Computer Operator:Aaron Deshield


  1. At the start of the race day, there will be a mandatory drivers meeting. After the drivers meeting, race registration begins. Once you have paid your registration for the day, there is no refund.
  2. All vehicles registered to race must have a lap transponder installed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your transponder is in good working order, and is recognised by the lap timing software. If this is your first race, you need to approach the Race Director or the Computer Operator so that they can get your transponder set up. This should be done before the drivers’ meeting and registration. If your transponder is not reading, laps will not be recorded manually. Only laps recorded by the computer will count.
  3. The track on race days is under the control of the race director. If you are instructed to leave the track, do so as quickly as possible. Practice procedure will be controlled by the Race Director.
  4. In the event of a race meeting being rained out,the race will be held on the following Sunday. This is at the discretion of the Race Director.
  5. Late entries have to be there in time for at least one qualifier. If you do not make a qualifier, you are not eligible for any main.


  1. There is a $30.00 annual membership payable at the first race any new racers enter. If you do not want to become an annual member, there is a $10.00 daily membership. This is in addition to your race fees.
  2. Race fees are $20.00 for the first event entered, $10.00 for each additional event entered.


  1. The computer will alert racers of the time left before a race begins.
  2. All cars should be on the starting gate with at least 30 seconds to go before the start of the race.
  3. Any car considered unsafe by the Race Director will be disqualified from the race.
  4. Cars being lapped by faster cars are expected to show courtesy to the overtaking driver.
  5. If you cut the track in any way, you are expected to wait until cars that were in front of you catch you up. If you do not, and a turn marshal sees it, you will be reported to the race director, and a penalty will be awarded.
  6. Drivers are expected to show good sportsmanship on and off the track. No bad language will be tolerated. If excessive bad language or any bad behaviour towards other racers, turn marshals, or spectators, you will be removed from racing activities and be asked to leave the facility.


  1. Drivers must marshal the heat immediately following their own. Drivers who fail to carry out this duty will be given a penalty of being in the lowest main race of the day.
  2. The race clock will pause at 2 minutes. This will allow turn marshals to take up turn marshal spot.
  3. Marshals are expected to remove cars from barriers, fences and grassed areas.
  4. Cars that are overturned must be in idle position before being attended to by turn marshal.
  5. Marshals must make every attempt to return the car to the race in the direction of the racecourse.
  6. Repairs are not to be carried out by marshals. A marshal must show priority to cars which are still racing.
  7. Marshals and pit crew must not run across the track to convey a car to the pits..
  8. The Top Qualifier (TQ) has the first choice of running the pits during any lower mains. The Winner of the B Main has first choice for running the pits during the A Main.