and stored away your device, you may not

handle or access it again until you leave the test site at the end of testing.  If you

 access a device, or if a devices activates or makes any noise or vibration, you

 will be dismissed and your test will not be scored.

*The length & timing of the test creates problems for you guys and for our staff in providing you lunch.  I have asked Mr. Weinbrenner and he supports releasing you for the afternoon classes after testing is finished so you can go home to eat or catch a bite somewhere.  You may come back to class if you wish but are not required to. We will notify your parents in an email as the test draws closer.  You are expected to be back for practices after school.    

*Those of you who have tested before are familiar with the format of the test but for those of you testing for the first time please look over the following….  The order and timing of the ACT is as follows:  English 45 minutes, Math 60 minutes, Break- 15 minutes, Reading 35 minutes, Science 35 minutes.  You may not have other material with you to read when you are finished, etc… ACT allows only the one break in the testing and this is to be used for students to use the restroom, relax, get a drink, etc… During the test itself students may not leave the room to use the restroom.  

*I needed to share the logistics and details of the test date with you but of much greater importance to you is the need to prep a little for the test and work to earn the highest score you can.  I have  several of the retired tests in the office for your practice and also Mrs. Jordan has access to Fuel Ed ACT prep that she can share with you if you ask her for it.

Juniors and Seniors, Jeff Glimpse from Viega would like to come to our campus next Tuesday, Jan. 15th at 1:30 and visit with any student who is looking at options for post high school.  Viega is an international company who manufactures components for plumbing and HVAC systems.  The plant located in McPherson is looking for employees and has a great program where HS grads who go to work for them get their college degree paid for.  If any of you are interested in visiting with Jeff or listening to what he has to offer, contact and sign up with Mr. Pfannenstiel by Friday, Jan. 11th.  We won't ask Jeff to come out if there is no interest.

Jan. 9, 2019

Juniors, if you are wanting to attend the ACT workshop here on Wednesday, Jan. 23, there is still time to sign up.  Get your registration form and check in the office to Margie or Mindy asap.  I will email you more details when we have secured enough students to offer the workshop.

I am working on your 5 Semester transcripts and will be sending those to you via email sometime yet this week, actually just finished it this morning while finishing MAP Tests.  Please check for accuracy on as much as you can.  Example--ACT scores, etc...just make sure it is updated, no classes missing, grades look accurate, etc…  This is the transcript you would use this spring for any recruiting or scholarship work.  Remember, if you are asked to send an “official” transcript---that must come from the front office.

Dec. 3, 2018

Inman HS students--- we will be trying to offer a 2nd ACT workshop this 2nd semester on our campus.  We have tentatively locked in Wednesday, Jan. 23 for Power Prep (same company who presented last year) to come out and present an ACT test prep session.  If you are a junior taking the free ACT in February this would be a good resource for you.  Cost for the session would $45.  Inman HS would need 20 students to sign up to host the session.  Check the Jr. Website or your Google Classroom for more information.  Let Mr. Pfannenstiel know if you want to attend or have any questions.  We won’t need payment until closer to the January session date.

Nov. 29, 2018

Juniors I had the chance today to visit with Mr. McConnell who is with the Hutchinson Electrical Training Academy.  The program they offer in a nutshell is for a student who wants to become an Inside Wireman (Electrician).  This program allows students to work full time, get paid, have insurance, etc.. and attend class 1-2 days per month as they get their Journeyman License.  The program runs for 5 years, students can take the Journeyman test after the 3rd year.  The advantage of this program is there is no cost to go to school.  The Flier below will give you more details.  Anyone interested in this program please see me.  Yes, this opportunity would be a year away before you would apply but we could sure send you over to the Training Facility this spring for you to see what it is about.  

Notice of Apprenticeship Opportunity

For the position of Inside Wireman (Electrician) Apprentice

The Hutchinson Electrical Training Academy (HETA) will be accepting applications for a five- year Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. Individuals who are selected will be employed by an electrical contractor for On-The-Job Training and attend school for the related classroom training. This program includes 900 hours of classroom instruction with 8000 hours of on-the-job training. There is no tuition cost, the apprentice is responsible for Book, Server Fees and tool cost. (Estimated cost over the five-year program is $3,800)

Applications will be taken on a year-round basis. Interviews will be conducted in Spring of each year. Interviewed applicants will remain on an active list for two years from the date that they interviewed. Applications must be made in person.

