Mrs. Schossow’s Educational Path

Elementary School:

Marcy Elementary School

I wanted to be a TEACHER when I grew up.

Middle/Intermediate School:

Templeton Middle School

High School:

Sussex Hamilton High School

I wanted to become a TEACHER, so I participated in a volunteer field experience.

Post Secondary Path:

I wanted to become an EDUCATOR, so I attended Carthage College. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. My goal is to create an optimum learning environment for students to feel safe, cared about, engaged, and motivated.


I wanted to better instruct my students in literacy so I completed a Master of Education in Reading and obtained the 316 reading teacher certification from Concordia University.  I believe that literacy provides the foundation for a child to be successful in both school and life.  I am not only teaching students  to read and write; I am educating them in how to apply their knowledge and skills, critically think, interpret and perceive the world we live in, and utilize digital devices.


A Message From Mrs. Schossow

In Room 53, I want to educate students to experience a high level of academic success, growth in character and responsibility, and to have a positive personal impact on them.  I believe it is essential to keep a positive attitude, have a sense of humor, be fair and consistent, and have high expectations.  I believe in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of my students’  individual learning styles and abilities.   Teaching is not only a desired occupation, but is truly a passion of mine.  I believe teachers have one of the most important and rewarding jobs in today's society and feel privileged to be part of it!