Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of the staff at Washington Elementary please allow me to welcome you to our school.  At Washington Elementary we strive to provide students the opportunities to achieve academic excellence and the skills to become productive citizens in a safe and positive environment. We also encourage active parent and community involvement and believe that these groups help contribute to the quality of our school. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or feel free to call me at 854.6420.

Thank You,
Wendi Forrey

WASHINGTON STAFF   2018 - 2019


GRADE P        ROOM 4                        KELLY FARRIS

GRADE K        ROOM  1                        TAHNEE HARTMAN

GRADE 1        ROOM  3                        NANCY NEELY

                ROOM  2                        MEGAN PETERMAN                    

GRADE 2        ROOM  6                                LINDSAY ZIER

                ROOM  5                        TRISH MIZUTA

GRADE 3        ROOM  9                        TERRI BIGELOW

                              ROOM 10                        NIKOL JOHNSON

GRADE 4        ROOM 11                         SCOTT VANKLEEK

                        ROOM 12                               VONDA FRANKLIN

GRADE 5        ROOM  8                        JERAD RELK

                        ROOM  7                                 MADDIE JOHNSON

GRADE 6        ROOM 24                               ANGELA TROY

                        ROOM 23                        SUSAN EVERS   


                LIBRARIAN                                WENDY KOEPPL                

                SPECIAL ED                                JULIE SCHARFEN

                SPECIAL ED ASSISSANT                CAMILLE RODES

                SPECIAL ED ASSISTANT                KYRA SAFFRON

                     SPEECH/LANGUAGE                ANDREA ANDERSON

                SPEECH/LANGUAGE                MERILEE KINKELLA

                PRE-SCHOOL PARA                        KATHERINE BECK 

                PHYSICAL EDUCATION                CYNTHIA PEREZ

                     VOCAL MUSIC                        ANN HUTCHINSON/MAI BETTERLEY

                BAND                                        BROOKE HOWARD

                ORCHESTRA                                BECKY PRINDLE

                PSYCHOLOGIST                        KARI GOELLNER

                OT/PT                                        KIM ZARAGOZA

                COUNSELOR                        NATE DALLOLIO

                HEALTH TECH.                        THERESE GEORGE

                HEALTH TECH                        ANGIE SANCHEZ

                NURSE                                KIM POULSON

                READING SPECIALIST                KAREN ANTRAM

                KITCHEN MANAGER                JOANNE GRYWCZYNSKI

                PLAYGROUND                        SONJA BIGHAM

                PLAYGROUND/CAFE                HEATHER NELSON

                HEAD CUSTODIAN                        TIM BUCHTA

                NIGHT CUSTODIAN                CHAZZ SILVA



The staff at Washington Elementary is working to provide a safe, positive learning environment for children.  As educators we believe that a disciple policy should be administered fairly and used as a learning tool to provide opportunities for children to become contributing citizens, capable of making good decisions.

        Two principles will govern all the rules of Washington Elementary:

  1. Conduct disruptive to the educational process is prohibited.
  2. Conduct infringing on the rights, property, and safety of others is prohibited.

When dealing with inappropriate behavior, we will deal with the issues and behavior observed. Then we will assign appropriate consequences.  Although we will try to be consistent and fair with every situation, we also recognize that each of your children is unique and will approach all situations with their best interests in mind.   Each of our staff members is anxious to work with students to find solutions to problems and if necessary, parent assistance may be called on.  This open communication will help Washington Elementary to be the best school it can be.

Please review this list of simple rules with your child.  


  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Be safe.
  4. Be kind.

  1. Stand quietly in line.
  2. Be polite to those around you.
  3. Use inside voices.
  4. Clean up your area before leaving.
  5. Walk in the cafeteria.


  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. Use equipment properly.
  3. Avoid icy areas.
  4. Leave dirt, rocks, grass, snow, etc. on the ground.
  5. Contact sports are not allowed.
  6. Be in eye contact with duty supervisor.
  7. No play fighting.
  8. Be safe, respectful and responsible.


        Major Disciplinary Violations:

cigarettes or other tobacco products.

The following may be considered as usual treatment for Major Disciplinary Violations.  However, the principal has the power and authority to treat each student individually in the appropriate and most effective manner. 


Bullying means one or more children repeatedly picking on another student.  Bullying is not tolerated at Washington and should be reported to a teacher, counselor, aide or the principal.  This includes “cyber-bullying” – the use of an electronic device such as a phone or computer to harass or bully another student.  Bullying of any type is against the law and will be taken very seriously.  


General bus rules:

It is very important that students riding the bus understand the rules that the driver will be giving them.  

Health and Attendance


If your child needs to leave school during the day, please send a note to the teacher and come to the office to sign them out.  The secretary will contact your child’s teacher and he/she will be sent to the office for pick-up.  We are asking parents not to go to the classrooms themselves but rather have the school secretary handle this communication.

Good attendance is important to academic achievement  Absences for reasons other than medical are discouraged, as your child’s learning is directly affected by his/her time in school.  Excessive absences may result in a recommendation for retaining the child.  Absences of more than nine days per semester are considered excessive.


A school nurse is on call in cases of illness or injury.  If you cannot be located and medical attention is advised, your family doctor will be called and your child will be taken to the emergency room at the hospital (unless you have given instructions to the contrary).

For Prescription Medications:  A parent/guardian must submit a written request to the school office, along with the medication IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER, with the student’s name, prescription number, doctor and directions clearly indicated.

For Non-prescription Medications:  the parent/guardian must supply the medications, such as aspirin or Tylenol, IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER with a written request to the school advising how it is to be administered (i.e. Up to 2 every 4 hours).

My child has been placed on an antibiotic for ten days.  Should he bring the medication to school?  