To qualify for an oral interview and ranking, applicants must:

a. Complete an application form, accurately responding to all questions and items.

b. Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of application and 18 years of age at the

          Time of the interview.

c. Be at least a high school graduate, have a GED, or have a two-year Associate

         Degree or higher.

d. Show evidence of successful completion of; one full year of high school algebra with

         passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with passing grade.

e. Provide official transcript(s) for high school and any post high school education and

        training. All GED records must be submitted if applicable.

f. Possess a valid driver's license.

HETA will interview applicants and make selections for apprenticeship on an as-needed basis.  New apprentices will begin work when employment becomes available. The related classroom training begins in July of each year. The recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, shall be without discrimination because of Race, color, religion, national origin, sex or age-except the applicant must be at least 17 years of age to apply and 18 years of

age at the time of indenture. The HETA does not, and will not, discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability of such individual. The sponsor will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under applicable law and lawful regulations issued thereunder. Selected applicants may be subject to substance abuse testing.


Applicants who meet all basic requirements will be interviewed by HETA. Apprentices will be selected in order of their final ranking.

For all correspondence and for more information, contact:

Hutchinson Electrical Training Alliance, 200 West 2nd Ave., Hutchinson, KS 67501          620-663-8988

Nov. 27, 2018

If you are interested in KU please check out the Junior Days they are offering this spring.  Registration is not open until January.  We have had students attend these recruiting days before and really feel good about it.

Check out the following links…

Nov. 26, 2018

Juniors, several informational items….

Oct. 24, 2018


     The Ark Valley Electric Cooperative in South Hutchinson, Kansas is offering an opportunity for one 2018-19 Junior or Senior to win a one time $1,000 scholarship to the college of their choice and a trip to Washington, D.C.  Ark Valley is also extending the opportunity  for another 2018-19 junior or senior to win a $500 scholarship to the college  of their choice.  These opportunities are available to the students of any member of Ark Valley Electric Cooperative. 

   The scholarship application is on our scholarship website and is due in the Ark Valley Electric Cooperative office by 5:00 pm on December 3.  The application can also be emailed to by the same date and time.  I would definitely include a personal resume along with the app, the essay or the video.  If you have questions please call 1-888-297-9212.  


    If you are a finalist you will be asked to make a presentation of your essay or video to a panel of judges and answer any questions.  The two winners will be notified by January 4, 2019.

Oct. 22, 2018

Juniors…...   A reminder that we will leave today at 9:40 from the front of the building to the attend the CPC at Hutch High.  We will be back by home room.

   One of our state goals is to help students have options in planning their future and today would be a chance for you to see colleges, vocational schools, specialty schools, military recruiters, etc.. from all over our state.  We usually only have about 15 schools come here each semester to recruit.  Today you will have the chance to see about 55-60 schools in state.

    You can be involved as much as you want today.  Some students simply walk around with their friends, pick up literature about schools or programs while others stop and fill out recruiting forms, get their names in with coaches and sponsors while talking with recruiters.  Please take advantage of what they offer.  At the least, today should make you think more serious about what you will be doing in a short year and half after graduation.  It should also help encourage you to have a visit with the folks, your advisor and myself about your future.

   A reminder that it is time to start making college visits.  We are past colleges mid terms and now is a perfect time to get on a campus, sit in on a class, look at your career path more seriously.  It’s easy for students to say “Oh I know I’m going to KU or KSU or WSU” but the reality is if you never get out and visit, sit in on a class, see the dorms, visit with an advisor, check out costs, etc… you really aren’t very prepared to make those “next step” decisions.  

If you are planning on taking the ACT in December, the registration deadline is set for Friday, Nov. 2nd.  See me if you need help.  Register at

Oct. 15, 2018

Juniors who are wanting to follow an Engineering career pathway please note that the Wichita Chapter of Professional Engineers is once again offering a chance for up to 5 students from Inman HS to spend a day with a professional engineer at their job. The date this year for the job shadow is set for Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students will also get an opportunity to go to WSU and hear first hand from students that are in the Engineering program what it is like. The deadline for registration is set for December 31st, 2018. To register you need to print, sign and mail your form to the address listed on the registration form.

