Pagan Media Outlets Directory

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Print Publications:

CIRCLE Magazine - - Quarterly published lifestyle magazine. Contact: Florence Edwards-Miller (

Witches & Pagans Magazine - - Quarterly published lifestyle magazine + regular “PaganSquare” blog contributors. Contact: Ann Niven (

Sage Woman Magazine - - Quarterly published lifestyle magazine (Goddess-centered). Contact: Ann Niven (

Blogs / Internet Magazines: Paganism/Wicca - - Regularly updated Pagan information and news blog. Contact: Patti Wigington (

Medusa Coils - - Regularly updated Goddess-centered news and information blog. Contact: Judith Laura (

Patheos Pagan Channel - - Regularly updated Pagan-themed blogs. Contact: Christine Hoff Kraemer (

The Wild Hunt - - Daily updated news-oriented site. Contact: Jason Pitzl-Waters (

Organizational Newsletters:

ACTION - - Newsletter for the Alternative Religions Education Network (AREN) - published 8 times per year. Contact: Christopher Blackwell (

Cherry Hill Seminary Newsletter - - Monthly newsletter for Pagan seminary. Contact: Carolyn Swalina (

Covenant of the Goddess Newsletter - - Newsletter for the Covernant of the Goddess (COG) - published 8 times per year. Contact: Publications Officer ( See also: National Public Information Officer (

CUUPs Bulletin - - monthly e-newsletter for the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. Contact:

Water - - quarterly newsletter of the Pagan Educational Network. Contact: Dave Sassman (

Radio shows and Podcasts:

PaganFM! - - Weekly terrestrial radio show (Seacoast, NH) and podcast, news, commentary, and music. Contact: Deirdre Hebert (

Pagans Tonight Radio Network - - Daily talk radio program with a variety of shows and hosts. Contact:

Raven Radio - - Weekly Heathen talk radio program. Contact: Chuck Hudson (

Broadcast Television and Videocasts:

Keeper of the Flame - - Weekly Connecticut Public Access program and Youtube/Vimeo channel.  Contact: Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth (

Magick TV - - Regularly updated Youtube channel, connected with Witch School International ( Contact: Rev. Don Lewis (