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Willow Brugh CV
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Willow Brugh        @willowbl00


01.15-Current : Community Leadership Strategist heading up the Digital Response program : Aspiration is a values-driven nonprofit technology organization.

02.14-Current : Team Member : the Roddenberry Response Team deploys for 10 day targeted missions to identify gaps in addressing the needs of victims and to provide guidance in the use of new technologies and processes for disaster relief.

11.13-Current : Graphic Facilitation and Animation : bl00viz! is visual expression of ideas for facilitating conversation, exploring ideas, and creating shared views.

11.13-Current : Selection Committee : the MIT Humanitarian Technology Conference provides a forum for scientists, engineers, field workers and policymakers to discuss current research and exchange technical ideas that advance global humanitarian action.

04.13-Current : Coordinator : Digital Humanitarian Network is a consortium of Volunteer & Technical Communities providing an interface between formal, professional humanitarian organizations and informal yet skilled-and-agile volunteer & technical networks.

01.15-05.15 : Digital Communities Professor of Practice : The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage’s innovative MA program, engaged programs, and professional development workshops help students, practitioners and communities make the humanities meaningful and accessible.

10.10-01.15 : Executive Director : Geeks Without Bounds is an accelerator for humanitarian projects, taking technical teams through 6 months of mentorship into an aware and responsible role in the response community.

10.10-06.12 : Co-Director : Space Federation, linking together hacker, maker, and coworking spaces into a sustainable network of sharing and support.

07.09-05.13 : Founder, Director, Board Member : Jigsaw Renaissance, Seattle’s learning and making community space.  One of the first spaces in the extroverted, education-based maker movement.


02.13-Current : Research Affiliate : Center for Civic Media at MIT Media Lab : Continuing research on how decentralized and distributed social systems scale and interact with institutions.

08.13-08.16 : Affiliate, Fellow : Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law : Continuing research on how decentralized and distributed social systems scale and interact with institutions.

01.15 : New England Complex Systems Institute Winter School : This course offers an introduction to the essential concepts of complex systems and related mathematical methods and simulation strategies with application to physical, biological and social systems.

09.13-05.14 : Teaching Assistant : Codesign Studio at MIT Media Lab works with community partners and students to codesign and create projects.

08.02-01.07 : Honors Bachelors of Science : Indiana University, Bloomington : Sociological thesis on the difference between therapy and advancement in medical technology.


04.14-Current : Consultant : Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and Kenya Red Cross Society : Guidance in tapping into the crowd for more effective and equal projects.,

09.14-Current : Organization : Networked Mortality : Community-supported post mortem data and profile management in a digital age.

08.13-Current : Researcher and advocate : HackathonFAQ : Research-backed website exploring the rhetoric and rebuttals of hackathons.

01.13-Current : Mentor : Bachchao is a Bangalore-based group providing technology for emerging situations.

01.15-02.16 : Frontline Community Integration : Dialling Up Resilience is a project to assess and track subjective indicators of resilience awarded through the Global Resilience Challenge proffered by Rockafellar.

03.13-12.14 : Community Engagement : Shift Labs brings high-impact, life-improving technologies to bottom of the pyramid markets by leveraging open innovation and using Maker-inspired designs.

01.11-01.15 : Facilitator and Advocate : Taarifa closes citizen feedback loops.

10.12-10.15 : Advisor : Humanitarian Toolbox is a charity supporting disaster relief organizations with open source software and services.

02.13-11.13 : Coordinator and Facilitator : Open Humanitarian Initiative, an initiative of NetHope. OHI builds on existing open data efforts to bring together actors in the humanitarian response system.

10.12-02.13 : Team Member : Field Innovation Team : Bringing innovation to FEMA. Deployed to New York for Hurricane Sandy response to connect the formal to the informal, working with OccupySandy and a diverse group of stakeholders. Continued support in ongoing efforts.

Events Organized and Facilitated

2016 Global Voices Advocacy Guide for Women in the Global South

2015 : NECSI Salons : Organize and facilitate bi-monthly salons on a variety of topics related to complexity science.

2015&16 : Humanitarian Technology Festival : Organized and facilitated an unconference to showcase and improve upon available humanitarian technologies.

2015 : Weaponized Social : Organized, facilitated, and created scaffolding for others to create events and dialogue focused on shifting online interaction into pro-social forms.

2014 : Gender Data for Change : Facilitated a closed session for the Knight Foundation and MIT of 25 participants about core code bases and shared extensions related to gender equity online.

International Workshop for Misogyny and the Internet

2014 : Make the Breastpump Not Suck! Hackathon : Facilitated 150 parents, engineers, designers and healthcare givers gathered at the MIT Media Lab for the "Make the Breast Pump Not Suck" Hackathon.