We have had students attend this job shadow day before and have really enjoyed seeing what Engineering is about. I personally remember stories from our past students on how it helped them see what Engineering is really like and helped them shape their own decisions on what to do. One of our past seniors told me that since he was always so strong in Math that everyone told him "Oh you'd be great in the Engineering pathway" and he just assumed that identity all through HS without really knowing what a Mechanical Engineer actually did. It was his junior year when he went on this job shadow with Coleman Industries that he realized, "that's not what I want to do". I remember one of our other students who went to this job shadow and he was in the Aviation field and while he was with his Engineer for the day , I think he was either at Cessna or Beech, Payton Manning flew his jet in to have work done on it. He got to see a celebrity on his job shadow as well as see what the engineer did.

Please consider attending this job shadow if you are looking at an Engineering pathway.

Oct. 9, 2018

Register at  

Oct. 4, 2018


    A reminder this month the following recruiters are coming to visit…

Pitt State                Friday, Oct. 5

Kansas Newman        Monday, Oct. 8

WSU                        Tuesday, Oct. 9

Bethel College        Wednesday, Oct. 24

Also, a reminder Mr. Weinbrenner and I will take all of you jrs to a College Planning Conference at Hutch High School on Monday, Oct. 22nd.  We will leave at 9:15 and be back by Home room.  This is an opportunity to see almost all of the colleges and vocational schools in the state of Kansas and visit with the recruiters, fill out information sheets, etc…

I attended an ACT & WorkKeys workshop yesterday in Wichita to get some clarification on the ACT testing this spring.  If you remember from when we met in August I had shared with you that the state legislature had allocated money for every junior to take an ACT test this spring regardless of whether you had tested before or not.  I know in visiting with a lot of you that you have already built this date into your plan.  Here are the details I know of so far.

**I would strongly encourage all of the juniors to take this ACT (normally $50.50) in February as the benefits would be to get a score you can use for college, admission work, scholarships, getting into classes, programs, etc..

I like the fact that you don’t have to give up a Saturday and that you can test in your own school environment with your classmates.  I hope you will consider it.

I also want to share with you what the WorkKeys tests are about as the legislature has also offered to pay for a free WorkKeys test for any junior or senior.  The WorkKeys tests are a battery of 8 different tests designed to let students see if they are “Career Ready”.  The test we would give would be 3 sections, Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy & Applied Math.  Each section is 55 minutes long.  We would use the Paper/Pencil version.  The benefit of the WorkKeys testing is that it allows you to see your level of readiness to go into the workforce at this point in time.  At the conclusion of the testing students will receive a readiness certificate to take to an employer showing the level of competency they have demonstrated on their test.  Typically, students are given Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates based on their score.  

Who should take this test?  All students are welcome but I would see a real benefit for a student whose post high school plan might be leaning toward going straight to the workforce.  The way our state has set it up right now with one free test your jr or sr year, I’m not sure I would encourage a Junior to take it yet unless you plan on taking the test again (paying for it yourself).  I think I would wait til my senior year to take it but would encourage you to talk it over with the folks and myself or your advisor.  Some local industries use the WorkKeys specifically when you apply.  

What we know about the WorkKeys…..

I will be visiting with you in the next couple of weeks to see if you want to commit to taking the ACT and/or the WorkKeys.

Sept. 25, 2018


    I know the office has sent messages to your folks about the McPherson Manufest coming up next week on Wednesday, Oct. 3.  The link to sign up to attend this meal and presentation about the manufacturing businesses in McPherson County can be found at  The deadline for this registration is set for Oct. 1.  The flier below gives you a little more information about who is presenting and what the evening holds.

Sept. 18, 2018

Juniors, a few updates on recruiters....anyone else you want me to contact to come out?  Also, it’s time to start setting up your fall visits if you haven’t already.  

