Commentary on images:

They use tear gas to get them out of the train.

Rick getting knocked down after a firefight.

The whole group is here but not the Termites.

Rick looking at Gareth with that look like I’m gonna bite your head off.

Termites fighting off walkers at the fence.

Hosing down walkers, you can see Tara in the top left corner with a knife.

Walker gets head blown off with water.

Rick discovers a walker with a melted face beneath a broken floor. Zombies in water.

Walking into a church.

Death bed scene? For who? Hey Rick’s got Judith back.

Continued from above.

Michone has a double-sided Katana! Or she taped a knife on the other end.

Looks like Terminus is going down. Bob in the bottom right corner.

More fighting at Terminus.

Taking care of business.

Abraham crying about what? A loss?

Arriving at some town.

Termite religion?

Wow, some action here - Church bus flipping.

Cool melted zombie in water.

“We’re not safe” - Rick



New character?

Awesome view of Atlanta. What’s that truck?

Beth? held at this compound.

Notice her clean police outfit?

“Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good. In here, you’re not the greater good, you’re part of a system” - Unknown woman cop to Beth

Beth trying to escape?

Cutting off an arm that was bitten?

What happened here?

She’s free?

Cop about to strike her.