2015 : Heatwave Hackathon : Organized and facilitated a hackathon in Nairobi to explore how ICT plays a role during extreme events.

2014 : Taarifa Hackathon Series : Organized and Facilitated a 3-part hackathon series around open source infrastructure tracking and triage system in Boston, London, and Dar es Salaam.

2014 : Global Voices : Facilitated the yearly strategy meeting of international blogging community Global Voices.

2014 : Countersurveillance DiscoTechs : Templatized Disco(vering)Tech(nology) events, use to hold events from Mexico City to Ramallah to New York City. Organized Boston’s and Facilitated San Francisco’s.

2014 : OpenITP UI/UX Hackathons : Facilitated designers, coders, and security engineers to work together on a common cause.

2013&14 : Techno Activism Third Mondays : Organized and facilitated events around DDoSing, threat modeling, and design.

2012-14 : CryptoParties : Organized and facilitated skill shares around using encryption tools in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and Dublin.

2012,13&14 : Digital Humanitarian Network Summit : Organizer and Facilitation : a 2 day unconference for the DHN to forge links between member organizations, to gain legibility, and to define the year’s vision in Washington DC, Nairobi, and New York City.

2013&15 : Catalytic Converter : Organizer and Facilitation : a 2 day unconference for systems thinkers to discover how their projects overlapped and how they could better support one another.

2013 : EveryoneHacks : Organizer and Facilitator : a 2 day event focused on inclusion of historically marginalized populations into the technical community. and

2013&14 : Science Hack Day : Organizer and Facilitator : get excited and make things with science. Designers, developers, scientists and anyone excited about making things with science are welcome to attend – no experience in science or hacking is necessary, just an insatiable curiosity.

2013 : Gender Based Violence Hackathon : Facilitator : First hackathon held in Haiti, this 2 day event combined efforts from Digital Democracy, KOFAVIV, UNESCO, and ESHI to build a platform by locals for locals for the gender-based violence call-in center.

2011-14 : CrisisCamps : Organizer and Facilitator : Ad hoc organization of gatherings of geeks around a sudden onset disaster currently happening to aid in formal response efforts and to enable affected populations in self- and peer-rescue.

2012-2013 : H4D2 : Facilitator : A 2-day event to bring together software developers and emergency management experts to hack out solutions to disaster-related problems.

2010-14 : Random Hacks of Kindness : Event Lead and Global Coordinator : RHoK is a global community of innovators building practical open technology to make the world a better place.

2012-2014 : SpaceApps : Global Coordinator and Keystone Lead San Francisco 2012, Event Lead Krakow 2013, Mentor Boston 2014 : The International Space Apps Challenge joined together over 2,000 people around the world in creating solutions of global importance related to spaceflight.

2012 : AT&T Hackathons : Organizer and Facilitator : 2 to 3 hackathons a month with the AT&T Developer Program, bringing humanitarian projects to developer events.

2010-2012 : SpaceCamp : Curator and Facilitator : an unconference and shared space at Maker Faire, SpaceCamp brings founders and facilitators of hacker, maker, and coworking spaces into a shared area and time to discuss trials and victories.

2011 : GameSave : Founder and Organizer : 5-week competition for software developers to create games which improve disaster and humanitarian response.


Chaos Communications Camp on if it’s possible to accept money from governments and corporations without losing your values

Berkman Center for Internet and Society luncheon series on mixed-mode systems in disaster and humanitarian response

Development and Climate Days in Lima, Peru talk on citizen reporting and combining networks with institutions

AkiraChix (the first women in technology conference on the continent of Africa) on weaponized social

Cascadia.JS keynote on free, libre, and open source technology built towards the purpose of inclusion and equality

HOPEX on OpenBSD networks at Burning Man

Temporary Faculty at Future Perfect in Sweden

Doctors Without Border Canada AGA on technology use in austere and disaster areas

Theorizing the Web on Rhetoric and Reality of Hackathons

Harvard Leadership Conference on using encrypted communications

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference on Innovating in Times of Disaster

Acumen presentation on failure to engage community in New Orleans

MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference panelist on participatory response

HOPE #9 Panel on DARPA and Makerspaces and Solving More Than #FirstWorldProblems

FEMA Think Tank at the White House

STAR-TIDES presentation on ICT, Open Source, Unclassified

28c3 Your Disaster/Crisis/Revolution Just Got Pwned; Queer Geek Panel

UNOCHA Communities of Interest meeting in Geneva

Berlin Sides introducing Space Federation and Geeks Without Bounds