Fort Hays State                 Monday, Sept 24, Home Room

NCKTC Beloit                 Tuesday, Sept. 25, Home Room

KU                                 Friday, Sept. 28, Home Room

Bethany                         Monday, Oct. 1, Home Room

Pitt State                         Friday, Oct. 5, Home Room

Kansas Newman                 Monday, Oct. 8, Home Room

WSU                                 Tuesday, Oct. 9, Home Room

Bethel                         Wednesday, Oct. 24, Home Room

Sept. 17, 2018

jr sr day header.png

 Your experience matters!

Just one visit and you’ll see why K-State Polytechnic is the place for you!

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K-State Polytechnic is:

  • 14:1 student-to-professor ratio
  • 78% hands-on lab space
  • 1 of 4 campuses in the Kansas State University system
  • 96% job placement rate after graduation


Join us for Junior and Senior Day

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Several items for a busy, busy week of Homecoming....

1) McPherson College is here recruiting today during home room. There is a short meeting with Mr. Weinbrenner in the auditorium but you should have plenty of time to meet with the rep afterwards.

2) Tuesday, Inman HS alum Kristen Knackstedt is here during home room to share about her pathway at K-State after she graduated in 2014. I think you find this helpful if you are looking at any of the D-I schools regardless of your major.

3)  This Friday, Sept. 21 is the ACT registration deadline for the October test date. I think there are a lot of you wanting to take this test which is good. Please get registered at If you are needing questions answered about the minimum score cuts needed for scholarships, athletics, activities, just stop by and visit with me.  This will be a baseline score for a lot of you so approach with an open mind and prep for it whatever way works best for you.  Remember, the ACT is not a one time approach on the test.  You should plan to take it several times over the Jr. & Sr. year.  Start working on that plan of when you will test and what your goal will be.  See me as you need to.


      Wednesday, Oct. 3, from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Kansas Municipal Utilities building, 2090 E. Avenue A in McPherson, Ks. the Industry Professionals of McPherson County will be hosting an evening of information about careers in our county and all of you are invited.  Employers from Bradbury, Central States, CertainTeed, Ferguson, Hutton, Johns Manville, Moridge & Viega will present and have some demonstrations from former and current students.  I have sent each of you a flier in Google Classroom.  I have not heard if there is a sign-up, etc… for the evening but expect to hear something this week.

Sept. 13, 2018

See Mr. Pfannenstiel if you are interested in the next CNA class set for Buhler!!!

Sept. 12, 2018

Juniors, on Monday, Oct. 22nd we will be taking all of you who want to attend to the College Fair that will be hosted by Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson High School, and KACRAO.  The fair is located at Hutchinson High School in the Salthawk Activity center.


The fair is from 9:15 am to 10:55 am the morning of Monday, October 22nd 2018.  You can visit with over 50 plus Universities, Community Colleges, Technical schools, and possible branches of the military.  It is a chance to just walk around, meet recruiters, pickup brochures or other information, etc...


If you want to …. You may register online for this College Fair, get a barcode on an email and then let the recruiter scan the barcode at the different booths and this way you don’t have to fill out a lot of recruiting forms while you are there by hand.  Totally up to you.  To use this feature go through the following steps….

The KU School of Engineering will host its annual Engineering Open House, on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 from 8AM-noon. This event gives prospective KU engineering students the ability to interact with current engineering students, staff and faculty, as well as speak with various KU Engineering student organizations, and KU departments, such as: Financial Aid & Scholarships, KU Student Housing and the University Honors Program. Guests will also have the opportunity to hear about majors offered by the KU School of Engineering, and tour our state-of-the-art engineering facilities.


If you are interested, please check out , for a detailed schedule of events, as well as a link to register. Registration is mandatory due to parking restrictions that day, due to the homecoming football game. Registration closes on Monday, September 24th at 8AM.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Rock Chalk!


KU School of Engineering

Undergraduate Recruitment


Sept. 7, 2018

If you are attending HCTEA or taking a college class---don’t forget with the 1st weekend of the Fair to wear your HCC shirt if you attend.  A reminder with your ID card that we don’t have a comprehensive list of places, be it restaurants, etc.. that you get discounts at so you just have to ask to see if it works.  Your ID should get you into games at HCC though or any of the Dillon Lecture series speakers.  