        If the antibiotic is ordered “four times a day” or “every six hours,” then yes, your child` will need a dose during the school day.   Follow the procedure for bringing medication to school.

        If the antibiotic is ordered “three times a day” or “every eight hours,” then no, the doses can be given before school, after school, and at bedtime.

All medications shall be kept in a secured area in the school office and only office personnel are authorized to dispense any medications.  It is the student’s responsibility to come to the office at the appropriate time to take his/her medication.  All medications must be taken in the presence of the person dispensing the medication.


Please have your child dress in clothing that is suitable for all learning experiences.  For instance, please do not send him/her to school in short-shorts, extremely baggy oversized clothing or half shirts.  Longer shorts (fingertip length) are acceptable while the weather stays warm.  Also, avoid shoes with soles that will mark or scratch the gym floor during gym classes.  Straps on girl’s shirts need to be two inches wide and not show midriff.  Pajamas, house slippers and clothing that advertise inappropriate items are also not allowed.  You will be notified should your child’s clothing present a disruption to the learning process.


A school safety patrol is organized from our sixth grade volunteers.  Students crossing Harrison Boulevard should do so at the traffic signal located at Harrison and Lemp streets.  Students crossing 15th Street should use the crossing signal in the front of the school building.  PLEASE CAUTION YOUR CHILDREN THAT DRIVERS SOMETIMES IGNORE THE SIGNALS AND THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE CAREFUL.  Students working on the safety patrol will be on duty from 8:10 to 8:40 am and 3:15 to 3:35 PM.


Bicycles must be walked on school property to the bike rack, where they are parked for the day.  Bikes should be locked at all times and it is a good idea to register them with the Boise Police Department for identification purposes.  Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, etc. are not allowed on the school sidewalks or playground during school hours.


        8:00 . . . . . . . . . . . . .  FRONT DOOR OPEN

                                        (FOR STAFF AND PARENTS)

        8:15. . . . . . . . . . . . .  PLAYGROUND IS SUPERVISED

        8:40 . . . . . . . . . . . . .  MORNING BELL

        8:45 . . . . . . . . . . . . .  TARDY BELL

          11:30 . . . . . . . . . . . . .  A.M.   KINDERGARTEN DISMISSED

          12:30………………… P.M. KINDERGARTEN BEGINS

        3:15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KDG – 6TH GRADE STUDENTS DISMISSED

        4:00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  SCHOOL DOORS CLOSED


Supervision of the playground will be provided from 8:15 until school starts at 8:40.  Children will not be allowed in the building until after the first bell, unless they are eating breakfast (8:25) or buying lunch credits.  Tardy bell rings at 8:45.


Daily attendance at any grade level of school is key to individual success.  We discourage absences during the school year for reasons other than illness, family emergencies or other necessary occurrences.  When possible, please let the office know in advance when these situations occur.   Coming late to school is also disruptive to the daily flow of the classroom.  More than nine tardies a semester will result in the student losing recess times to make up the loss of instructional time.  Students with an unreasonable amount of tardies may be required to make up their missed time at recess.

Appointments -

If you need to take your child out of school for an appointment please come into the office to sign your child out.  Do not go to your child’s classroom.  Office personnel will notify your child’s teacher to have him/her brought to the office.  If you call ahead of time we will try to have your child in the office waiting for you.


Students are to go directly home after school unless they are remaining for a parent-approved, school planned activity or if they have been detained for disciplinary reasons.  Parent/guardian will be notified at least one day in advance if students are required to stay after school, so that transportation can be arranged.


Lunch credits will be sold before school in the cafeteria each morning.  Students are encouraged to buy lunches weekly or monthly on Monday mornings.

Students will be allowed to charge lunches up to five days.  If a child needs to charge on the sixth day, the parents will be called.  Adults may not charge lunch tickets.

Parents/guardians are welcome to join their children for lunch.  


                                Student Prices                Adult Prices

Lunch                                               $2.50                    $3.75

Breakfast                                        $1.50                    $2.25



Please notify the office if there is a change of address, phone or emergency numbers.


Please label your child’s clothing and belongings whenever possible.  This will help in finding homes for lost items.  Lost and found is located in the hallway by the Library entrance.  Check in the office for lost items other than clothing.


We highly value our parents’ support. Please make arrangements prior to volunteering in your child’s classroom (in a note or email) because interruptions to the instructional day take valuable time away from children’s learning.  Simply call the office and leave a message or talk to you child’s teacher at a convenient time to set up an appointment. All adults are required to come to the office and sign into the building.  You will receive a VISITORS nametag that must remain visible to staff and students while you are in the building. This is a safety requirement and not meant to discourage your presence here at Washington School.  When leaving, simply sign out at the office and return your nametag. In addition, please remember to TURN OFF your cell phones while in the building.  Whenever possible, leaving your younger children home or in someone’s care will help you to be less distracted as you assist the teacher.  


In the event of a building catastrophe it may become necessary for some or all of us to evacuate the site.  Please be advised that we have chosen North Jr. High School as our emergency evacuation site and all communication would be given from there through the media.   Please avoid calling North Jr. High’s phone lines, as they will be left for emergency use only.  We have planned for many different types of emergencies and our plans are available for your viewing in the office.  Drills for many of these emergencies are scheduled regularly and the entire staff is working hard to provide for the continued safety of all of your children.

Washington Elementary recognizes its responsibility to reflect the philosophy and mission of the Boise Independent School District.  “A better tomorrow challenges us to create, deliver, and responsibly manage opportunities for all children to achieve their educational potential and become contributing citizens.”  Our school community is dedicated to the educational needs of the children attending this school.  Our roles as educators, parents, and concerned patrons are intertwined in the mutual goal of “Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow”.