Made by Trizma#9340 @ me on Discord if I’m wrong on anything or if there is anything I missed.
10:30 AM PST - 4:20 PM PST

Another Shared Document with more in detail of today’s Event: 

Official Website


PC Specs used in event: GPU 1080 using 4gb ram CPU ??


1. May 28th Founders Packs: 
$39.99 Includes: 2 day Head Start with 30 day Membership

$69.99 Includes: 2 day Head start with 60 day Membership, exclusive mount/pet/skin
                                 and 2450 in game currency

$199.99 Includes: 2 day Head start with 90 day Membership, exclusive mount/skin/pet
                                  skin/costume, credits, title, premium customer service, twinkling wing
                                  effect, 3800 in game currency

2. May 30th Regular Launch: Base $29.99


Cash shop

1. Not in game. So I assume they're hiding something or it's not done. You can transfer pvp points to Lumena. :)

  • XP boost, mounts, skins,pets, functional items?

Optional Premium - $14.99 a month

1. XP boost, vanity items, etc

Random Stuff

  • Gain PvP Points to buy unique items

  • Flying mounts only through influence points

  • Battlegrounds only certain times.

  • Prices are set by steams guideline. I’m not sure if they will be changing the price depending on where you live in the world or keeping them the same.

  • Player trading is disabled, mail between your characters is allowed

  • 3 servers are in virginia  and 2 in Frankfurt servers may merge if a servers base is low

  • UI may allow some things to be moved around the ui was what caused the lag. ui is not finished

  • Game seems to be optimized

  • No auto attacks

  • Guild House is in the works - couldn't hear what it includes (bank?)

  • Player housing is on the plan

  • Pre orders are not available because steam doesn't allow them for early access titles

  • Pre download - steam doesn't allow apparently

  • No dungeon reset scrolls YAY!

  • Region locks - China and a few more places couldn't hear

  • Premium service means you get priority with support tickets. ;-/

  • Gift copy will most likely come with 2 day head start

  • Air and sea combat - no concrete plans

  • Can you sell cash shop items in the auction house - not known, probably not

  • No EA wipe

  • Mystic and Assassin release as soon as possible, before the 6 months

  • Buying premium with in game currency - didn't give an answer

  • Premium is monthly not permanent - dont know why this was asked

  • Arena Bots - they have means to find them out and they are prepared for them

  • Boobs??  - will be figured out soon, said to check the steam tags :D - it says sexual content boobs confirmed?

  • Public api to make addons? - nothing decided but is in the plans.

  • iframes in dodge moves