Name: Sagara Sanosuke

Nicknames: Zanza, Sano, Bird Brain

Age: 19

Weapons and Attacks: Zanbatou, bare fists, Futae no Kiwami

Love Interest: Megumi

Closest Friends: Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko and Katsu

Enemies: Yukyuzan Anji, Inui Banshin, The Meiji government

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Sanosuke ran away from his parents' farm in Shinshu when he was nine to join the Sekihotai, headed by Sagara Sozo. Sano trained as a junior soldier. Sagara told him how important it was for the Sekihoutai to bring in the Meiji Era. They did this by convincing the farmers that their taxes would be halved by the new government.

When the Revolution was over, the Meiji government had financial trouble and decided not to honor their word. Instead they accused the Sekihoutai of making false promises to the people of Japan. Sagara Sozo and all the adult members of the troop were executed, leaving Sano on his own.

For ten years after this betrayal, Sano passionately hated the Meiji government. He took up the Zanbatou, a huge Feudal Era sword used for knocking riders off their horses and became a kenkaya who made his money by brawling with people. This was the only way he could forget his rage. He was blinded by hatred and only the sound of screams and cracking bones calmed him.

One day, Sano stopped at a restaurant called the Akabeko because he heard some shouting in there and beat up some thugs who were harassing the head waitress. Also at the restaurant that day were a small redhaired swordsman, a young girl and boy, all of whom would soon have a major impact on Sano's life.

Personality Profile: Sano's an easy-going guy for the most part. He likes to goof off and joke around with Kenshin. He enjoys gambling and drinking. He always mooches free meals at the Kamiya dojo and the Akabeko, where Tae is always saying that he never pays his bill. But don't piss him off, or you'll rouse the sleeping bull inside and probably get a fist in your face. Sano tolerates no disrespect toward the old Sekihoutai and gets into it with anyone who bags on them. Sano tends to be very impulsive, sometimes to the point of near stupidity. Once he gets into something, he won't back off until he either wins or is knocked out. Both results happen about equally.

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