Fellowship & Scholarship Database

Students are advised to apply for as many scholarships as possible to improve their chances of being selected, as they will be competing against many other students who are equally as talented.  Sometimes it takes a multitude of applications to win even one award; persistence and a commitment to building a strong record are critical to being selected.  Students are advised to view as many categories as applicable, as they may qualify for several scholarships across different criteria.  

It is highly advisable to read the profiles of past scholarship recipients of a particular award whenever this information is available.  This is a very good indication of what type of student the scholarship organization is looking for.

If you are a member of a professional organization (i.e., The American Psychological Foundation, The Society of Women Engineers, etc.), it is suggestible to check with your local chapter to see if special scholarship opportunities are offered to members.

Students are advised to check the database regularly for new award postings.

Fellowships vs. Scholarships

A scholarship, as the name implies, is a financial award for academic excellence.  Ideally, scholarships are designed to pay for a student’s tuition, supplies and housing, so that the student can concentrate on his or her studies, as opposed to balancing those responsibilities with one or two part-time jobs.  Often, students will not see the money from their scholarship, as it will be applied directly to their accounts at their college.  In addition to aiding a student with financial aspects of school, a scholarship also looks very good on a resume when applying for future opportunities.

A fellowship usually grants awards to students in the form of stipends, which are set amounts of money that are paid directly to the student.  Unlike scholarships, students who are selected for fellowships are expected to fulfill particular responsibilities in return for the award.  These responsibilities can include conducting research, participating in an internship, assisting in teaching a class, and engaging in seminars and workshops.  

External Fellowship & Scholarship Listings                                

Prestigious Fellowships & Scholarships

The most prestigious awards across the nation and in NYC

CUNY Based Awards

Awards sponsored by the City University of New York and partnering organizations

Awards Related to Discipline of Study and Career Plan                        

Awards based on majors, research and intended career


Awards Related to Demographic Criteria                                        

Awards based on heritage, ethnicity, religious faith, gender and LGBTQ

Awards for Students with Disabilities

Awards for students who have overcome challenges associated with disabilities

Awards for Study Abroad

Awards for overseas study in a variety of locations worldwide

Awards for Military & Veteran Students

Awards for active duty and veteran students as well as children and spouses of military personnel

Awards for Undocumented Students

Awards to support students who have undocumented legal status

Awards Based on Athletics

Awards for students who are athletes or have previously participated in sports

Awards Based on Writing an Essay

Awards based on essay competitions

Resources for Awards & Building Candidacy                

How Can I Become a Stronger Candidate?

Advice for strengthening candidacy in various ways to compete for awards  

Tips for Completing Applications

Advice for perfecting the details of a fellowship or scholarship application

Free Scholarship Search Websites

Listing of websites that allow students to create profiles and search for awards