What's On Tap?

Genesee Brew House Keg Tree Ale

7.8 ABV | 20  IBUs

Our Flagship Scotch Ale aged for over One year in Kentucky Bourbons barrels….need we say more? A rich & chewy, deep garnet colored, heavily bodied strong ale that’s deceptively smooth

Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch Toasted Almond  Scotch Ale

7.5 ABV | 20  IBUs

We’ve taken our flagship Scotch Ale and added toasted almond. The result is the rich, full-bodied ale you know and love, but with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that goes down smooth, satisfying to the last sip.

Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch Dark Chocolate Scotch Ale

7.5 ABV | 20  IBUs

 A full-bodied Scotch Ale elegant and complex with decadent flavors and aromas from bittersweet Hedonist artisan chocolates 72% Dark Chocolate.

Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch Coffee Stout

5.1 ABV | 36  IBUs

This opaque English-style stout is brewed with a custom coffee blend for a bold, roasty character and crisp finish.

Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch Scotch Ale

7.5 ABV | 20 IBUs

A rich and chewy, deep garnet colored, heavily bodied strong ale that is deceptively smooth

Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch IPA

7.0 ABV | 85 IBUs

Traditional IPA with a caramel malt profile, loaded with hops for an intense but balanced bitter flavor

Genesee Brew House Triple Dry Hopped Test IPA #9

6.15 ABV |65 IBUs

This slightly hazy un-filtered ale is bursting with hop flavor and aroma. The slight malty profile is balanced by a Triple Dry Hopping of Amarillo,  Simcoe and  Mosaic hops for a wonderfully aromatic and very clean hop bitterness.


Genesee Brew House Dry Hopped Experimental SM Pale Ale

6.3 ABV |54 IBUs

This Single Malt ale is brewed with only Briess Goldpils Vienna. It’s rich malty characters are smooth and crisp with subtle biscuit flavors and aroma. The complexity of the base malt is highlighted by the unique bitterness and aroma of EXP #06297 from Hopsteiner. Orange, Vanilla, Tropical fruit and Berry describe its flavors and aromas. More complex flavors and aromas were added from dry hopping with Citra.

Genesee Brew House Simcoe S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale

5.5 ABV |55 IBUs

Crisp, exceptional clean S.M.A.S.H (Single Malt and Single Hop) beer with only Pale Ale Malt and Simcoe Hops. Hopped late in the Kettle Whirlpool and then Dry hopped this technique provides the smooth earthy, floral citrus, and pine characters that are synonymous with American IPA’s.

Genesee Brew House English Brown Ale

5.6 ABV |17.5 IBUs

Gentle to moderate malt sweetness with nutty, toasted, biscuit, toffee-like characters with light caramel highlights and a medium-dry finish. Malt-hop balance is very subtle with slight hop aromas of East Kent Goldings.

Genesee Brew House Local Wet Hop Harvest Pale Ale

5.5 ABV |28 IBUs

Chimney Bluffs locally grown, fresh Cascade hops take center stage in this Ale. The malty characters of the base malt are balanced by a delicate floral and subtle citrus “Wet Hop” flavor and aroma making this  a crisp, wonderfully refreshing, session-able brew.        


Genesee Beer

Genesee Cream Ale

Genesee Light

Genesee 12 Horse Ale (available exclusively at the Brew House!)        


Dundee Honey Brown Lager