DeWayne Harrell is DEDICATED

The statements below were written by individuals I have known throughout my career as an educator.

Jill Sluss
(South Salem Parent)


“He (Mr. Harrell) also takes time to get to know the children, as well as their parents.”

Maragaret Humphrey

(South Salem Principal)


“During his internship hours, he has proven to me to be a motivated person by contributing to a variety of communities, implementing changes in procedures, working with individual teachers and administration to provide solutions for specific challenges , and working with the school community.”

Dave Smith

(Computer Technician)


“He also provides the students ability to read during the summer by working to hand out books to these students.  His dedication to their learning is paramount.”

Jeff and Ashlee Lakin

(South Salem Parents)

2010 - 2017

“In the years that we have known him, (Mr. Harrell) he has displayed tremendous leadership, character, and compassion.”