Michelle Hughes

Video Enhanced Lesson Plan

Lesson: Salva’s Story - a pre-lesson for Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water

Introduction: This lesson serves as introduction to Salva Dut’s story. For 7th graders in the U.S., most find it very difficult to relate the extreme conditions and situations in which Salva lived and grew up. Using a video created by Salva himself, students get to see the village where Salva grew up and built his first well, plus the environmental conditions that he endured.

Content Area and Grade Level: English 7


   Students will:

Standards Addressed:

Relative Advantage: Using the Salva’s Story, students will get to see the conditions of the South Sudan and enjoy the added benefit of the actual Salva Dut’s perspective on his plight and his mission.

Timeline: One 45-minute period


  1. Google Chromebooks & Internet (access to Google Classroom)
  2. Salva’s Story video
  3. Projector & Whiteboard
  4. Venn Diagram handout

Grouping Strategies: In order to adequately discuss Salva’s Story video with particular attention to his living conditions, students will be in groups of three or four (depending on class size). Each group will have a Google Chromebook.

Students will watch the video in groups and discuss/set expectations. While groups are discussing, individual students will submit tweet-style summary statement to Google Classroom discussion board. Following discussion, students will break apart to complete individual Venn Diagrams.

Learning Activities:

   Students will:

  1. Separate into small groups of three or four.
  2. Log in to Google Classroom account using Google Chromebooks.
  3. View “Salva’s Story” video embedded into Google Classroom page. {Students may view multiple times in 45 minute period.}
  4. Discuss the video in groups with particular attention to Salva’s living situation, South Sudan’s environment, and Salva’s mission.
  1. During discussion, each student should contribute their thoughts on the video including reactions, noticeable differences in their lifestyle, etc.
  2. Also during the discussion, students should state their expectations for Park’s novel A Long Walk to Water, including what they think it will be about and what lesson they think they will take away from it.
  1. Create tweet-style {140 character with hashtag} summary or take-away statement after viewing video.
  2. Submit tweet-style statement to Google Classroom discussion board.
  3. Compare and contrast Salva Dut’s home vs. individual student home using Venn Diagram handout.
  4. Turn in completed Venn Diagram to class box.
  5. Reassemble as a class to discuss video and set expectations.

Assessment: Students will be accessed based on discussion, summary statement, and Venn Diagram.

Accommodations: To accommodate learners, students can view the video with the closed captioning turned on or using headphones to create an easier listening situation.


P. (2011, January 13). Salva's Story. Retrieved February 13, 2017, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuLbHz7k9xg