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P4:kxdbm79, P5:nwqc622, P8:abbwclb

text updates for students (mandatory)
and parents (suggested but optional)

To join: Send text to 81010 with the body as one of the following based on class period: @solin1 @solin2 @solin4 @solin5 @solin8

red tape (syllabi, forms, mandatory)

click period: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8

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LT maker lab twitter @LTMakers
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CS Dept twitter @LaneTechCompSci
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LTMakers song requests

playlist link

uri: spotify:user:jeffsolin:playlist:5HA97rYBSM92Dco5sKWcX3

recommendation letters

I have a limited number of letters I can do per year. Required recommendation portfolio due 5 weeks before letter. Email me for the portfolio and details.



parent/guardian only VM: 872-762-3178