Sept. 4, 2018


    Hesston College will let me nominate 3 of our Jr. and/or Sr students who are natural leaders for a $1000 scholarship, solely on my recommendation.  I need to make my nominations by October 1.  I would love to visit with any of you that are seriously considering Hesston to see if I can possibly get you that nomination and the $1000 scholarship.  Their recruiter, Morgan, is here on Thursday to visit so might be worth your while to stop by the conference room and meet her.  

   I wanted to share with you the information about Hesston College sent me…..

“This past year Hesston College had students from 29 states and 17 countries represented on campus.  The total enrollment was 442 students with 25 different faith backgrounds. “  This year we have Kaylee Wedel at Hesston as she pursues her Nursing degree.  

Kansas State University will be here on Friday, Sept. 14th to recruit.  I am sending you juniors an email with information regarding admission criteria, dates, deadlines, scholarships, housing information, FAFSA deadlines, etc…  please check your school email for all this information.  Yes, it’s a year away but you need to have knowledge of how this all works.   Kansas State PolyTech in Salina has Jr/Sr Day set for October 19, 2018 and Polytechnic Wildcat for a Day set for November 1-2, 2018.

Kansas State University at Manhattan has an ACT workshop scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 6th in Olathe and in Manhattan for Saturday, Oct. 20th.  Junior Days at K-State in Manhattan are set for Friday, Nov. 9, Friday, Nov. 30, Monday, Dec. 3 and Friday, Dec. 7.  Make your plans if you wish to attend.  Find out more at

August 31, 2018

Updated Recruiters visits schedule….

US Army                        Friday, August 31                Lunch (Commons)

US Marines                        Wednesday, Sept. 5                Lunch (Commons)

Hesston College                Thursday, Sept. 6                Home Room

Ks. Air National Guard        Friday, Sept. 7                Home Room

Kansas State                        Friday, Sept 14                Home Room

McPherson College                 Monday, Sept. 17                Home Room

Hutchinson CC                Thursday, Sept. 20th                Lunch/Pizza in the Commons

Fort Hays State                Monday, Sept. 24                Home Room

NCKTC (Beloit)                Tuesday, Sept. 25                Home Room

Kansas Newman                Monday, Oct. 8                Home Room

Wichita State                        Tuesday, Oct. 9                Home Room

Bethel College                Wednesday, Oct. 24                Home Room

August 28, 2018

“Seniors 20”





If you are undecided on what you want to major in there are several routes I suggest you consider…..


1)        check out various college & vocational school Websites for list of

majors, opportunities, classes required, etc..—Go to &

click on Majors to get a list of potential pathways.  You can use any

school be it college or vocational.  

2)        stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of

majors and         help you eliminate at least a few through discussion.

3)        go into your Career Cruising program, review your information and

continue to         research in depth….


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, recruiters all ask similar questions in meeting with you.




  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.


  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Public & Private Schools have a sliding scale and a simple rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.


I know you are aware of this already that not every student qualifies or earns scholarships.  If you are fortunate enough to have the grades, the ACTs or the skills recruiters are looking at please feel proud, blessed and remember to say “thank you”.  Books scholarships---some students chuckle when they hear that a senior got a books scholarship.  After taking college classes you will realize why a “Books” scholarship is great.



Academic:  when you apply for admission – fill out the scholarships app & meet the deadlines.  Have your resume ready to go with references (make sure your references are aware you put their names down and out of courtesy tell them they might get a call or email).  These scholarships are all ACT/GPA/Service Project related.


From the begining of your sr. year until January – early scholarships are based on the Highest ACT, GPA, PSAT, etc..

From January on – scholarships are more Department based, performance based, offered based on needs of the school.


Activities:  Work through your sponsor/teacher:  Band-Horton, Vocal-Horton, Art-Brensing, Scholars Bowl-Parsons, FFA-Knapp etc.. they will be your contact person and biggest help/advocate. I can help you but your sponsors & coaches are the key.


Athletics:  Work through your coaches/sponsors to set up tryouts, auditions, sending of tapes, etc.. be it for any sport, dance or cheer.













