Name: Otowa Hyoko

Age: Mid-30s

Weapons and attacks: Baika Chusen, Kasui Busin, Roku Doku, Bishamon powder and sword

Allies: Enishi and the Six Comrades

Enemies: Himura Kenshin and Myojin Yahiko

First Appearance: Revenge Arc

Biography: Otowa worked as an assassin for the Bakufu during the Revolution, using shadow tools to get the job done. He and his best friend, Nakajou, a ninja of the Yaminobu, would spend night after night competing to see who could kill the most people. After Nakajou was killed by Battousai, Otowa vowed to get revenge.

Personality: Otowa has more refined tastes than the rest of the Six Comrades and believes that killing should be fun and artistic rather than brutal and bloody. When the going gets tough, however, his true colors show and he turns into a craven coward who can’t even beat an 11-year-old boy.

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