Aranui & Mahi Tahi family and

friends, you are invited...

to a celebration of the hard work and new learning that has come from our PYP Exhibition inquiries.

The Berkley 2015 PYP Exhibition

Wednesday 23 September 2015

3:30pm to 5:30pm

Aranui and Mahi Tahi students are looking forward to showcasing their learning and sharing their inquiry ‘Action’ with our community.  Exhibition projects come in many forms and will be on display around the central area of the school (Learning Centre, ELC, Cultural Centre and Rooms 7 to 10).  There will be artwork from the Visual Arts programme also on display that afternoon.IB Logo small.png

Please come and see the outcome of our inquiries!

Aranui and Mahi Tahi Teachers and Learners


A note to parents and caregivers

The sharing of the PYP inquiries is an important part of the Exhibition process for learners.  We would appreciate your support in allowing your student to be at school on Wednesday 23 September until 5:30pm and in making arrangements to collect your child from school at 5:30.