August 23, 2018


     Every October McPherson County Celebrates its Manufacturers- during this month various employers open their doors to the schools, public and host open houses.  Many of you have toured Viega, Bradbury, etc.. with Mr. Sprunger the last several years.  This year, they will kick off the month with an event called the McPherson County Manufest. This event will take place from 6-8 pm on October 3rd at the KMU building; 2090 E Avenue A.  The agenda though tentative, looks like there will be employers, CTE completers, HS students, etc.. that will share information about the school to work options, employment options, skills needed, etc.. to compete for jobs.  I will remind you of this event as the date gets closer.  

August 22, 2018

Any student interested in taking a CNA class this Fall please see Mr. Pfannenstiel for details of a class that still has open spots in Moundridge starting Sept. 6th.  A reminder the cost of this class would be covered by CTE for high school students.  The class is set for Thursday evenings and then Saturday & Sundays from 1 pm to 9 pm.  The class will end on Oct. 20th.  If you want to get signed up let me know asap and I will notify our contact at HCC.

**Juniors, anyone who is testing in September or October, I have received a shipment of the paper ACT practice tests with the newest “retired” test for you to work with.  Stop by the office any time and get one off the gray cart!

August 21, 2018

College Recruiters visits schedule….

US Army                        Friday, Aug. 31                Lunch   (Commons)

Hesston College                Thursday, Sept. 6                Home Room

Ks. Air National Guard        Friday, Sept. 7                Home Room

Kansas State                        Friday, Sept 14                Home Room

McPherson College                 Monday, Sept. 17                Home Room

Fort Hays State                Monday, Sept. 24                Home Room

NCKTC (Beloit)                Tuesday, Sept. 25                Home Room

Kansas Newman                Monday, Oct. 8                Home Room

Wichita State                        Tuesday, Oct. 9                Home Room

Bethel College                Wednesday, Oct. 24                Home Room

August 10, 2018

KU Recruiting this Fall…… a good chance to get information and meet the KU reps… Register at the link below...

Preview KU.

Monday, September 24, 2018

7:00-8:00 pm


1100 N Plum St.


For more information and to register for Preview KU,

go to


Please help us to promote Preview KU to all high school students interested in KU.


We hope to see you!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

August 8, 2018

Juniors, as you are making plans to take the ACT this year and checking your calendar, the following message was released yesterday.  We do not know all the details but this should provide an ACT test for every Junior free of charge.  There will be more details released later this month.  I will share with you details about the Work Keys test also when we meet at the beginning of school.

KSDE and ACT have signed a contract to administer at no charge to the student or district both the ACT and WorkKeys to all juniors and any senior who has not had the opportunity to complete the assessments. ACT and WorkKeys are not required assessments. A student may complete both or just one.

·         Statewide ACT testing date – Wednesday, February 20, 2019

        Writing not included

·         Statewide WorkKeys testing date – Thursday, February 21, 2019


·         Accommodations (specific details not yet available)

·         Student score reports will be available 3 – 8 weeks after testing

·         Students may choose to have ACT scores sent to colleges

·         National Career Readiness Certificates will be provided to those who qualify

·         Administered locally – Each high school registering students for the free assessments will be

       responsible for administering the tests

·         Schools will choose between paper/pencil or computer for assessment delivery

·         Make-up Date – (inclement weather or absences) Tuesday, April 2, 2019

·         TEST record required for initial registration

·         Training dates (locations and times to be determined)

       Tuesday, October 2

        Wednesday, October 3

        Thursday, October 4

·         ACT will have multiple sessions and a booth at the KSDE Annual Conference October 16 & 17,

        2018 in Wichita

       Additional information will be available after the KSDE meeting with ACT on August 21 and

        22, 2018.

August 6, 2018

“Seniors 20”


o   Schedules – review your placement on the curriculums whether it be Scholars, QA, HCTEA or USD 448 grads.  Check your schedule plans for your senior year to make sure you are still on track. You can see this on your IPS in Career Cruising.  Having your plan updated will certainly help your advisor when they start working with you this Fall.  Some of you were looking at HCC classes.  Please read the information below regarding how to set this up.


o   Recruiting --Know your GPA’s/ACT’s /class rank for recruiting, filling out information, etc.. Check your transcript to make sure you know this information.  Transcript information won’t update until January.  I can send you a digital copy of your transcript if you email me or get you a paper copy.  Any transcript a school needs or an official transcript for scholarships must come from my office.  Don’t send a copy in that you have. Recruiters want to know transcript details as well as what you will major in.  Do you have an updated resume?  Are your Resumes uploaded on Career Cruising?


o   Career Cruising with advisors in addition to me this year……. You will be working with your same advisor as last year.  Please consider the following information that will help you when meeting with your advisor.


