Ground Sphere Background -

Welcome to the Ground Sphere CubeSat Ground Station. This is a joint project between Mach 30 and Southern Stars to take the lessons learned from Mach 30's GS-001 ground station and create a low cost satellite ground station so backers, students, and space enthusiasts can listen to SkyCube tweet from space.

Questions and Answers From the DC Happy Hour hangout -

What may entice someone to buy the Kits?

Answer some “What if” questions:

What other features do customers want? (networking ability, desired features?, build time? Integration with Raspberry Pi?)

To whom are we asking these questions?

Include links to supplemental information

Important Links:



Also, what alternative hardware Kits could we pursue, based on survey results?

Rough Cost Estimate based on the BOM -

Affiliate Links:

ACTION (J)  Make a “sibling” project on ODE -- as a place to compile the data