NEWSLETTER - January 2019


Happy New Year to everyone!

2018 was a year of growth and challenges that kept the study centre growing. Thank you for your unwavering support.

The many varied activities kept the centre humming and the team busy.

At the end of the year saw some changes in staffing, essentially with the move of our beloved Louie Supan to Castlemaine in Melbourne. Announcement of his replacement will be made soon. We are geared for growth so all up, we would love to have your sons be part of our burgeoning team of boys and young men whose daily/weekly activities see them develop into responsible young citizens of our greater Western community which the centre serves.

That said, the challenges of operating the centre remain.



Taking OUR centre to these next steps now needs YOUR participation both in the form of you contributions and being part of the maintenance team. Literally a moment of your time is needed to help us in the upkeep of the grounds and building. A few hours of your time every six (6) weeks would be an invaluable contribution into the MBK Building Service Team.

Please contact Bert Rejante, who coordinates the maintenance of the centre if you are able to provide assistance in various forms from gardening, carpentry, mechanical repairs, plumbing, electrical maintenance, etc. Initially, we are looking for able bodies to help out in the gardening, especially this Eason which see our lawns blowing and in need of a regular ‘manicure’. The plan is to have an initial team do part of the gardens that need mowing, clipping, pruning and the like, as well as some sporadic electrical, carpentry and plumbing work. Bert’s contact details are below. He will be happy to hear from you.

Bert Rejante

Mobile 0407 061 278


And we invite you to bring your friends to see what we do and what the centre can offer. Since its formal opening, every single visitor who has come to the centre has left, totally impressed. All you need to to is invite them over. We can even do centre presentations for a group on a leisurely weekend afternoon. Join us and the coffee and bikkies are on us.

The centre has reached this stage with continued help and contributors. However, we still need more to make the activities of the centre grow. We want to share a lot more of the Mirrabooka experience with you and more families. It is the hope of the study centre committee that everyone can reach out to their associates and friends. If the committee can be of help to anyone in their efforts, or for more information, please feel free to contact any of the staff or committee members who are only too happy to discuss the centre needs with you and how you can help.

Here is the complete list of the Mirrabooka Centre team:

Gary Stellar – Project Coordinator 0407 400 890


John Paul Hinojosa – Centre Director 0419 126 999


Joe Cassar – Chairperson, Mirrabooka Development Committee 0411 663 125


Bert Rejante - Secretary, Mirrabooka Development Committee 0407 061 278

ADDRESS 13 Pages Road St Marys NSW 2760 Ph: (02) 9623 6073 Web: