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Shared Beliefs and Values: Evana Network embraces the teachings of the Confession of Faith in Mennonite Perspective, 1995. God is the creator of all that exists. The Bible is our fully inspired and trustworthy guide for who God is, what God is doing in the world, and how we can live as God's people. Scripture also exposes the sin that holds us and our world captive to the forces of evil. We can find salvation through Christ alone.  Through the atoning and victorious work of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection we may be reconciled to God.

All who open themselves to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power can experience forgiveness, healing, new life, and a new community of peace and joy. As baptized believers, we proclaim and live out Jesus Christ’s good news in a broken world. We gather regularly to worship and celebrate, discern God's will, give and receive counsel, bear one another's burdens, and be sent into God’s mission in the world. We seek to be peacemakers and wise stewards of the resources God has given us. Though we often fall short of God’s plan, the church is the foretaste and instrument of God's reconciling activity in the world. We look forward to the day when Jesus Christ will return to make all things new.

Mission:  Evana Network invites people to faithful living in Jesus Christ by forming and enabling congregations to be healing and sending communities.

Vision: Evana Network seeks God’s direction in calling out and sending forth a growing, ethnically diverse community of believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the world and to be transformed through Jesus Christ’s reconciling work.

Institutional Qualities: Evana Network believes that certain shared commitments are essential for participation in God’s mission.  Evana seeks to partner with institutions or groups that:

We recognize that as a strategic partner with  Evana Network, we are ambassadors together.  We represent Christ, the Christian church, and ourselves to everyone.  By signing below, we acknowledge that we embrace this mutual commitment with Evana Network.

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(Board/Leadership Team chair)

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(Lead Administrator/Executive)

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Evana Network’s primary work is with the local congregation. We enter into strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions such as denominations, conferences, constituency groups, mission agencies, and institutions of higher learning. We will also affiliate with groups within institutions as there is interest. We do this for several reasons.

  1. To facilitate movement toward mission in local congregations through church planting and church revitalization.
  2. To strengthen a shared commitment to an evangelical Anabaptist theology.
  3. To allow our unique capacities to strengthen the other.

Evana works with a clear model:

  1. We use an incubator model to do comprehensive work with a smaller group of committed participants.
  2. We move away from partial work with a larger body, ie trying to influence and change an entire institution.

Joint commitments

  1. We clarify common vision and mission
  1. The Strategic Partner Covenant provides the basic commitment
  2. We provide clearly measurable outcomes
  3. We celebrate wins together and share credit generously
  1. We provide space for each other
  1. We respect and honor the role of the other group in determining its future and identity.
  2. Evana provides full access for the institution to promote its offerings to Evana partners and members
  3. The institution endorses and embraces Evana’s work with its own constituents.
  1. We speak well of each other
  1. A new movement within an institution needs protection
  2. Institutional contributions need to be valued


  1. The institution submits a proposal for partnership to It should include the following items.
  1. A brief description of the institution’s mission, goals and characteristics.
  2. It’s organizational structure and names of leaders
  3. What is being offered by the institution to Evana partners and members
  4. What the institution would like to receive from Evana.
  5. The measures for a successful result of strategic partnership.
  6. Contact information for the primary institutional representative to Evana.
  1. Evana Staff and Board reviews the proposal and initiates a conversation with the primary representative for the purpose of seeking joint agreement around all items.
  2. Both parties adopt the agreement and begin working together.