Dinner for Two


Chef's specialty crostini

Appetizer (choose two)

Tofu salad

Crunch tofu, frisée arugula with ginger balsamic vinaigrette


Stir fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables


Choice of shrimp or pork (steamed or fried)


Traditional Emperor's cuisine: Assortment of nine thinly sliced, sautéed vegetables and beef. Served with crepes


Fresh big eye tuna sashimi, smoked applewood bacon lardon, champagne gelee, Korean pear-fuji apple sauce

Barbecue (choose one)

Comes with individual side dishes, sauces and miso soup

USDA Prime dry-aged ribeye

Wagyu ribeye

Duck breast

Black tiger shrimp

Bibimbap (one to share)

Rice with seasoned assorted vegetables with chili pepper paste served hot in our signature crystal bowl (choice of beef or tofu)

Dessert (choose two)

Macha affogato

Macha tea, vanilla ice cream, green tea rice cake ice cream, sweet red bean

Rice cake ice cream

Green tea, vanilla, red bean rice cake with ice cream filling


House-made pancake filled with brown sugar, honey, pine nuts & cinnamon. Served with vanilla ice cream

Popcorn ice cream

Caramelized popcorn with vanilla ice cream


Assortment of sorbet of the season