About LKA

Lubbock Karting Association

Lubbock Karting Association, located just outside of Lubbock, Texas, near the Reese Center, is a place for family, friends and fun. If you like speed and the thrill of racing, come and join us.

LKA 2019: officers are President: Tyson Knight, Vice President: Wayne Panter, Race Director:RJ Guajardo. Secretary:Ashley Wester , Treasurer: Mark Probasco, Pit Stewart: Todd Knight, Officer at large:Lynn Cox.

Entry Fees for LKA members are Sprint $35.00 (includes pit pass) for members or $45.00 (includes pit pass) non members.

LKA offers both asphalt sprint racing and speedway dirt oval racing at one location, which makes it the only facility of its kind in Texas and one of the very few in the United States. With both courses available, the tracks host a variety of racing events at both County Line Speedway and Sleepy Hollow Sprint tracks.

To join LKA, You can download the membership application here.

Weights for the Speedway classes are 340 lbs for Flat Head Karts and 375 lbs for Pro Clone 

Weights for the Sprint track classes are Senior Lite Clones 340 lbs and LO 206 355 lbs

Senior Heavy 375 lbs Clones and LO 206

There has been a change of rules regarding the use of number plates and tires for asphalt track:

Snell 2000 Helmets required for all classes

1. Number plates should be black numbers on white background

2. Only specified types and makes of tires allowed for asphalt racing for all classes.

3. All 4-Cycle Classes Must run RLV-4104 Silencers Speedway or Sprint Track

4. All LKA 4-Cycle will run Lacont Red and Envinco Blue tires

5. Rotax will run Bridgestone YHC or MOJO D1 4.50 x 5 fronts and 7.10 x 5 rear, MG Yellows. Rotax 365 lbs and Leopards 370 lbs

6. TAG-USA Classes will run the Bridgestone YHC, Burris 55A & 44A, Continental CAB, Dunlop DBM, MG MZ Yellow, or Vega Blue (SL5) 360 lbs

7. It take 3 karts to make a class for any daily or Championship Points

8. Shifters are open tire

9. Absolutely No Oil will be dumped anywhere on LKA's premises, there are 55 gallon barrels on the east side of the scoring tower for old oil. Please use them.