If you are undecided on what you want to major in there are several routes we suggest you consider…..


1)        Check out various college & vocational school Websites for list of majors, opportunities,

classes required, etc..—Go to & click on Majors to get a list of potential

 pathways.  You can use any school be it college or vocational.  

2)        Stop by and visit with me and I will take you through some lists of majors and help you

eliminate at least a few through discussion.

3)        Go into your Career Cruising program, review your information and continue to

        research more in depth….a lot of what students need to do is simply see what is out there and


4)        See if we can set up more school to career visits, job shadows, etc.. Mrs. Jordan did this last

year with multiple students ranging from shadowing Animal Vets, Accountants to Dental

Hygienists.  See her if you are interested.


Whether it’s college, vo-tech or the military, recruiters all ask similar questions in

meeting with you.


o   Colleges & Voc. Eds are calling setting up campus visit dates.  I will have sign-up sheets for you as we get more information and these meetings again will be during home room.  Tie in with this your college visits --- you have 1 as a junior but probably can have more if you talk with Mr. Weinbrenner and you get organized. You really should make a visit in the Fall of the year.  Start checking the calendars for the schools you are looking at to see if you want to go to their Jr. days or if you want to go on your own.  Permission paperwork is through the office with a parent phone call.  You may set up the visit through my office or on your own with your folks.  Either way works fine.

o   ACT’s – Should I take it & why?  Take it again if I already have?  Each situation is different so please come ask & talk to your folks.  Do what’s best for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you don’t need to take it don’t spend the $$$ and the 4 hours.  If you need a higher score for admittance to a school/program or class, by all means take it.  If you are trying to earn more scholarship money, sure, take it but know your cut scores and what you need.  Take it for the right reasons is what I tell students.  We know you test a lot already and to ask you to test just for the sake of having a score is not something we believe in.  You should consider testing both in the Fall and Spring of your Junior year.  Statistically speaking we know that the April test date usually has the highest scores for Juniors.  If you are trying to qualify for college classes we can use both ACT scores and Accuplacer scores. Where can I get help?  Classroom teachers, Reading on my own, Old tests, WSU ACT  Workshops, KSU ACT Workshops, March2Success, Fuel Ed, etc...  We will once again try to host an ACT Workshop this Fall or early 2nd semester based on interest.  Keep watching this site for details.


o   Go to to register & use the practice test.  I have the retired ACT test from the last 2 years in paper form or you can click on the following link for the ACT Prep.   The prep on this site is very good but you have to put in time to get better.  

We are hearing good things about this ACT prep but we have not had many students use it.  Sept 8th is the first ACT test date but I think only a few of you are going with that one --- most of you will want the Oct or Dec test date for this Fall.  A reminder the State colleges will still check that you have met their requirements for admittance which could include any of the following:  21 ACT or higher, Top 1/3 of the class rank or the QA or Scholars curriculum.  Let’s review the minimums on how the ACT plays into scholarship money for colleges in state…

  >21 ACT gets you in any school in Kansas, in most cases with the exception of KU who has raised their score to a 24 with a 3.0 GPA or 21 with a 3.25 GPA.


  >22, >3.0 GPA gets some academic money at 2 year public schools in  Kansas, remember though, Jucos typically only pay Books/Tuition, no Room/Board

>24-25, >3.0 GPA  gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Public

>22, >3.0 GPA gets you in the running for academic scholarship money at 4 year Private Schools.  Most Public & Private Schools have a sliding scale and a simple rule of thumb –“the higher the ACT/GPA, the more financial scholarship money you are eligible for.


I know you are aware of this already that not every student qualifies or earns scholarships.  If you are fortunate enough to have the grades, the ACTs or the skills recruiters are looking at please feel proud, blessed and remember to say “thank you” as they recruit you.

Juniors, if you have registered for college classes for this Fall… please read over the following…..

