Mr. John's Upper School Math Supplies List, 2016-2017

For First Period Homeroom:

In Addition, For All Upper School Math Classes:

1 Texas Instruments TI-84 calculator (please buy only the 84)

8 AAA batteries (in addition to any batteries in the calculator)

1 one-inch, plain, three-ring binder for math only (no clasps or zippers on the binders, please)

1 pencil bag to clip into the math binder

4 sharp, wooden, #2 pencils, 5 to 7.5 inches long, with erasers (no stubs, please)

1 manually-operated pencil sharpener with shavings receptacles (no battery powered sharpeners, please)

4 tabbed notebook dividers

1 pkg of loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral notebooks, please)

1 pkg of loose-leaf, three-hole-punched graph paper (no spiral notebooks, please)

2 blue-ink, stick pens (no gels or retractable pens, please)

1 protractor (ideally with inch *and* centimeter scales on the straight edges)

2 blue dry-erase markers

2 pink-pearl erasers

1 extra box of kleenex for math class


We will check in supplies the first day of school.  We will begin to *use* these supplies on the second day.


Many thanks for your help!  :-)


Mr. John :-)