June 7, 2013


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Teenage rapper Cameron D’Ambrosio, who had been held without bail and charged with “terrorist threats” after posting rap lyrics on Facebook, has been released to own recognizance after Grand Jury refuses to indict him. DA drops charges, saying they will not pursue the case further.

Lawrence, MA - June 6th, 2013, A Grand Jury yesterday issued a “no bill,” and refused to indict Cameron D’Ambrosio, the teenage rapper from Methuen who had held without bail for over a month after police said that rap lyrics he posted to his Facebook page constituted a “terrorist threat.” The Grand Jury’s decision triggered a bail review hearing, which prompted Salem Superior Court Judge Lynn Rooney to order that Cameron be released to his own recognizance.

Cameron is an 18-year-old Methuen High School student who was arrested on May 1st after posting rap lyrics to his Facebook that included a reference to the Boston Marathon bombing and called the White House a "federal house of horror." The government’s handling of the case has been widely condemned by civil liberties activists and legal experts, and a viral petition at started by the Center for Rights garnered over 90,000 signatures calling for Cameron’s release.

“We’re overjoyed at the news that Cam is being released and is home with his family,” commented Evan Greer, of the Center for Rights and Fight For The Future, “The Grand Jury’s decision underscores what we have been saying all along: the prosecution doesn’t have a case here, and it’s a grave injustice that it has taken this long to get Cam returned to the safety of his home and family. While today is a major victory for Cam, the chilling effect that this case has already had on free speech cannot be undone. It’s imperative that we send a clear message to all government officials that attacks on freedom of speech will not be tolerated.”

The Essex County District Attorney has informed the Boston Globe that they will not be pursuing the case further. Cameron’s supporters will be in the court on June 27 to make sure the prosecutors drop the case.



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