Checklist for enrollment in Hutchinson Community College courses Fall 2018 at Inman High School


Follow the steps below to start earning college credit while you are still in High School!

Application: If you haven’t already, complete the online application for admission as soon as possible, found at: You will need your social security number for the application process. If you have taken classes with HCC before, you do not need to complete the application again.

Course Options: Please see Mr. Pfannenstiel for a list of courses offered at Inman High School and let him know what courses you would like to enroll in. If you are interested in taking additional HCC courses (online, in Hutchinson or at the McPherson Center), please access the full schedule of HCC courses at

Assessments: Students need to have qualifying assessment scores in order to be eligible to take some college courses (English and Math) with HCC. Please see Mr. Pfannenstiel to make sure you have adequate assessment scores or for further information about how to qualify for courses. CNA is the only Excel in CTE course that requires a placement score.

Enrollment: HCC staff will enroll you as soon as assessment scores are verified. High School students cannot enroll themselves online. Please make sure Mr. Pfannenstiel is aware of the course(s) you would like to be enrolled in.

Confirming your intent: Upon enrollment, please confirm your intent through DragonZone by completing the following process:

Go to and click on DragonZone, found under Connect with HCC.

Your Username and Password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you submitted on your HCC application within

15 minutes. If you did not enter an e-mail address on your HCC application, you will need to call Tech Support at

620-665-3524 for assistance.

Should you forget your username or password you will need to request your credentials by clicking the button that

says “Account Help”. Follow the prompts and enter your HCC ID or SSN# and Date of Birth and then click ‘Forgot Password.’ Your Username and a temporary password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you submitted on your HCC application.   Once you have your Username and Password, log into DragonZone.   Complete any profile and informational screens that pop-up. Read the screens carefully and follow on screen instructions. Confirming your intent locks in your course schedule and obligates you financially for your courses.

 Keep your Username and Password in a safe place, you will need this information to access your grades, check

your HCC e-mail, print statements, etc.

 You must confirm your intent to receive college credit for your transcript.

 Tuition Payment: After confirming intent, billing statements can be viewed in your DragonZone account and a paper bill for your HCC course(s) will be mailed directly to your home to your attention. Payment can be made online, at the McPherson Center, or the Business Office in Hutchinson. A College Green payment plan can be set up online through your DragonZone account under “My Account”. A delay in payment could result in late fees being assessed to your account. Courses covered under Excel in CTE are tuition free. Please make sure payment arrangements are in place by September 15, 2018.

 Books: Textbook information and estimated prices can be accessed through your DragonZone account. You can purchase your textbook(s) by coming to the Campus Store in McPherson or Hutchinson (Parker Student Union), or ordering your textbook(s) over the phone by calling the Campus Store at 620-665-3517 and requesting they be shipped to your home for an additional fee. Please make sure you have your textbook(s) for your HCC course(s) by the start date of the course.

 Drop/Refund/Withdraw: Information regarding deadlines for drop/refund/withdraw can be found on your schedule in your DragonZone account. Course schedule changes must be done with both your high school Counselor and HCC.



Dragon Zone Guardian Account Request


Do you want your parents or guardians to have access to your account information? If so, use the following steps to grant Guardian Account with Dragon Zone.


1) Go to:

2) Click on the link for Dragon Zone

3) Click on the “Guardian Account Request”

4) Follow directions on screen to give them access to grades, statements, etc.


Helpful Terms to Know


Application: Completing application for admission via the HCC public website, no application fee.


Enrollment: Adding a student’s name to the HCC course roster in the HCC system after completion of the application and assessments. HCC staff will enroll all high school students.


Drop: Student initiated removal from course roster during add/drop/refund period. A refund will be given if course is dropped.


Withdraw: Student initiated removal from course after drop date but before withdraw date. A “W” will appear on transcript and no refund will be given.


Confirmation of Intent: Student’s acceptance of their HCC schedule and the financial obligation for their HCC class(es).




Take some classes from HCC while you’re attending a Kansas high School. After you graduate, enroll and attend full-time at HCC for your freshman year and we will reimburse you the cost you have spent on tuition. It’s as easy as that!


Graduated High School Seniors, attending only HCC Summer classes, are not eligible for the program.