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Stallion Auction Terms and Conditions
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Terms & Conditions of TBANJ Stallion Auction

  1. The terms of the breeding agreement are issued by the owner or manager of the farm where the stallion stands.  The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association of New Jersey (TBANJ) has no involvement in the terms or conditions of the breeding agreement.  The TBANJ merely provides the season for auction without any further liability.

  1. Seasons sold are for the 2016 breeding season only.  All seasons are offered on a “No Guarantee”, non-refundable basis except those which are listed as “Live Foal.” For the purposes of this auction “Live Foal” is defined as the right of return for the following season if the mare does not deliver a live foal in 2017.

  1. “No Guarantee” purchases of stallion seasons are Non-Refundable under any condition including the unavailability, infertility or death of the stallion, or the mare’s death, inability to conceive or carry to term, once named and covered or for any other reason.

  1. All seasons are payable in full by February 18, 2016.  If the TBANJ does not receive payment in full by February 18, 2016, they may, at their discretion, sell the season to the next highest bidder or exercise any action necessary to collect moneys due.  A bid is a binding agreement to pay.

  1. Upon receipt of payment the TBANJ will notify the farm, at which the stallion stands, of the name of the successful purchaser.  The purchaser is then solely responsible for completing and forwarding a mare information form to the stud farm and making all booking arrangements.

  1. The TBANJ reserves the right to disqualify any bid if payment check is returned due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc.  The person making payment will have the opportunity to make payment good, but must do so immediately be remittance of cashier’s check for full amount owed plus any applicable service fees.

  1. The purchaser waives and releases the TBANJ from any and all liability in connection with the use of the stallion season.

  1. Purchasers of the stallion season must conform to lawful restrictions imposed by syndicate manager, stallion owner or manager at the stud farm involved, pursuant to the syndicate agreement and/or any other generally applicable agreement and management practice for the stallion involved.  The purchaser of stallion season further agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the stallion farm’s breeding contract and to execute further documentation as necessary to evidence purchaser’s acceptance of the breeding contract.

  1. Seasons to stallions standing in Kentucky are subject, under Kentucky law, to a 6% Kentucky Sales Tax, which the purchaser shall pay directly to the stallion farm.